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Week 3 A Private Boys Team Rankings Georgia Ranking Committee Sep 6, 2017

Hebron Christian is out the gate with a vengeance, having a great 4th place team finish in the Varsity race at BOA. Strong Rock has never been ranked so high, and appears to be a contender after their run at Starrs Mill AT&T Panther.. (via MileSplit)

A Private Boys Team Preview Bruce Taylor Aug 18, 2016

Landmark Christian will be favored to defend their title once again this Fall. The 2-6 squads are fairly tight, so it will make for a geat team race at State. Pictured is Ben Davies of Holy Innocents. photo by Daniel McCauley

AA GHSA Girls State Preview Bruce Taylor Nov 5, 2015

AA gets to run after 1pm, which could be perilous for less experienced runners on a chopped up course. Lovett is a lock to win the team title unless their bus breaks down.

Carrollton Last Chance Highlights and Team ReCaps Bruce Taylor Oct 25, 2015

Only 1125 runners participated at the annual Last Chance meet at the 'State Course' Saturday. Very few ranked larger school teams ran their varsities or came at all, with those in attendance taking advantage all around, giving their JVs a chance to test out the layout. In 2 weeks though, this venue will be electric..can you feel it?

2A Boys Team Rankings Week Ending 10-18 Georgia Ranking Committee Oct 22, 2015

It was an extremely slow week for AA racing and there was little movement for the Boys squads. Only A few ran at Coach Wood, Rome Area and Fishy Invite (that ran much slower than previous years?) Model did defeat Darlington by a few points at the Rome Area meet. I currently am trying to get the results in a format I can use.

2A Girls Team Rankings Week Ending 10-11 Georgia Ranking Committee Oct 14, 2015

Pace is on the move back up the polls with a couple good performances. Bleckley girls move up a space after home run results looked promising. SVA continues to put themselves in podium conversation with another 1st place team performance. Wesleyan and Darlington will be too close to call until first week in November.

2A Girls Team Rankings Week Ending 10-4 Georgia Ranking Committee Oct 8, 2015

Not much movement this week, we had teams on one of the quicker courses in North Georgia @ Mountain but then some went to Westover on a really fast course. Teams that didn't go to either of those took the week off and are probably set to go to Asics this weekend. Maybe after most AA teams get a chance on fast courses we might be able to do a bit more comparing. SVA on the girls side looks strong with a series of wins. Definitely on the radar and inching closer and closer to the podium. Can't wait to see them chase down of the girls from AA at Carrollton in a few weeks.

2A Boys Team Rankings Week Ending 10-4 Georgia Ranking Committee Oct 8, 2015

Not much movement this week, we had teams on one of the quicker courses in North Georgia @ Mountain but then some went to Westover on a really fast course. Teams that didn't go to either of those took the week off and are probably set to go to Asics this weekend. Maybe after most AA teams get a chance on fast courses we might be able to do a bit more comparing. Seminole County makes an appearance after a solid run @ Westover. Again most teams were either off, Mountain, or Westover.

2A Girls Team Rankings Week Ending 9/27 Georgia Ranking Committee Oct 2, 2015

Big moves for Holy Innocents and St. Vincent's Academy squads as they ran well this week earning them a nice jump in rankings. The #2-#3 place between Wesleyan and Darlington is too close to call at this point. Bleckley comes back into the top 10 after a quality showing at FPD being led by ROW Ellen Powell's 1st place.

2A Boys Team Rankings Week Ending 9/27 Georgia Ranking Committee Oct 2, 2015

Rankings this week at the top hold firm, Bleckley has what looks like a hungry group of young men who have high hopes of knocking off the big private school powerhouse teams in the AA. Its been for what seems to be forever since a public school stood at the top of podium in November in the small class, maybe North Hall breaking 11 year streak of Westminster in 2005?? Holy Innocents and Benedictine had good runs this week and see better rankings this week. Darlington defended home course well and this improved their ranking.

2A Girls Team Rankings Week Ending 9/20 Georgia Ranking Committee Sep 23, 2015

Lovett continued to display their dominance over AA schools placing a strong 3rd at Gwinnett County keeping the Lions in the All Class Rankings. Wesleyan and Darlington are very close at 2 & 3. Model (unranked) ran wild at Ridge Ferry moving into 4th this week. Holy Innocents and St. Vincent's Academy were OFF.

2A Girls Team Rankings Week Ending 9/13 Georgia Ranking Committee Sep 15, 2015

Lovett was a strong 5th at Coach Benson, only 4 points behind 5A #1 Dunwoody, making the gap even wider over..... #2 Wesleyan who moved up to 2nd leap frogging Darlington. Pace moved up 2 spots after a better race at Carrollton. A Gulf separates the top 5 from the back 5 teams, many who were OFF/rained out.

2A Boys Team Rankings Week Ending 9/13 Georgia Ranking Committee Sep 15, 2015

Used some of the conversions from Dataholic to help figure out difference between Ortho, Double Dip, and Covered Bridge. Very tight between Pace and Wesleyan. Bleckley County ran a faster course at the smaller Bay Invitational (FL) and won 1st (17:31) No movement from 1-9....Model breaks into the Top 10 after Rome meet.

2A Boys Team Rankings Week Ending 9/6 Georgia Ranking Committee Sep 8, 2015

Boys: Bleckley showed the AA classification that they are for real coming off big track season and strong summer by traveling north to run at Wesleyan course. The Purple and white from Bleckley come away with the team win showing they can run on some tough hills. After one of the lone public schools here comes the private school teams of Pace, Wesleyan, Lovett, HI, and GAC.

AA Boys Pre-Season Outlook Andrew Eager Aug 15, 2015

AA Boys was pretty tight at 2014 State with Wesleyan besting Pace by 12 points. But Wesleyan will be loaded again and harder to compete with than 2014. With the exception of Bleckley County, its going to be a private school dominated class as usual icluding Pace, Holy Innocents and Lovett. Can Bleckley County be the first AA Public school since East Jackson under Coach Bob Roller in 2009 to place 2nd or win a title?

AA Girls Pre-Season Outlook Andrew Eager Aug 14, 2015

Private schools absolutely will rule this Class again, swallowing up the top 5 spots early and with a wide gap on #6-10. Look for Lovett to be in the All-Class Rankings and beating top 6A squads in big Invites.

AA 100 Fastest Returning Girls Bruce Taylor Aug 14, 2015

We'll be seeing many of the best AA Girls from 2014 once again as 17 of the top 24 finishers from the State meet are slated to return and lace it up. Serena Triodi is clearly a favorite to defend her 2014 XC title after dominating the AA race in Carrollton winning by over a minute and easily sweeping the 1600/3200 races in Albany last Spring. There's a big gap after Tripodi sure to be chasing including Sr Stephanie Ward of Darlington, Lovett's Mara Davis and Elizabeth Beveridge,. After this group its very tight. Will a few frosh make a splash in this class this Fall?

AA 100 Fastest Returning Boys Bruce Taylor Aug 14, 2015

AA Boys should be very competitive Individually as 20 of the top 25 finishers from 2014 State should be back. Take out Spencer Fields and go back and look at the MileSplit formatted results and make that 23 out of the first 28. Its wide open and a new champ will be crowned 11-7. Ben Davies heads the list followed by Henry Collins of Wesleyan, Everett Smulders of Lovett (2nd in the 1600) and Jack Douglass from Pace Academy.

AA Girls State Meet Preview Bruce Taylor May 5, 2015

The AA Girls meet is going have some great racing and based on Sectionals Lovett School out of ATL is loaded coming out of Sectionals...Its going to be very competitive to see who earns the final 3 team Podium spots.

2A Boys- Fields Destroys the Competition, Wesleyan Peaks Taking Team Honors Bruce Taylor Nov 10, 2014

The 2A Boys team title has never in recent history been as up for grabs as this Fall. Think of all (you old timers, lol) of the schools that have dominated this class in the 21st century...Primarily Westminster, Wesleyan (bobbing back and forth betwixt 1 and AA) Lovett and Blessed Trinity. Some serious wars were waged between these traditional powers. But it was all in good sportsmanship on the Boys side.  It took until after region for Wesleyan to take the #1 spot in the rankings and they backed it up Saturday at Carrollton. Spencer Fields of Darlington must have felt like a man alone soon after the start as he just never looked back winning the Overall title.

2A Girls- Lovett Takes Team Title with Tripodi Leading the Way Bruce Taylor Nov 10, 2014

  The 2A Girls race favored Lovett as the Lions had dispatched any AA competition during the season and were looking for their first title in years. It doesn't hurt having the best harrier in AA leading the way in Serena Tripodi.  Wesleyan figured to be a comtender having a strong program and being defending Champ. Pace Academy won the 1A Private title last Fall but lost some core runners. Darlington returned a strong experienced squad and Holy Innocents can't help but have some talent coming up from their State Championship MS program. St. Vincent's (Benedictine Military's sister school) runs well at Carrollton and woukd their be a surprise from a Mid GA squad?    

Class 2A Boys State Meet Preview Bruce Taylor Nov 7, 2014

  Man, I'm scratching my head looking at this class...All season many have pondered when Wesleyan would ascend to the top and it took till Region for it to happen and by a measley 2 point margin on their home course which I've been told is quite beautiful and tough (Just look at the times from the Region 6 meet, very Carrollton like) Region 6 dominated the top 5 spots in the Boys Final Pre-State Class 2A Rankings and all the hot action from region 6 should  continue Saturday as only 15 points separated the top 3 squads. Its WIDE OPEN for the team title and only 1 individual has been dominant this Fall in Spencer Fields of Darlington. Bleckley ran tough down in 4-AA. Can the Royals contend for a title? 

Class 2A Girls State Meet Preview Bruce Taylor Nov 7, 2014

AA has been the weaker class overall for Cross Country many years now, although having championship quality programs on the top end.  But AA got a bit of a makeover this season with A powers Darlington, Holy Innocents and Pace moving up in the latest alignments  (despite the departure of Westminster) But Lovett has come into their own this Fall even after losing their #1 to graduation and could sweep the Individual and Team titles. Pictured above is Serena Tripodi at Last Chance dueling with Jenna Gearing (4A)

Final Pre-State Class 2A Team Rankings Georgia Ranking Committee Nov 4, 2014

Region 6 dominates the top 5 spots in the Final Pre-State Class 2A Rankings and all the hot action from 6 will continue Saturday, especially in the Boys race for the title. WEsleyan nipped Pace taking the top spot, and Bleckley ran tough down in 4-AA. Can the Royals contend for a title? Lovett's gals are gonna be hard to keep up with but Darlington may be up to the task..,The race for the next 2 Podium spots should be extremely close. Alot of movement on the back end (6-10) for both genders. 

Carrollton Last Chance 3A-4A Races in Pics Daniel McCauley Oct 26, 2014

Those tricky AA Girls schools....ran up in the 3A- 4A races with Lovett and Wesleyan's Girls having a pre-State 'scout' of each other 2 weeks befote the 'Big Dance' at 12:40pm.  Serena Tripodi and Jenna Gearing dueled for the Overall w/ Triodi winning by :20 in 19:28.. What was interesting if one looks at results, is Wesleyan proved they can run with Lovett and if 2 of Wesleyan's girls can best their counterpart on Lovett's squad its going to be CLOSE. White's Girls edged Woodward by 9 points.  Westminster's Boys upended 4A power North Hall by 2 points showing late signs they will be in the mix w/ East Jackson and Blessed Trinity at State.  Quintin Miles and Corson Teasley swept the top 2 spots for North Hall. 

Week 8 Ga.MileSplit Class 2A Team Rankings Georgia Ranking Committee Oct 15, 2014

Going with 1A and 1B this week for Girls.  The battle for the title in a few weeks at Carrollton should be a good one.  Way to close to call at this time. Many of the teams have decided to either visit Asics or Westover in the last few weeks before region to get some nice times.  Those teams know that times like those will not be around when region in state come, but it does give a nice mental boost and comparison for the rankings.  So a little movement on each side this week

Week 7 Ga.MileSplit Class 2A Team Rankings Georgia Ranking Committee Oct 8, 2014

Not much changed this week, it seems like the teams that were off last week ran this week and others used this week as rest.  On the girls side, Lovett showed that they are still looking strong by winning Westover.  In the process, Lovett beat several large classification teams to bring home the title.  Darlington had a very good day on Great American with overall individual winner and team placed 4th.  The boys were much like the girls with few teams running, but those that did had fast days on courses known to produce low times.  Lovett boys posted a sub 18 team average and put themselves in top 10 at Westover, while Darlington behind another great performance from Spencer Fields finished 19th at Great American. Union boys showed some solid improvement running up at Unicoi State Park.  

11th Annual Darlington CC Festival Preview Bruce Taylor Sep 26, 2014

33 High School and 31 Middle School squads will line it up Saturday morning on the campus of Darlington to do battle at the 11th Annual Darlington CC Festival. The festival was the brainchild of departed Coach (to Germany) Alan Parrish and this season Coach Katie Ellis is at the comm. Marietta and Etowah look to be running at full strength as well as a few other ranked teams in their respective classes. Quite a 2A showdown will be settled as Darlington and Wesleyan tangle at full strength...Mill Creek is running their JV squad after a great meet at Gwinnett County last week.

Week 5 Class 2A Rankings 9-20 Bruce Taylor Sep 24, 2014

Lots of teams used this week as a break and recovery so there isn't much movement besides some teams who had great performances.  On the boys side, Wesleyan, looked strong in a very competitive field of 6A teams so they move up a spot.  Thomasville and Berrien ran well at Bainbridge and climb into the top 10 this week.  On the girls side, again lots of off teams, but Model made a great move this week by throwing down a good race at Ridge Ferry, finishing behind some higher classification teams and also beating Bremen, thus they move up to #6. The Thomasville Quail Trail meet this weekend should stir things up in AA next week a bit. 

Week 4 Ga.MileSplit Class 2A Team Rankings Georgia Ranking Committee Sep 17, 2014

For the 2A Girls the top 6 stayed intact and everyone raced. Bleckley began their ascent into the picture after placing 3rd at the Bay Invitational and Warner Robins Invite (5th) Pace Academy boys stayed atop 2A after placing behind 4A Carrollton with a 18:57 team average. Bleckley traveled to Panama City (FL) placing 3rd at Bay Invite. It remains to be seen if WEsleyan is going to pick it up in October..Benedictine and Union County's boys moved up..  

2A Team Rankings Week Ending 9-6 Georgia Ranking Committee Sep 9, 2014

Our Ranker saw alot of movement in this class as teams were dropping like flies in the 2A Boys rankings after Bleckley County's results from Kosh Classic wer figured in. Also, earlier tonight at the Warner Robins Invite Bleckley placed 2nd in Varsity Boys and their girls were 5th. Pace's boys and Lovett's girls held onto their #1 spots and Wesleyan's boys moved up a spot after Covered Bridge. 

2A Girls Pre-Season Top 5 Teams Bruce Taylor Aug 21, 2014

After the insanity that occurred at last season's Girls AA race things should be status quo for Wesleyan's Girls. It could end up being quite a season for their XC program as the Wolves are clear #1's on the boys side and now the Girls. Darlington is a formidable opponent they must dispatch as they have  moved up in Class and were 3rd in testy 1A Private last Fall.  

2A Boys Pre-Season Top 5 Teams Bruce Taylor Aug 21, 2014

The Wesleyan School is the top rated 2ABoys squad coming into the Fall Season. A strong 2nd last season to Westminster at State makes them the team to beat. What's interesting about this Class is every top 13 school  returns 5-6 runners from the top 7 except Darlington....

Top 50 Returning Girls in 2A Bruce Taylor Aug 20, 2014

Its much more clear who the top returning 2A Girls are because their pr's correlated to their State meet performances more so than the Boys.  2 time defending champ jr Emma Garrison returns to defend her titles and is an overwhelming favorite to repeat after dominating everyone in XC. 

Top 50 Returning Boys in 2A Bruce Taylor Aug 20, 2014

No disrespect to 2A Boys, but it remains the weakest Class teamwise/individually (excluding A PUB) Which actually opens up great opportunities for a few good men to step up and get some notoriety.  8 of the top 9 at State have graduated/moved up which really makes it WIDE OPEN.  The top 5 fastest returners all clocked their pr's on 'Speedways' so its anyone guess who really are the top 5 harriers.  Wesleyan has 3 of the top returners from the State meet making them instantly favorites for a team title with Westminster gone. 

2A Girls State Meet Preview Bruce Taylor Apr 30, 2014

Lovett has really improved from 2013 and as the season ground away took over the top spot in the 2A Team Power Rankings and haven't looked back. But, they suffered a big loss when Victoria Powell (got injured?) and was unable to compete at Sectionals costing Lovett up to 20-25 points at State. This brings perennial AA powers Wesleyan and Westminster right back into the chase. Thomasville has the potential to be a Podium squad as does Greater Atlanta Christian, Laney (who has speed) Monticello who boasts the triple threat Tiarra Whitlock, and Jefferson. Taylor DeLoach of St.Vincent's is another great athlete who could score up to 30 points by herself.  

2A Sectionals ReCap Bruce Taylor Apr 28, 2014

There was some good racing happening down in Barnesville at Section A as 21 National Elites were achieved. Taylor DeLoach of St.Vincent's had a career day going 20-1 in the LJ and turned in 2 fast short Sprints Q' times. Thomasville got their top athletes out as did Jeff Davis, Monticello and Bleckley County. On the Boys side Fitzgerald, Lamar County, Bleckley County will move on to Jefferson with their best. In Section 'B' at Norcross the usual suspects Lovett, Westminster and Wesleyan advanced their top girls to Albany  and Laney will bring some heat. For the boys seems like caught a good tailwind in the 100 meters as all the runners had big prs including a 10.55 by Jaquivius Cannon of East Laurens. GAC performed well in the Sprints, Westminster dominated in distance events, Calhoun will bring speed and Keyth Fightmaster, Westminster and Jefferson q'd many Field Events scorers.  

Atlanta Track Club's Girls AA Region ReCap Bruce Taylor Apr 22, 2014

its going to be interesting who makes it out of Sectionals in Girls AA.  Once again, the power resides in Region 6 with evenly matched squads, though WEsleyan pulled a minor upset taking the team title.  Westminster, Lovett and GAC need to qualify their top athletes at Sectionals.  Bleckley County, Thomasville, Fitzgerald, Jeff Davis, Jefferson, Monticello and Spencer have the potential to make the AA Girls Sectionals a train wreck. 

Atlanta Track Club's Boys AA Region ReCap Bruce Taylor Apr 22, 2014

 6-AA is without a doubt the most competitive AA Region in the state as Westminster, Wesleyan, GAC and Lovett should qualify the majority of their athletes for State.  Lamar County and Fitzgerald have speed and hops that will be on display at Sectionals.  Thomasville seems to have gotten some athletes to compete in Track this Spring by their showing at Region.  Regions 3-AA and 7-AA once again did not submit results....         

2A Girls Team Power Rankings ending 4-1 Bruce Taylor Apr 2, 2014

Lovett has moved ahead of Westminster after their performances this past week. The Lady Lions are heavy on points in the distance events, but so is Westminster...Both schools are way ahead of some potential top 4 teams at state including a surprising Thomasville squad, Wesleyan and Greater ATL Christian. 

2A Girls Team Power Rankings thru 3-18 Bruce Taylor Mar 18, 2014

    Westminster's Girls make it a sweep for the Wildcats in the 2A Girls Team Power Rankings thru 3-18.  Lovett, Thomasville, Wesleyan and GAC round out the top 5. These rankings were calculated by scoring the rankings as a meet. We scored 12 deep for individuals and 12 deep for relays. For example, for individuals 1st place received 12 points for their team, on down to 1 point for 12th place.

2A- Wesleyan Westminster Declared A Tie by GHSA, Garrison Repeats as Individual Champ Bruce Taylor Nov 12, 2013

Was it ever a nailbighter in the AA girls race as Wesleyan outlasted region 6-AA rival Westminster by 2 points 43 to 45. Now we know why both squads rested their aces in preparation for this battle. But the decision was reversed and a tie declared by the GHSA recognizing co-Champions. Emma Garrison from Union County defended her 2012 Individual title placing 1st in 19:10 as she steadily increased her lead throughout the race and winning by over 200 meters. Freshman Serena Tripodi of Lovett shocked many of the top contenders placing 2nd in 19:37. 

GHSA Girls AA State Preview Bruce Taylor Nov 6, 2013

A supreme display of gamesmanship was in play at the Region 6-AA meet, as Wesleyan and Westminster both sat their top 1-4? runners or more, perhaps outsmarting themselves, allowing Lovett to 'Carpe Diem' snatching the 1st place hardware. It's going to be a knockdown, dragout fight between these rival programs come Saturday afternoon. Defending champ Emma Garrison and Caroline Reed of Wesleyan could have a classic duel for the individual title.

GHSA AA Boys State Preview Bruce Taylor Nov 6, 2013

A few weeks back, some would think Westminster was a lock to add another 1st place Cup in their huge trophy case. Wesleyan has picked it some at season's end, and ran well at 6-AA. The race for the boys individual title could come down to the final hill. Throughout the season, Jordan Flowers of Westminster has proven to be the favorite for the AA Boys overall title, but Matt Moratti of Wesleyan took the region 6-AA individual title.

Last Chance ReCap 6A Bruce Taylor Oct 28, 2013

Not as many schools ran up in the 6A race, but wasn't it VERY noticable how Wesleyan/Westminster chose as usual to not compete against each other once again?? South Forsyth took the Boys team race and Centennial's girls placed 1st as it seemed they, North Gwinnett, Lambert were going wfo while South Forsyth laid back a bit. 

Atlanta Track Club Weekly XC Wrap Bruce Taylor Oct 1, 2013

There were quite a few meets this weekend that included ranked teams that chose to stay closer to home and not compete against the masses at Darlington, Clinton Farms and the International Horse Park. Included are briefs from: Sandy Creek Fall Classic, Thomasville Quail Trail and Thursday meets The Stinger Invite in Savannah and Wayne County Home Meet. Collins Hill and Wesleyan's girls squads went out of state and represented Ga very well.

GHSA Class 2A,3A,4A,5A,6A XC State Championship Previews Georgia Ranking Committee Nov 7, 2012

This season, the course at Carrollton has ran slower, and may have been lengthened a few meters which should favor the 'strength' runners. At press-time, it has been discussed that mats may possibly be covering the many pavement crossings which has been a sore subject for XC purists as the growth of Carollton Schools has stirred the pot enough for a few schools willing to loan the mats they have to cover the pavement. This article will include 2A thru 6A State Previews only. The weather for raceday looks very promising at this time and bodes well for fast times  http://www.weather.com/weather/wxdetail3/USGA0096  6A...we have been saving the Best for Last, and here it is from Ga.MileSplit.com,  thanks to Pre1962 as expounds his unique and detailed breakdown for the Community....Ga.MileSplit.com and GATFXC would like to thank all the Rankers and Runner of the Week Committee members for the tough, time consuming efforts put forth this season to rank each class along with  contributing  articles and selections. This often is a thankless endeavor, as the Community is eager to differ on selections. We care about the kids, programs, coaches, fans and parents who support the programs and athletes. Good Luck to everyone in Carrollton and once again congrats to the Class A Winners, Podium teams, All-State individuals and volunteers that made it happen!

Ga.MileSplit.com Runners of the Week 9 Bruce Taylor Oct 23, 2012

Week 9 Runners of the Week were highlighted by Allie Buchalski's Championship Race title in 18:02 and Nathan Riech's runnerup finish of 15:47 in the Boys Race. This week the Middle School Runners of the Week are also receiving the recognition of 'MS Runners of the Year' ROYS  Congrats to Kendall Nelson of Marist, Sarah Foreman of Landmark Christian and the Boys with Sean Parker of Woodstock Track and Anthony Potts of Malcom Bridge.

Gwinnett Post's County XC Super Six and Preview Gwinnett Daily Post Press Release Aug 16, 2012

courtesy of Brandon Brigman GDP Josh Brickell is the Man to beat this Fall.   Gwinnett County Super 6-  http://www.gwinnettdailypost.com/news/2012/aug/09/daily-posts-cross-country-super-six/     Gwinnett County Team by Team- http://www.gwinnettdailypost.com/news/2012/aug/09/cross-country-preview-capsules/?sports     Photo Illustration: Brendan Sullivan/Nicole Puckett   Yost Reigns as Top Female- http://www.gwinnettdailypost.com/news/2012/aug/09/norcross-yost-takes-reigns-as-countys-top-runner/

Hot Day on the Track in Albany as 5 Champions Emerge Bruce Taylor May 5, 2012

Walton's Tayla Carter crossed the finish line in 11.63 for the top 100m performance of the day Photo by Pinion Photography Athens Christian Makes it a 3-Peat, Walton outlasts MLK in 5A by 1 Point, Redan Sprints and Hurdles away from SW DeKalb in 4A, GAC blows away everyone in AA scoring in just the sprints and relays and Monroe Albany is too deep again adding another title to their padded resume.

Friday Nite Lights in Hugh Mills & a Storm Bruce Taylor May 13, 2011

Anna Bowles of Lakeside-Evans thrives in a rain storm on the way to a 10:44. Anna Bowles of Lakeside-Evans Alpharetta's Dylan Hassett rule the track on a night when a fast moving storm found Hugh Mills with sideways rain, Thunder and some Lightning....Destiny Jenkins of ACS(A), Olivia Pigg of North Oconee(AA) and Kristina DelPesche of Columbus(AAA) win the 1600 titles.       Some great Performances in the Field earlier including Athens Academy's Torie Owers who shattered the State Champion mark in the Discus at 154-08!!!  And set the new A mark in the Shot Put at 44-04.  MLK tied the 5A Record in the 4 x 100 at 46.50!!  Caroline Bond of Greater Atlanta Christian shattered the old Record in the AA Vault at 12-00!  Mimieux Land of Monroe-Albany (home cookin') ignited the partisan crowd with an amazing TRIPLE in the horizontal and vertical Jumps recording amazing marks of 19-2 (LJ), 40-1.50 (TJ) and 5-06 (HJ) scoring 30 points for the Lady Tornadoes. maybe the evening storm was just a harbinger of what's to come Saturday??. Tika Slay of Alexander leaped to a 4A LJ title in 18-8.50  in which 6 athletes had marks of better than 18-4!. Quintunya Chapman of Bradwell Institute won an intensley competitive 5A LJ at 18-11.25.  Ashley Johnson from Westlake was the Top Performer in the Shot Put with a huge toss of 47-3.50.. Kendell Williams of Kell was the Top Performer in the HJ at 5-08 and had nice workouts in both 4A Hurdles Prelims in 13.53 which is the fastest time in GS HS History!!  and 43.35. Can't wait to watch her blow away some records Saturday...