Georgia Middle School State Championships 2024

Lilburn, GA

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2024 Final Instructions for the GAMSC Meet

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2024 Heat Sheet Day 2 Running (Morning)

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Entry Fee

Middle School or Club Girls' or boys' team


Middle School or Club with both Girls' and boys' teams (combined)


Unattached athlete


Stadium Admission

2-day pass


One-day pass


No charge for registered athletes, children under 5 years of age, coaches with registered athletes (one coach per 10 registered athletes up to 4 bands max), and officials and volunteers working the meet.

Georgia High School Passes will not be accepted.

Event Registration:

All entries must be completed by Sunday(Revised), April 14, 2024. Online payments can be made via the payment portal checkout option. Please be advised that you may go into the system as many times as needed before the posted deadline. Online payments must be made by April 14, 2024. Mailed-in payments must be received by April 16, 2024; if not received by April 16, 2024, full payment is expected at the gate and will have a late fee of $30.00 per gender team and $20.00 per unattached athlete. Only schools may pay with a school check. No personal checks will be accepted on behalf of a school or an unattached athlete.

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Championship Event Rules

Entry Restrictions:

NEW IN 2024:

4X200 Meter Relay will be added to the meet schedule and schools will be allowed to enter 1 relay (Male and/or Female) per relay event.

Middle schools and clubs can enter 2 competitors in each event including field events, and 1 relay in each relay event. No athlete may enter more than 4 events including relays and field events.

Athlete Eligibility:

Any athlete in grades 6, 7, or 8 living in the state of Georgia may enter the event (or if home-schooled, the grade equivalent). Athletes may compete on behalf of their respective middle schools or clubs, or compete unattached. Club athletes do not earn school-championship points.

Bib Numbers:

Each athlete must wear his or her own bib number for every race; bibs must be worn on the front of the uniform top.

Lost bib fee is $10.00.

Point Scoring:

Only the top 8 middle school competitors score points toward the state championship. Club athletes do not earn school-championship points. However, all competitors are eligible for advancement to the finals and individual awards, even if not competing on behalf of a school. The point schedule is 10, 8, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1.


Medals are awarded to the top 8 competitors regardless of affiliation with a school or club (or unattached). Medals are awarded at the conclusion of the individual event, in the awards area.


Trophies are awarded to the following: top female athlete - field events; top male athlete - field events; top female athlete - track events; top male athlete - track events; first, second, and third place girls' teams; first, second and third place boys' team; and, the overall middle school state champion - combined girls' and boys' team. Top Club Point Champion Trophy ( Club Only)

Competition Rulebook:

Georgia High School Association (GHSA) rules will be consulted.

Simultaneous Events:

Athletes entered in both track and field events should (a) tell the field clerk about the running event, (b) leave the field event and check in for the running event; (c) remain in the running check-in area until called to the line, and (d) run then immediately return to the field event. Bar will not be lowered for returning athletes.

Field Events:

For throws and horizontal jumps, 3 attempts are permitted with a 2-attempt final (top 8 to the final round)... Implements will be provided for the athletes The 5-alive protocol will be used for vertical jumps. Athletes may not cross the track to confer with their coaches or others during competition.

Running Events:

For running events with preliminaries, the top 12 athletes will advance to a 2-section final; the top 6 fastest times will compete in one heat. Athletes should check in on the first call and remain in the warm-up area until led to the track. Athletes who leave the area after check-in risk being scratched from the event.

Hurdle Height:

100/300m girls - 30". 100m/300m boys - 33".

Implement Weight and 2024 Minimum Marks:


Discus throw - 1k Girls and Boys. 60' girls, 90' boys.

High jump - 4'4" girls, 4'10" boys.

Long jump - 14' girls, 16'-05" boys.

Pole vault - 6'2 girls, 7'-2  boys

Shot put - 6 lbs. Girls and 4k Boys. 27' girls, 30' boys.

Triple jump - 28' girls, 31' boys