Entries: 2024 Georgia Middle School T&F State Championships

The 2024 Ga Middle School State Championships start tonight. There are 1,999 total athletes entered in the meet for this weekend, a new record!

Georgia MileSplit will have Live Results for the meet. Georgia MileSplit will also be on site getting Photos and Race Videos so check back after the meet for those.

Check out the Entries for the meet below. Or sort them by event here

Heat Sheets, Schedule and Other Information can be found here

And if you haven't yet seen our coverage, check out the rankings for each event heading into the meet and the top 25 boys and girls historic performances from this meet.


Relay Team ANorth Paulding Jr. High
Relay Team A1.55Trickum Middle School
Relay Team A1:30.00hConyers MS
Relay Team A1:30.21Mount Paran Christian School
Relay Team A1:35.38Oak Hill Middle School
Relay Team A1:35.38Drew Charter Junior Academy
Relay Team A1:36.00hT J Elder Middle School
Relay Team A1:36.91Henderson MS
Relay Team A1:38.16KIPP Atlanta East
Relay Team A1:39.38West Laurens Middle School
Relay Team A1:39.73Sutton MS
Relay Team A1:40.25Dalton Middle School
Relay Team A1:40.28Pine Hill Track
Relay Team A1:40.56Vickery Creek MS
Relay Team A1:40.73Shiloh Middle School
Relay Team A1:40.83Bay Springs Middle School
Relay Team A1:41.29Veterans Memorial Middle School
Relay Team A1:41.89The STEM Academy
Relay Team A1:42.13Carrollton Middle School
Relay Team A1:42.74Redan MS
Relay Team A1:42.91Dodge County Middle School
Relay Team A1:42.92Central Middle School
Relay Team A1:44.00hDynasty Track Club
Relay Team A1:44.00hLandmark Christian School
Relay Team A1:45.00hClarke Central Middle School
Relay Team A1:46.05Gainesville MS
Relay Team A1:46.20Villa Rica Middle School
Relay Team A1:48.32Buford MS
Relay Team A1:49.07Cartersville MS
Relay Team A1:50.00hRunnerzRule
Relay Team A1:50.28Westside Atlanta Charter
Relay Team A1:51.80hGenesis Innovation Academy
Relay Team A1:55.00hAtlanta Track Club
Relay Team A1:58.00hPerimeter Christian School
Relay Team A2:00.00Adamson MS
Relay Team A2:00.00hJunior Hoyas
Relay Team A2:12.00hMemorial MS
Relay Team A2:54.00hChestnut Log MS
Relay Team A4:59.00hW.R. Coile Middle School
Relay Team A55.94Amana Academy
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Relay Team ANorth Paulding Jr. High
Relay Team AEagles Landing Christian Academy
Relay Team A1.20RunnerzRule
Relay Team A1:47.00Landmark Christian School
Relay Team A1:47.43TRACK PHI TRACK Elite Track Club
Relay Team A1:48.28Amana Academy
Relay Team A1:50.00hWarren County Middle School
Relay Team A1:54.04West Laurens Middle School
Relay Team A1:54.22Sutton MS
Relay Team A1:54.27Factory Shoals MS
Relay Team A1:54.27Mt. Zion Middle School
Relay Team A1:54.41Woodward Academy
Relay Team A1:54.56Oak Hill Middle School
Relay Team A1:55.00Dalton Middle School
Relay Team A1:55.98KIPP Atlanta East
Relay Team A1:56.05Genesis Innovation Academy
Relay Team A1:56.13Buford MS
Relay Team A1:56.29Chamblee MS
Relay Team A1:57.00hShiloh Middle School
Relay Team A1:57.53Carrollton Middle School
Relay Team A1:57.96Redan MS
Relay Team A1:58.00hDynasty Track Club
Relay Team A1:58.19Villa Rica Middle School
Relay Team A1:58.35Central Middle School
Relay Team A1:59.77Bay Springs Middle School
Relay Team A2:00.00hTrickum Middle School
Relay Team A2:01.36Marietta Middle School
Relay Team A2:02.34Vickery Creek MS
Relay Team A2:08.00hAtlanta Track Club
Relay Team A2:09.00Memorial MS
Relay Team A2:10.00hJunior Hoyas
Relay Team A2:11.45Westside Atlanta Charter
Relay Team A2:13.69Cartersville MS
Relay Team A3:00.00hClarke Central Middle School
Relay Team A3:30.00hW.R. Coile Middle School
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Schomber, Lane15:00.00Hounds Distance Company
Russell, Dalton15:00.00Hounds Distance Company
Allen, Scott3:00.00hClarke Central Middle School
Morgan, Chris3:00.00hClarke Central Middle School
Brackin, Dash4:32.68Carrollton Middle School
Strange, James4:42.08Heritage Prep
Bignon, Nick4:50.12Fideles Christian School
Dehnke, Isaac4:50.67Brookwood Youth Running
Jennings, Camp4:51.27Carrollton Middle School
Malueg, William4:51.86Jefferson Middle School
Gross, Caden4:51.90Richmond Hill Middle School
Gibbs, Brody4:52.44
Empie, Ethan4:53.75Cartersville MS
Thomas, Cooper4:54.79Liberty MS (Cumming)
Howard, Levi4:55.10Woodward Academy
Windham, Witt4:55.40Lumpkin County MS
Throckmorton, Jay4:59.39
Baddley, Henry4:59.62Pace Academy MS
Mukti, Niki5:00.00hChamblee MS
Estep, Christian5:00.08Whitefield Academy MS
Avrett, Eli5:00.14West Jackson MS
Schuette, Declan5:00.87
Thurston, River5:03.06Lowndes TC
Glover, Jason5:03.26
Burke, Ian5:03.31Atlanta Classical Academy
Burke, Ian5:03.31
Heiskell, Jack5:04Atlanta Classical Academy
Henderson, Chance5:05.35Veterans Memorial Middle School
Thomas, Roderick5:06.40Lane 4 Track Club
Sipe, Riley5:06.79Sutton MS
Sharp, Alex5:06.98Youth Middle School Warriors
Camper, Kyle5:07.01Cartersville MS
Wasileski, Gage5:09.24George Walton Academy
Kieffer, Cade5:09.83
Collins, Kaden5:10T J Elder Middle School
Lynch, Elliott5:12.25
Tamplin, Amari5:12.87Memorial MS
Black, Stryker5:12.98
Anderson, Gentry5:13.53DeSana Middle School
Garrard, Will5:13.84
Wood, Noah5:13.88
Shelly, Max5:14.22Lowndes TC
Caldwell, Tyler5:14.48
Schroeder, Ben5:14.96Jefferson Middle School
Marcus, Alex5:15.40Atlanta Track Club
Ashley, Ryan5:15.82Fideles Christian School
Hill, Eli5:15.99North Hall Middle School
Brown, will5:17.00hChamblee MS
Haer, Henry5:18.58Atlanta Track Club
Ringwell, Jonathan5:18.95
Maxwell, William5:19.28
Lowery, Ethan5:19.84
Alhadeff, Solomon5:20.03Lumpkin County MS
Steele, Max5:20.24Buford MS
McCorkle, Sean5:20.46Hebron Christian
Clemens, Austin5:20.63Woodward Academy
Mathias, Wilson5:20.95Hebron Christian
Dixon, Micah5:21.62Oconee County MS
Pritchett, Will5:22.01North Paulding Jr. High
Brown, John5:22.88Drew Charter Junior Academy
Carter, Dean5:23.55North Paulding Jr. High
Smith, Bryson5:23.76Junior Hoyas
Pangie, Ronan5:24.80West Laurens Middle School
Nguyen, Khoi5:24.98Henderson MS
Hill, Jaden5:25.00hT J Elder Middle School
Wilson, Seth5:25.31Junior Hoyas
Myers, Stephen5:25.50Landmark Christian School
OBrien, Ellis5:26.00h
Leitsch, Bryce5:26.15
Dodson, Blane5:26.71Franklin County MS
Morgan, Noah5:27.00Fairplay Middle School
Holman, Jaylen5:27.00hConyers MS
Delfino, Emmett5:27.04St. Francis MS
Tapia, Lucas5:27.30
Young, Brendan5:27.87Bremen MS
Vansant, Will5:28.95The Mount Vernon School
Kimball, Andy5:29.07Bremen MS
Cole, Logan5:29.13Edge Running Club
Schlitz, Paul5:29.53Mill Creek Junior Hawks
Bonaventure, Grant5:29.81Perimeter Christian School
Garrett, Tyce5:32.44
McNatt, Elijah5:34.12Pine Hill Track
King, Ethan5:34.69Edge Running Club
Queiroz, Jaythan5:34.89Amana Academy
Lockard, Ollie5:35.95Pace Academy MS
Woodward, Charlie5:36.63Marist
White, Levi5:37.02Landmark Christian School
Jones, Abram5:37.37Martin Luther King Jr. Middle Sc
Smith, Gray5:38.02Saint Mary's Catholic School
Fournier, Parker5:38.30Sutton MS
Montgomery, Isaiah5:38.59Temple Middle School
Lane, Jake5:39.12Heard County Middle School
Jones, Teddy5:41.48Buford MS
Lott, Conner5:41.74Coffee Middle School
Lopez Yax, Abraham5:42.00hFive Forks Middle School
Wilson, Francis5:42.81
Lindsay, Ian5:43
Koransky, Jordan5:44.10
Dennis, Julian5:44.44Bay Springs Middle School
Maskery, Eric5:44.74Henderson MS
Ramsey, Jim5:45.00Gainesville MS
Smith Jr, Averell5:45.00hDrive Phase, Inc.
Mitchell, Rustin5:45.00hRunnerzRule
Thomas, Bowen5:45.38Heritage Prep
Rodenbeck, Reed5:46.08Brookwood Youth Running
Smith, Liam5:46.76Marietta Middle School
Greer, Jamaal5:47.26Marietta Middle School
Lewelling, Christopher5:48.04Greyhound Track and XC Club
Davis, Clifton5:48.57Perimeter Christian School
Hopkins, Jeremiah5:49.21St. Benedicts Episcopal School
LaMonica, Leverett5:50.00Allatoona Junior Bucs
Olunuga, Temi5:50.54Greater Atlanta Christian
Parsa, Andrew5:50.76Saint Mary's Catholic School
Higgins, Alex5:51.00hFive Forks Middle School
James, Amor5:51.30Oak Hill Middle School
Logan, Lemuel5:52.00hAdamson MS
Brown, Carey5:56.85Franklin County MS
Johnson, Jebron5:57.96Pine Hill Track
Williams, Kaleb5:58.37Conyers MS
Lee, Robert5:58.90Strong Rock Christian School
Wells, Brayden5:59.52
Borg, Isaac5:59.74North Hall Middle School
Jean, Jonathan6:00.00hMemorial MS
Losada, Tomas6:00.07Notre Dame Academy
Veal, Keyshawn6:02.32Oak Hill Middle School
Sinkfield, Messiah6:03.41Bay Springs Middle School
Arnold, Cole6:05.29
McDonald, Ethan6:07.00Fairplay Middle School
GONZALEZ, IAN6:12.00Dalton Middle School
Brown, William6:12.00Martin Luther King Jr. Middle Sc
Williams, Josiah RH6:14.19Shiloh Middle School
Collins, Jaron6:18.73The STEM Academy
Middleton, Marcus6:19.65Strong Rock Christian School
Costabile, Landon6:20.60Villa Rica Middle School
Ryder, Hudson6:20.90St. Benedicts Episcopal School
Beach, Aaron6:28.74Amana Academy
Drake, Marcus6:29.79Villa Rica Middle School
Staggs, Thomas6:30.00hTrickum Middle School
Mcghie, Jackson6:31.00hThe STEM Academy
Burress, Drake6:34.29W.R. Coile Middle School
Ricket, Harlen6:36.66Temple Middle School
Flaherty, Luke6:38.33
Barton, Jacob6:39.39KIPP Atlanta East
Shippen, Benjamin6:40.00h
Lynch, Zack6:40.79Hilsman MS
Bonilla, Jacobo6:48.29Notre Dame Academy
Guarnieri, Noah6:50.84Allatoona Junior Bucs
Peters, Meidas6:52.43Redan MS
Jordan, Gabriel6:55.00Chestnut Log MS
Copeland, Mikal6:55.04Chestnut Log MS
Thompson, Fisher7:06.55Hilsman MS
Zillioux, Grady7:16.39Greyhound Track and XC Club
Burke, Daniel7:16.66Redan MS
Johnson, Nathan7:16.74
Vance, Terrance7:50.00Adamson MS
Silva Kim, Hugo8:22.91Mill Creek Junior Hawks
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Jenkins, Rylan10.82T J Elder Middle School
Jackson, Kye11.08Memorial MS
Grimes, Quintez11.11Drew Charter Junior Academy
Hooks, Tavares11.14Oak Hill Middle School
Johnson, Kamaje11.15T J Elder Middle School
Antangana, Franck11.25Dalton Middle School
Battle, Jaylin11.34Carver MS
Reyes, Heriberto11.46Madison County MS
Watson, Ammari11.55Oak Hill Middle School
Williams, Akhil11.56Carrollton Middle School
Blue, Bryce11.56Southwest Atlanta Christian
Heyward, Nehemiah11.58Greater Atlanta Christian
Hurd, Khalil11.59Jackrabbit Track and Field
McMiller, Briceton11.62West Laurens Middle School
Coverson, Austin11.66Carrollton Middle School
Kornegay, Jermiah11.70hCrawford County MS
Griffen, James11.73Redan MS
Hall, Nicholas11.73Hebron Christian
Pollock, Cole11.74Landmark Christian School
Cooper, Patrick11.75Shiloh Middle School
Bailey, Derrick11.79Youth Middle School Warriors
Hollings, Dorian11.84Henderson MS
POWELL, ASHTON11.85Bay Springs Middle School
Brown, Myles11.86The STEM Academy
Rivers, Dillon11.87Drive Phase, Inc.
Scandrett, Uriah11.88Martin Luther King Jr. Middle Sc
Joyner, Makis11.89Drive Phase, Inc.
Smith, My'Kheal11.89Pine Hill Track
Davis, Madoxx11.90Marietta Comets
Chatmon, Tripp11.90Cartersville MS
Parrot, Demarion11.91Sutton MS
Moore, Terrence11.92Martin Luther King Jr. Middle Sc
Walker, Joseph11.93KIPP Atlanta East
Johnson, Caleb11.94Lakeside Evans MS
Tucker, Tavares11.95Bremen MS
Bowman, Brian11.95Temple Middle School
Perrin, Carter11.96Jefferson Middle School
Rolle, Sha'ir11.99Marietta Comets
Smith, Darien12.00North Paulding Jr. High
Wright, Zyon12.00hClarke Central Middle School
Ferguson, Triston12.00h
Glenn, Kameron12.00hClarke Central Middle School
Curtis-Punch, Zaccai12.00hMemorial MS
Stillwell, Kd12.01Monroe County MS
Blanton, Shaun12.02Harlem MS
Walker, Josiah12.05Bay Springs Middle School
Sumareh, Omar12.09
Ward-Griffin, Preston12.10RunnerzRule
Hall, Jackson12.10Liberty MS (Cumming)
Arrey, Rayfiya12.10Marietta Track Club
Shannon, Langston12.14Drew Charter Junior Academy
Jones, Jailen12.15Bremen MS
Postell, Josiah Malachi12.15
Menizes, Matthew12.17W.R. Coile Middle School
Smith, Isaiah12.18Shiloh Middle School
Williams, Jonathan12.20Atlanta Track Club
Blow, Keshon12.20Buford MS
Jackson, Jaiden12.21Henderson MS
Palmer, Braxton12.22Perimeter Christian School
Pollock, Quinn12.22Landmark Christian School
Williams, Jonathon12.23Chamblee MS
Whitaker, David12.24Genesis Innovation Academy
Langford, Micah12.25Hebron Christian
Rolling, Kameron12.26Mt. Zion Middle School
Dykes, Christian12.26Gainesville MS
Binns, Daniel12.29Woodward Academy
Okoth, Bellon12.29Oconee County MS
Williams, Braylon12.31Buford MS
Lott, Elijah12.32Mount Paran Christian School
Johnson, Hunter12.33Strong Rock Christian School
Lababy, Sincere-Lee12.33Conyers MS
Lay, Almarion12.34W.R. Coile Middle School
McCray, Dwayne12.38Fairplay Middle School
Whitworth, Knox12.38Rabun County MS
Edge, TC12.38
Walton, Jacez12.39Central Middle School
Lemon, Isaiah12.41The STEM Academy
Howard, Isaiah12.41Lakeside Evans MS
Smith, Aydian12.43Mount Paran Christian School
Boyd, Landon12.43Fairplay Middle School
Moss, Myles12.43RunnerzRule
Brown, Mason12.44Trickum Middle School
Rolling, Addison12.44Mt. Zion Middle School
Moreland, Ladell12.49KIPP Atlanta East
Ship, Mario12.50Amana Academy
Benson, Ford12.58Jefferson Middle School
Brown, Chance12.59Cartersville MS
Meadows, Dino12.60Pace Academy MS
Simon-, Jackson12.60Sutton MS
Johnson, Seth12.61Hilsman MS
Dickens, Charles12.63Pine Hill Track
Heath, Ezekiel12.64Chestnut Log MS
Thomas, Demonte12.65Westside Atlanta Charter
Hill, Nathaniel12.65Greater Atlanta Christian
Grant- Hibbert, Josiah12.66Westside Atlanta Charter
Ruiz, Daniel12.67Dynasty Track Club
Johnson, Brian12.76Amana Academy
Lowe, Caden12.76Mill Creek Junior Hawks
Isom, Charvez12.78Villa Rica Middle School
Sikes, Maurice12.89Chamblee MS
McClintock, Kameron12.93Redan MS
James, Jabari12.95Monroe County MS
Morisset, Jean12.97Villa Rica Middle School
Williams, Jaaziah13.00hMarietta Middle School
Bain, David13.02Perimeter Christian School
Mitchell, Brandon13.02Stephenson MS
Dallas, Omarion13.03Central Middle School
Poole, Jacayden13.10Hilsman MS
Grusing, Kaiden13.18Strong Rock Christian School
Roos, Ian13.18North Paulding Jr. High
Harry, David13.25Southwest Atlanta Christian
Gawronski, Jordan13.27Allatoona Junior Bucs
Jenkins, Chance13.31Temple Middle School
White, Gabriel13.34Atlanta Track Club
Sal`ad, Tavoris13.38Stephenson MS
Crider, Dexter13.39Marietta Middle School
Ferguson, Kassedy13.40Lane 4 Track Club
Lewis, Mason13.44
Smiley, Xavier13.54Holy Innocents' Episcopal School
Williams, Ethan13.58Trickum Middle School
Reed, Donovan13.67Mill Creek Junior Hawks
Coleman, Ryan13.70Marietta Track Club
Mendelsohn, Hayden13.70St. Francis MS
Stutts, Jackson13.85Junior Hoyas
Hanna, Joseph13.88St. Benedicts Episcopal School
Calia, Nicholas13.93St. Francis MS
Ferguson, Tristen14.00hHill Street Run Club
Ferguson, Preston14.00hHill Street Run Club
Wiggan, Nicholas14.12Allatoona Junior Bucs
Sanders, Jayden14.22Dynasty Track Club
Logan, Wesley14.91Holy Innocents' Episcopal School
Sommers, Liam15.52Saint Mary's Catholic School
Bingham, Andre15.83St. Benedicts Episcopal School
Hamilton, Grant16.08George Walton Academy
Angeles, Andrew16.28Notre Dame Academy
Gonzalez-Diaz Jr, Joel16.89Notre Dame Academy
Gant, Levi17.65Fideles Christian School
Sumareh, Malik18.96Herman J. Russell Westend Academ
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Brooks, Jackson13.00hClarke Central Middle School
Witcher, Karsyn14.00hClarke Central Middle School
Martin, Cyrus14.25Drew Charter Junior Academy
Torrance, Jordan14.77Oak Hill Middle School
Murphy, Erik14.84Marietta Middle School
Jones, Desmond14.90hT J Elder Middle School
Searels, Havyn15.03Dalton Middle School
Umiamaka, Kamai15.05Carrollton Middle School
Haynes, Tomaris15.12Oak Hill Middle School
Cochran, Omari15.18Franklin County MS
Emerson, Isaac15.28Oconee County MS
Joice, Silas15.31Vickery Creek MS
Jacob, Prince15.31KIPP Atlanta East
Abrams, Jett15.38Cedartown Middle School
Sullivan, Caleb15.55Buford MS
Parker, Logan15.59
Callies, Harrison15.66Hebron Christian
Hood, Jordan15.78W.R. Coile Middle School
Warchol, Michael15.80Lumpkin County MS
Herard, Ivelino15.82Villa Rica Middle School
Sumareh, Omar15.89
Carter, Trey15.90Morgan County MS
Gresham, Rashawn "King"15.92Morgan County MS
Nelson, Chad15.95KIPP Atlanta East
Boyd, Ahzion16.00Adamson MS
Copeland, Micah16.01Landmark Christian School
Idlett, Jaiden16.02Carrollton Middle School
Cheeks, Jaydin16.05Mt. Zion Middle School
Finley, Miles16.07Dalton Middle School
Kendrix, Jordan16.08Bay Springs Middle School
Kent, Kaiden16.11Cartersville MS
Banks, Evan16.24Marietta Middle School
Bland, Ellis16.31Sutton MS
Suttle, Daven16.36Mt. Zion Middle School
Stephens, Barrett16.45Perimeter Christian School
Watts, Aiden16.57T J Elder Middle School
Gilbert, Amarri16.58Sutton MS
Blow, Preston16.69Bay Springs Middle School
McCommons, Brandon16.76W.R. Coile Middle School
Carswell, Zyeir16.80RunnerzRule
Mitchell, Brandon17.00hStephenson MS
Hoopingarner, Holden17.05Cartersville MS
Wynn, Ramel17.10Hilsman MS
Bailey, Kaleb17.10Oconee County MS
Jakubecy, Jackson17.21St. Francis MS
Morrison, Braylen17.41Franklin County MS
Moore, Terrence17.54Martin Luther King Jr. Middle Sc
Johnson, Treylon17.55Hilsman MS
Middlebrooks, Ahmard17.70Youth Middle School Warriors
Bailey, Nathan17.90hConyers MS
Jallow, Saidou18.00Adamson MS
Raper, Alex18.06North Georgia Mountain Track Clu
Mendelsohn, Hayden18.12St. Francis MS
Wen, Jerry18.21Perimeter Christian School
Fuller, Kyson18.21Fairplay Middle School
Woodson, Liam18.24Buford MS
Bryant, Cadence18.28Bremen MS
Myers, Tyson18.55Lane 4 Track Club
Washington, Khalil18.61Shiloh Middle School
Sapp, Michael18.63North Georgia Mountain Track Clu
Mcnulty-Lowe, Grayson18.74Atlanta Track Club
Hathcock, Holt18.86Temple Middle School
Melvin, Armani19.02Redan MS
Crenshaw, Josiah19.04Fairplay Middle School
Curry, Reggie19.25The STEM Academy
Murphy, Daveon19.31Memorial MS
DeVoe, Raylen19.40Greater Atlanta Christian
Capers, Scott19.50hChestnut Log MS
Tolentiro, Damien19.60hChestnut Log MS
Scott, Alijah20.34Amana Academy
Bercy, Tyaji20.51Memorial MS
Peacock, Carter20.59Junior Hoyas
Boston, Jabaar20.94Temple Middle School
Garrott, Jericho21.00hConyers MS
Nelson, Mercy21.28Pine Hill Track
Oh, Eugene21.37Henderson MS
Hill, Malachi21.49Allatoona Junior Bucs
Davies, Princeton21.55Amana Academy
Losada, Tomas21.58Notre Dame Academy
McKenzie, Adrian22.51The STEM Academy
Helms, Lukas23.17Allatoona Junior Bucs
Shealey, Charlie23.67RunnerzRule
Hembree, Judson23.67Junior Hoyas
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Oshri, Noah20.00hClarke Central Middle School
Glenn, Kameron21.00hClarke Central Middle School
Grimes, Quintez21.95Drew Charter Junior Academy
Jenkins, Rylan22.00hT J Elder Middle School
Battle, Jaylin22.81Carver MS
Patterson, Jaxson22.83Jackrabbit Track and Field
Johnson, Kamaje23.23T J Elder Middle School
Blue, Bryce23.43Southwest Atlanta Christian
Williams, Akhil23.44Carrollton Middle School
Antangana, Franck23.50Dalton Middle School
Bailey, Derrick23.62Youth Middle School Warriors
Davis, Bryston23.79Oak Hill Middle School
Martin, Cyrus23.80Drew Charter Junior Academy
Cadogan, Jaeden23.81Loganville MS
Coverson, Austin23.85Carrollton Middle School
Heyward, Nehemiah23.89Greater Atlanta Christian
Jackson, Kye23.90Memorial MS
Smith, My'Kheal23.90Pine Hill Track
Coe, Tim23.92Cartersville MS
Hall, Nicholas23.94Hebron Christian
Blackwell, Kayden23.96Cartersville MS
Hooks, Tavares23.97Oak Hill Middle School
Vincent, Nicolas23.99Loganville MS
Nelson, Terrell24.00Peak Perfomance South
Johnson, Jermaine24.00Veterans Memorial Middle School
Thomas, Tabin24.00hMemorial MS
Reyes, Heriberto24.10Madison County MS
POWELL, ASHTON24.13Bay Springs Middle School
Johnson, Briceson24.17Dodge County Middle School
Griffen, James24.24Redan MS
Johnson, Hunter24.25Strong Rock Christian School
Tucker, Tavares24.25Bremen MS
Pollock, Cole24.29Landmark Christian School
Joyner, Makis24.30Drive Phase, Inc.
Hollings, Dorian24.33Henderson MS
Scandrett, Uriah24.44Martin Luther King Jr. Middle Sc
Brown, Myles24.64The STEM Academy
Rivers, Dillon24.70Drive Phase, Inc.
Flagg, Jaiden24.72Conyers MS
Dickerson, Case24.73Morgan County MS
Postell, Josiah Malachi24.73
Whitworth, Knox24.73Rabun County MS
McMiller, Briceton24.73West Laurens Middle School
Stillwell, Kd24.76Monroe County MS
Duncan, Johnathan24.78Fairplay Middle School
Parrot, Demarion24.79Sutton MS
Jackson, Jaiden24.79Henderson MS
Pollock, Quinn24.84Landmark Christian School
Kornegay, Jermiah24.90hCrawford County MS
Walker, Joseph24.92KIPP Atlanta East
Walton, Jacez24.96Central Middle School
Ferguson, Triston25.00
Lababy, Sincere-Lee25.00Conyers MS
Ferguson, Tristen25.00hHill Street Run Club
Ferguson, Preston25.00hHill Street Run Club
Blanton, Shaun25.05Harlem MS
Palmer, Braxton25.05Perimeter Christian School
Russell, Terrell25.06Gainesville MS
Adams, Matthew25.07
Usry, Jack25.12Harlem MS
Perrin, Carter25.12Jefferson Middle School
Jackson-Harris, Wyatt25.14RunnerzRule
Foster, Markelious25.14Shiloh Middle School
Delasalas, Dirk25.14RunnerzRule
Bowman, Brian25.16Temple Middle School
Maye, Joshua25.17North Paulding Jr. High
Smith, Aydian25.18Mount Paran Christian School
Harbin, Elliott25.20Franklin County MS
Okoth, Bellon25.27Oconee County MS
Williams, Jonathan25.29Atlanta Track Club
Vales, Gabriel25.29KIPP Atlanta East
Rolling, Kameron25.30Mt. Zion Middle School
Arrey, Rayfiya25.30Marietta Track Club
Barnes, Landon25.31Oconee County MS
Clark, Jayden25.32Bay Springs Middle School
Lott, Elijah25.32Mount Paran Christian School
Anderson, Elijah25.34Chamblee MS
Howard, Isaiah25.42Lakeside Evans MS
Boyd, Landon25.44Fairplay Middle School
Sumareh, Omar25.45
Conception, Christian25.47Pine Hill Track
Lee, Treadon25.50hChestnut Log MS
Menizes, Matthew25.53W.R. Coile Middle School
Perry, DeMari25.54The STEM Academy
Weingart, Jaelyn25.55Central Middle School
Simon-, Jackson25.60Sutton MS
Vollrath, Braylon25.64St. Francis MS
Martin, Donovin25.66Chestnut Log MS
Blash, Tyler25.76Junior Hoyas
Betts, Khamani25.82Martin Luther King Jr. Middle Sc
McDaniel, Brody25.86Jefferson Middle School
Jackson, Donovan25.88Gainesville MS
Banks, Carter25.89Westside Atlanta Charter
Brinson, Chaz26.02Marietta Track Club
Grant- Hibbert, Josiah26.02Westside Atlanta Charter
Essien, Ayden26.06Shiloh Middle School
Whitaker, David26.13Genesis Innovation Academy
Rolling, Addison26.15Mt. Zion Middle School
Payne, Kase26.17Bremen MS
Meadows, Dino26.20Pace Academy MS
Ely, Ellison26.21Chamblee MS
Mays, Tyler26.23Greater Atlanta Christian
Brown, Mason26.34Trickum Middle School
Burks, London26.47Adamson MS
Morrison, Braylen26.90Franklin County MS
Ferguson, Kassedy26.98Lane 4 Track Club
Bain, David27.18Perimeter Christian School
McGuire, Terrance27.18W.R. Coile Middle School
Malloy, Jaylen27.21Mill Creek Junior Hawks
Faison, Emmanuel27.22Redan MS
Smiley, Xavier27.23Holy Innocents' Episcopal School
Grusing, Kaiden27.31Strong Rock Christian School
Harper, Sherman27.37Hilsman MS
Poole, Jacayden27.40Hilsman MS
Williams, Jaaziah27.41Marietta Middle School
Gawronski, Jordan27.46Allatoona Junior Bucs
Russell, Robbie27.50Lakeside Evans MS
Harris, Kendrail27.50hMarietta Middle School
Jenkins, Chance27.58Temple Middle School
Williams, Camar27.77Stephenson MS
Foster, Lenox27.79Villa Rica Middle School
Pruitt, Kaiden27.80Genesis Innovation Academy
Bynes Jr, Joshua27.85Dynasty Track Club
Douglas, Keegan27.86Villa Rica Middle School
Malloy, Jayden27.87Mill Creek Junior Hawks
Lewis, Mason27.88
White, Gabriel28.05Atlanta Track Club
Harrison, Joshua28.09Junior Hoyas
Ship, Mario28.13Amana Academy
Logan, Wesley28.20Holy Innocents' Episcopal School
Giurato IV, Anthony28.29Greyhound Track and XC Club
Edge, TC28.43
Heard, Franklin28.92Amana Academy
Hanna, Joseph29.97St. Benedicts Episcopal School
Wedderburn, Norvell30.06Stephenson MS
Wiggan, Nicholas30.16Allatoona Junior Bucs
Whitaker, Ari30.61Dynasty Track Club
Diskin, James30.88Heritage Prep
Knight, Kody31.14Trickum Middle School
Harry, David32.11Southwest Atlanta Christian
Sommers, Liam33.24Saint Mary's Catholic School
Sumareh, Malik34.92Herman J. Russell Westend Academ
Gant, Levi35.00hFideles Christian School
Sarcopski, Colin36.53Notre Dame Academy
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Bignon, Nick10:16.11Fideles Christian School
Howard, Levi10:27.28Woodward Academy
Gibbs, Brody10:28.60
Timmons, Finn10:30.00Walton Youth Running Club
Schuette, Declan10:33.94
Windham, Witt10:36.85Lumpkin County MS
Baddley, Henry10:39.28Pace Academy MS
Wright, Bennett10:43.21Greyhound Track and XC Club
Thomas, Roderick10:43.26Lane 4 Track Club
Gross, Caden10:45Richmond Hill Middle School
Estep, Christian10:45.08Whitefield Academy MS
Throckmorton, Jay10:46.55
Empie, Ethan10:47.99Cartersville MS
Henderson, Chance10:54.19Veterans Memorial Middle School
Wright, Bradley11:03.91Greyhound Track and XC Club
Wasileski, Gage11:07.01George Walton Academy
Glover, Jason11:07.75
Thurston, River11:10.09Lowndes TC
Leitsch, Bryce11:14
Marcus, Alex11:16.06Atlanta Track Club
Braden, Everett11:18.00
Garrard, Will11:20.00
Kieffer, Cade11:21.7
Sharp, Alex11:22.01Youth Middle School Warriors
Kimball, Andy11:27.56Bremen MS
Lynch, Elliott11:31.50
Delfino, Emmett11:33.30St. Francis MS
O'Brien, Ellis11:35.40Atlanta Track Club
Woznicki, Stephen11:35.50Carrollton Middle School
Pritchett, Will11:35.84North Paulding Jr. High
Wilson, Francis11:38.10
Young, Brendan11:40.02Bremen MS
Mathias, Wilson11:40.97Hebron Christian
Carter, Dean11:43.38North Paulding Jr. High
Shelly, Max11:45.64Lowndes TC
Ringwell, Jonathan11:50.23
Wilson, Trentin11:50.82Richmond Hill Middle School
Blose, Dayton11:53.20Oconee County MS
Morgan, Noah11:53.66Fairplay Middle School
Hasler, Christian11:53.92Junior Hoyas
Lowery, Ethan11:54.90
Dixon, Micah11:55.00Oconee County MS
Christopher, Reese11:56.99Junior Hoyas
Romans, Graycen11:57.23Jefferson Middle School
Dennis, Julian11:59.62Bay Springs Middle School
O'Lenick, Asher11:59.90Jefferson Middle School
Hill, Jalen12:00T J Elder Middle School
Caldwell, Tyler12:04.83
Lott, Conner12:05.00Coffee Middle School
Lane, Jake12:05.56Heard County Middle School
Pangie, Ronan12:06.97West Laurens Middle School
Wassenaar, Will12:12.13St. Francis MS
Borg, Isaac12:13.76North Hall Middle School
Miller, Derek12:14.22Stallings Island MS
Chandler, Collin12:14.34Mt. Zion Middle School
Lockard, Ollie12:14.78Pace Academy MS
Foskey, Beau12:16.89
Featsent, Chase12:18.01Fideles Christian School
Jones, Teddy12:18.57Buford MS
White, Levi12:19.52Landmark Christian School
Clemens, Austin12:24.26Woodward Academy
Foster, Sam12:26.26Buford MS
Boulware, Ben12:32.57Morgan County MS
Lee, Joseph12:34.05Mill Creek Junior Hawks
LaMonica, Leverett12:39.85Allatoona Junior Bucs
Hall, Jaeden12:40T J Elder Middle School
Wallace, Malachi12:40.18Mt. Zion Middle School
Rickman, Brodie12:40.51Cartersville MS
Martinez, Jeremy12:44.00North Georgia Mountain Track Clu
Thomas, Bowen12:45.00Heritage Prep
Garrett, Tyce12:49.00
Hill, Eli12:53.00North Hall Middle School
Holman, Jaylen12:54.36Conyers MS
Baird, Walker13:00.94Perimeter Christian School
Bonaventure, Grant13:12.38Perimeter Christian School
Williams, Josiah RH13:13.56Shiloh Middle School
Sinkfield, Messiah13:20.36Bay Springs Middle School
McDonald, Ethan13:24.36Fairplay Middle School
Shippen, Benjamin13:29.00
Fournier, Parker13:30.00Sutton MS
Kirsch, Quinn13:30.00Sutton MS
Arnold, Cole13:34.92
Feniza, Amir13:37.34Amana Academy
Queiroz, Jaythan13:38.16Amana Academy
Buissereth, Jeremiah13:40.00Memorial MS
Wright, Hudson13:40.24
Korb, Logan13:46.37Mill Creek Junior Hawks
Lee, Robert13:52.08Strong Rock Christian School
Jean, Jonathan14:00.00Memorial MS
King, Gavin14:03.39Allatoona Junior Bucs
Lynch, Zack14:07.13Hilsman MS
Costabile, Landon14:13.75Villa Rica Middle School
Veal, Keyshawn14:15.31Oak Hill Middle School
Scott, Austin14:28.48St. Benedicts Episcopal School
Flaherty, Luke14:37.75
Fielder, Michael14:44.59Landmark Christian School
Bagwell, Trey14:56.75Temple Middle School
Jones, Abram15:00.00Martin Luther King Jr. Middle Sc
Thompson, Fisher15:41.54Hilsman MS
Fuller, Nolan16:00.00Hounds Distance Company
Tennyson, Jaden16:15.21Oak Hill Middle School
Marshall, Mason9:00.00hClarke Central Middle School
Toon, Jonah9:00.00hClarke Central Middle School
Brackin, Dash9:51.14Carrollton Middle School
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Freeman, Malachi1:00.12Temple Middle School
Hembree, Judson1:02.96Junior Hoyas
Wilson, Seth1:03.00hJunior Hoyas
Mcnulty-Lowe, Grayson1:06.25Atlanta Track Club
Brooks, Jackson30.00hClarke Central Middle School
Bailey, Nathan42.00Conyers MS
Kent, Kaiden43.21Cartersville MS
Cheeks, Jaydin43.57Mt. Zion Middle School
Abrams, Jett43.60Cedartown Middle School
Umiamaka, Kamai44.36Carrollton Middle School
Copeland, Micah44.45Landmark Christian School
Parker, Logan44.93
Idlett, Jaiden44.97Carrollton Middle School
Humphries, Keiontae45.00Conyers MS
Haynes, Tomaris45.10Oak Hill Middle School
Sullivan, Caleb45.18Buford MS
Suttle, Daven45.29Mt. Zion Middle School
Barnes, Kamorrian45.33Franklin County MS
Kendrix, Jordan45.59Bay Springs Middle School
Hoopingarner, Holden45.90Cartersville MS
Fulford, Adrian46.00hMarietta Track Club
Cochran, Omari46.00hFranklin County MS
Gresham, Rashawn "King"46.12Morgan County MS
Torrance, Jordan46.76Oak Hill Middle School
Searels, Havyn46.81Dalton Middle School
Moore, Terrence46:00.00Martin Luther King Jr. Middle Sc
Callies, Harrison47.23Hebron Christian
Emerson, Isaac47.24Oconee County MS
Stephens, Barrett47.46Perimeter Christian School
Carter, Trey47.50Morgan County MS
Wen, Jerry47.65Perimeter Christian School
Murphy, Erik47.67Marietta Middle School
Finley, Miles47.99Dalton Middle School
Carswell, Malik48T J Elder Middle School
Fuller, Kyson48.09Fairplay Middle School
Langford, Micah48.12Hebron Christian
Robinson, Tristan48.20hT J Elder Middle School
Nabors, Luke48.86Buford MS
Taylor, Benjamin48.97Oconee County MS
Boston, Jabaar48.99Temple Middle School
Crenshaw, Josiah49.21Fairplay Middle School
Williams, Adrian50.00Dynasty Track Club
Curry, Reggie50.01The STEM Academy
Ross, Isaiah50.06Marietta Middle School
Melvin, Armani51.00hRedan MS
Myers, Tyson51.15Lane 4 Track Club
Johnson, Kalel52.00Lowndes TC
Capers, Scott52.00Chestnut Log MS
Blow, Preston52.07Bay Springs Middle School
Jackson, Andrew52.50hDynasty Track Club
Johnson, Jonathan54.00h
Sapp, Michael54.22North Georgia Mountain Track Clu
Wynn, Ramel54.34Hilsman MS
McKenzie, Adrian55.34The STEM Academy
Freeman, Kelan55.80W.R. Coile Middle School
Barnes, Khyle55.97Shiloh Middle School
Davies, Princeton56.92Amana Academy
Scott, Alijah57.15Amana Academy
Goodijones, Jayden57.93W.R. Coile Middle School
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Ferguson, Triston1.00
Fuller, Kyson1:00.00Fairplay Middle School
Davies, Conner1:00.08Strong Rock Christian School
Clark, Jayden1:00.09Bay Springs Middle School
Vaughan, Nate1:00.22Mount Paran Christian School
Meadows, Dino1:00.40Pace Academy MS
Hood, Jordan1:00.47W.R. Coile Middle School
Zaragoza, Marlon1:00.53The STEM Academy
Mathew, Tim1:00.64Landmark Christian School
Stewart, Easton1:00.89Hebron Christian
Edge, TC1:00.94
Brown, William1:01.00hMartin Luther King Jr. Middle Sc
garcia, Damien1:01.00hChamblee MS
Tye, Bryson1:01.44Atlanta Track Club
Barreto, Josiah1:02.00hChestnut Log MS
Tolbert, Khaleel1:02.26Marietta Middle School
Ship, Mario1:02.36Amana Academy
Ojeh, Jonathan1:02.44Marietta Middle School
Smith, Dreshawn1:02.97Adamson MS
Boston, Jabaar1:02.99Temple Middle School
Logan, Wesley1:02:13.Holy Innocents' Episcopal School
Washington, Malachi1:03.15Villa Rica Middle School
Walker-Williams, Cameron1:03.48Trickum Middle School
Simplis, Bryson1:03.51The STEM Academy
Sal`ad, Tavoris1:03.62Stephenson MS
Wells, Tyler1:03.66Chestnut Log MS
Cook, Justin1:03.72Fideles Christian School
Moss, Myles1:03.73RunnerzRule
Adams, Tyler1:03.74Westside Atlanta Charter
Antweiler, Jacob1:03.82Perimeter Christian School
Thomas, Luke1:04.46Perimeter Christian School
Jackson, Nicholas1:04.63Dynasty Track Club
Ferguson, Tristen1:05.00hHill Street Run Club
Ferguson, Preston1:05.00hHill Street Run Club
Easterling, Jabreel1:05.18Trickum Middle School
Parker, Anthony1:05.21Atlanta Track Club
Hodges, Colin1:06.26Strong Rock Christian School
Ludwick, Blake1:07.17Hilsman MS
Mitchell, Jaleel1:07.36W.R. Coile Middle School
Croke, Tommy1:07.54Mill Creek Junior Hawks
Yee, Elias1:07.70Heritage Prep
Konguep, Jonathan1:08Villa Rica Middle School
Losada, Tomas1:08.00hNotre Dame Academy
Diskin, James1:08.35Heritage Prep
James, Nate1:08.38Southwest Atlanta Christian
Garrison, Adaris1:08.68Pine Hill Track
McCoy, Trey1:08.90Mill Creek Junior Hawks
Mosley, Bryson1:10.06Oak Hill Middle School
Madera, Alan1:10.11Hilsman MS
Helms, Lukas1:10.42Allatoona Junior Bucs
Berry, Amir1:10.44hWestside Middle School
Hill, Malachi1:10.65Allatoona Junior Bucs
Bergstrom, James1:11.16St. Benedicts Episcopal School
Lewis, Mason1:11.17
Nelson, Mercy1:13.67Pine Hill Track
Sommers, Liam1:14.96Saint Mary's Catholic School
Wedderburn, Norvell1:16.64Stephenson MS
Angeles, Andrew1:18.12Notre Dame Academy
Starks, Drew1:23.00RunnerzRule
Culver, Jackson20.00hClarke Central Middle School
Oshri, Noah20.00hClarke Central Middle School
Bethea, Kameron50.92Jackrabbit Track and Field
Cadogan, Jaeden52.72Loganville MS
Jenkins, Dallas52.78Sutton MS
Blackwell, Kayden53.21Cartersville MS
Harris, Justin53.46Shiloh Middle School
Bove, Alex53.54Fideles Christian School
Nelson, Terrell54.00Peak Perfomance South
McCabe, Breyden54.15Liberty MS (Cumming)
Kutob, Stylianos54.26Drive Phase, Inc.
Clowney, David54.27Factory Shoals MS
Blue, Bryce55.00Southwest Atlanta Christian
Griggs, Jeremiah55.00Carrollton Middle School
Abernathy, Henry55.16Cartersville MS
Heiskell, Jack55.22Atlanta Classical Academy
Vincent, Nicolas55.34Loganville MS
Jackson, Adyn55.41Sutton MS
Blackmon, Jailen55.51Veterans Memorial Middle School
Foster, Markelious55.53Shiloh Middle School
Williams, Tennyson55.68Dynasty Track Club
Schaltenbrand, Jack55.84Mount Paran Christian School
Carswell, Malik56.00hT J Elder Middle School
Norrington, Jaylen56.19Conyers MS
Miles, Terrence56.37Carrollton Middle School
Brunson, Da'Jon56.42Central Middle School
Black, Stryker56.45
Sanchez, Seger56.48Henderson MS
Cousin, Kevontay56.57Mt. Zion Middle School
Thompson, Bryce56.75Buford MS
Johnson, Collin57.00hHenderson MS
Whitworth, Knox57.13Rabun County MS
Taylor, Jaden57.16Lakeside Evans MS
Walker, Joseph57.24KIPP Atlanta East
Usry, Jack57.28Harlem MS
Hester Jr., Jacob57.44Oak Hill Middle School
Luke, Colin57.63Gainesville MS
Adams, Matthew57.75
Blaise, Christian57.76Veterans Memorial Middle School
Meadows, Michael57.80Greyhound Track and XC Club
Payne, Kase57.86Bremen MS
Brinson, Chaz57.89Marietta Track Club
Boyd, Landon57.91Fairplay Middle School
Yorker, Braylon58T J Elder Middle School
Porter, Joshua58.00hConyers MS
Blash, Tyler58.08Junior Hoyas
Jones, Jailen58.09Bremen MS
Munguia, William58.1Redan MS
Malone, Duggan58.19West Laurens Middle School
Sylvester, Mel58.40Memorial MS
Hathcock, Holt58.44Temple Middle School
Head, Kylar58.46Monroe County MS
Postell, Josiah58.48Drew Charter Junior Academy
Garcia, Sam58.51Dalton Middle School
Weingart, Jaelyn58.58Central Middle School
Smiley, Xavier58.62Holy Innocents' Episcopal School
Chavez, Ander58.65North Hall Middle School
Robinson, Braylen58.70West Laurens Middle School
Spady, Justin58.76Dodge County Middle School
Murunga, Evan58.82Landmark Christian School
Mac, Carson58.84Amana Academy
Mays, Tyler58.91Greater Atlanta Christian
Dozier, Isaiah58.98Marietta Track Club
Waninger, Andrew58:10.00Junior Hoyas
Webb, Jermey59.00hMemorial MS
Martin, Justin59.02Jefferson Middle School
Blow, Preston59.10Bay Springs Middle School
Postell, Josiah Malachi59.10
Smith, Malachi59.10hRedan MS
Johnson, Jason59.11Gainesville MS
Shannon, Langston59.16Drew Charter Junior Academy
Nance, Eric59.25Mt. Zion Middle School
McDaniel, Brody59.32Jefferson Middle School
Maye, Joshua59.40North Paulding Jr. High
Banks, Carter59.61Westside Atlanta Charter
Ferguson, Kassedy59.65Lane 4 Track Club
Vollrath, Braylon59.68St. Francis MS
Edwards, Troy59.73Woodward Academy
Mcintyre, Mehki59.74Drive Phase, Inc.
Pye, Brendon59.80Lakeside Evans MS
Luque, Chris59.85North Hall Middle School
Pehel, Liam59.86North Paulding Jr. High
Lewis, Jazz59.97Chamblee MS
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Relay Team A1:30.00hClarke Central Middle School
Relay Team A42.39Jackrabbit Track and Field
Relay Team A43.00hT J Elder Middle School
Relay Team A43.49Mount Paran Christian School
Relay Team A45.18Carver MS
Relay Team A45.54Shiloh Middle School
Relay Team A45.67Oak Hill Middle School
Relay Team A45.78Carrollton Middle School
Relay Team A45.94Drew Charter Junior Academy
Relay Team A46.13Memorial MS
Relay Team A46.32Conyers MS
Relay Team A46.36Buford MS
Relay Team A46.60Cartersville MS
Relay Team A46.70Sutton MS
Relay Team A46.90Dodge County Middle School
Relay Team A47.10Adamson MS
Relay Team A47.45RunnerzRule
Relay Team A47.49KIPP Atlanta East
Relay Team A47.49Mt. Zion Middle School
Relay Team A47.52Gainesville MS
Relay Team A47.57Jefferson Middle School
Relay Team A47.66Henderson MS
Relay Team A47.74Chamblee MS
Relay Team A47.80West Laurens Middle School
Relay Team A47.85Martin Luther King Jr. Middle Sc
Relay Team A48.01The STEM Academy
Relay Team A48.09Bay Springs Middle School
Relay Team A48.10W.R. Coile Middle School
Relay Team A48.10hGreater Atlanta Christian
Relay Team A48.32Pine Hill Track
Relay Team A48.37Lakeside Evans MS
Relay Team A48.43Landmark Christian School
Relay Team A48.47Oconee County MS
Relay Team A48.65Franklin County MS
Relay Team A48.65Monroe County MS
Relay Team A49.04Vickery Creek MS
Relay Team A49.13Perimeter Christian School
Relay Team A49.32Villa Rica Middle School
Relay Team A49.69Chestnut Log MS
Relay Team A49.84Hebron Christian
Relay Team A49.93Westside Atlanta Charter
Relay Team A49.96Amana Academy
Relay Team A50.07Genesis Innovation Academy
Relay Team A50.33Fairplay Middle School
Relay Team A50.49Marietta Track Club
Relay Team A51.08North Paulding Jr. High
Relay Team A51.34Hilsman MS
Relay Team A51.74Marietta Middle School
Relay Team A53.55Mill Creek Junior Hawks
Relay Team A55.00Trickum Middle School
Relay Team A55.47Junior Hoyas
Relay Team A58.97Atlanta Track Club
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Relay Team A1:20.00hRunnerzRule
Relay Team A3:32.12Mount Paran Christian School
Relay Team A3:45.20Heritage Prep
Relay Team A3:46.00hT J Elder Middle School
Relay Team A3:47.74Liberty MS (Cumming)
Relay Team A3:48.00hDrive Phase, Inc.
Relay Team A3:48.01Cartersville MS
Relay Team A3:49.52Adamson MS
Relay Team A3:49.97Sutton MS
Relay Team A3:50.17Carrollton Middle School
Relay Team A3:51.35Loganville MS
Relay Team A3:52.63Carver MS
Relay Team A3:54.49Strong Rock Christian School
Relay Team A3:54.55Oak Hill Middle School
Relay Team A3:55.00hDynasty Track Club
Relay Team A3:55.38Shiloh Middle School
Relay Team A3:56.84Conyers MS
Relay Team A3:57.11West Laurens Middle School
Relay Team A3:58.85Veterans Memorial Middle School
Relay Team A3:59.22Lakeside Evans MS
Relay Team A4.00Trickum Middle School
Relay Team A4:00.00hClarke Central Middle School
Relay Team A4:00.31Memorial MS
Relay Team A4:00.70Chamblee MS
Relay Team A4:00.79Buford MS
Relay Team A4:03.46Redan MS
Relay Team A4:04.22Mt. Zion Middle School
Relay Team A4:04.37Fideles Christian School
Relay Team A4:04.62Martin Luther King Jr. Middle Sc
Relay Team A4:04.89Pine Hill Track
Relay Team A4:07.50Oconee County MS
Relay Team A4:07.89Hebron Christian
Relay Team A4:09.22Franklin County MS
Relay Team A4:09.52Marietta Middle School
Relay Team A4:10.03The STEM Academy
Relay Team A4:11.00hLandmark Christian School
Relay Team A4:11.41North Paulding Jr. High
Relay Team A4:12.33KIPP Atlanta East
Relay Team A4:14.06Dodge County Middle School
Relay Team A4:15.04Henderson MS
Relay Team A4:15.36Marietta Track Club
Relay Team A4:17.93Chestnut Log MS
Relay Team A4:18.04Bay Springs Middle School
Relay Team A4:20.64Junior Hoyas
Relay Team A4:23.16Woodward Academy
Relay Team A4:25.48W.R. Coile Middle School
Relay Team A4:26.69Atlanta Track Club
Relay Team A4:29.39Villa Rica Middle School
Relay Team A4:31.72Temple Middle School
Relay Team A4:36.00Hilsman MS
Relay Team A4:47.55Mill Creek Junior Hawks
Relay Team A4:48.49Amana Academy
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Relay Team A10:00.00W.R. Coile Middle School
Relay Team A10:00.00Woodward Academy
Relay Team A10:00.21Redan MS
Relay Team A10:03.37West Laurens Middle School
Relay Team A10:06.84Carver MS
Relay Team A10:07.25Sutton MS
Relay Team A10:07.64Junior Hoyas
Relay Team A10:10.00Conyers MS
Relay Team A10:16.44Bremen MS
Relay Team A10:19.67North Paulding Jr. High
Relay Team A10:21.81Bay Springs Middle School
Relay Team A10:23.70Dodge County Middle School
Relay Team A10:29.95Chestnut Log MS
Relay Team A10:30.00Pine Hill Track
Relay Team A10:40.56KIPP Atlanta East
Relay Team A10:44.27Franklin County MS
Relay Team A10:53.17Dalton Middle School
Relay Team A11:00.00Adamson MS
Relay Team A11:15.00Landmark Christian School
Relay Team A11:30.15St. Francis MS
Relay Team A11:38.05Shiloh Middle School
Relay Team A11:52.35Villa Rica Middle School
Relay Team A13:06.53Mill Creek Junior Hawks
Relay Team A7.00hClarke Central Middle School
Relay Team A8:47.89Carrollton Middle School
Relay Team A8:56.04Amana Academy
Relay Team A9:26.64Cartersville MS
Relay Team A9:35.85Jefferson Middle School
Relay Team A9:36.00hLowndes TC
Relay Team A9:43.92Lumpkin County MS
Relay Team A9:45.00hMemorial MS
Relay Team A9:45.00hT J Elder Middle School
Relay Team A9:45.96Henderson MS
Relay Team A9:45.96Loganville MS
Relay Team A9:47.29Fideles Christian School
Relay Team A9:48.58Buford MS
Relay Team A9:49.04Oak Hill Middle School
Relay Team A9:50.16Vickery Creek MS
Relay Team A9:58.75Atlanta Track Club
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Brooks, Jackson1:29.00hClarke Central Middle School
Comstock, Ryker1:30.00hClarke Central Middle School
Strange, James2:01.07Heritage Prep
Lamp, Thatcher2:01.50Creekland MS
Bove, Alex2:06.34Fideles Christian School
Jennings, Camp2:06.65Carrollton Middle School
Thomas, Roderick2:10.12Lane 4 Track Club
Thomas, Cooper2:10.33Liberty MS (Cumming)
Windham, Witt2:10.70Lumpkin County MS
Empie, Ethan2:13.85Cartersville MS
Dehnke, Isaac2:14.02Brookwood Youth Running
Conner, Lawson2:14.35
Sipe, Riley2:14.95Sutton MS
Schaltenbrand, Jack2:15.22Mount Paran Christian School
Avrett, Eli2:15.65West Jackson MS
Gross, Caden2:16.02Richmond Hill Middle School
Camper, Kyle2:16.08Cartersville MS
Garcia, Sam2:16.37Dalton Middle School
Meadows, Michael2:16.85Greyhound Track and XC Club
Redding, Javontae2:18T J Elder Middle School
Johnson, Marqus2:18.00hConyers MS
Heiskell, Jack2:18.42Atlanta Classical Academy
Thompson, Brayden2:18.59Buford MS
Johnson, Kalel2:18.84Lowndes TC
Timmons, Finn2:19.07Walton Youth Running Club
Tamplin, Amari2:19.27Memorial MS
Gibbs, Brody2:19.39
Myers, Stephen2:19.52Landmark Christian School
Houston, Turner2:19.54
Adams, Matthew2:19.62
Steele, Max2:19.83Buford MS
Kellar, Braeden2:20.24Vickery Creek MS
Kieffer, Cade2:20.35
Jawara Jr., Ebou2:20.76Veterans Memorial Middle School
Woznicki, Drew2:21.08Carrollton Middle School
Johnson, Elijah2:21.18Henderson MS
Adams, Cortez2:21.50Drive Phase, Inc.
Garrett, Tyce2:22.00h
Wilson, Zach2:22.16Vickery Creek MS
Burke, Ian2:22.20
Burke, Ian2:22.20Atlanta Classical Academy
Smith, Christian2:22.92Westside Atlanta Charter
Thomas, Broderico2:23.11Adamson MS
Rodriguez, Sebastian2:23.21West Laurens Middle School
Tipton, Vance2:23.35Mount Paran Christian School
Haer, Henry2:23.40hAtlanta Track Club
Lynch, Elliott2:23.60
Cousin, Kevontay2:23.65Mt. Zion Middle School
Lewelling, Christopher2:23.82Greyhound Track and XC Club
Melville, Jeryme2:24.37Shiloh Middle School
Schroeder, Ben2:24.38Jefferson Middle School
DiChristina, Oliver2:24.63Sutton MS
Anderson, Gentry2:24.97DeSana Middle School
Shields, Jacoby2:25.00hMemorial MS
Morgan, Noah2:25.16Fairplay Middle School
McCorkle, Sean2:25.17Hebron Christian
James, Amor2:25.18Oak Hill Middle School
Stansell, Ezra2:25.51Heritage Prep
Vansant, Will2:25.63The Mount Vernon School
Brown, John2:25.71Drew Charter Junior Academy
NUNEZ, MARVIN2:26.00Dalton Middle School
Dixon, Micah2:26.04Oconee County MS
Cranman, Eli2:26.08Chamblee MS
Dodson, Blane2:26.41Franklin County MS
Maxwell, Bryston2:26.52Redan MS
Cook, Justin2:26.74Fideles Christian School
Lane, Jake2:26.74Heard County Middle School
Ringwell, Jonathan2:26.99
Johnson, Jebron2:27.17Pine Hill Track
Daniel, Isaiah2:28.00hT J Elder Middle School
Antweiler, Jacob2:28.91Perimeter Christian School
Romans, Graycen2:28.96Jefferson Middle School
Hill, Eli2:29.45North Hall Middle School
Cole, Logan2:29.62Edge Running Club
Sharp, Alex2:29.82Youth Middle School Warriors
Smith Jr, Averell2:29.91Drive Phase, Inc.
Wilson, Owen2:29.92Bremen MS
Schomber, Lane2:30.00hHounds Distance Company
Lott, Conner2:30.04Coffee Middle School
Hathcock, Holt2:31.06Temple Middle School
Flakes, Wylder2:31.48Lumpkin County MS
OBrien, Ellis2:32.00h
Montgomery, Isaiah2:32.33Temple Middle School
Acker, Cohen2:32.88Bremen MS
Sanchez, Seger2:32.91Henderson MS
Jones, Abram2:33.57Martin Luther King Jr. Middle Sc
Wiley, Elijah2:33.62Bay Springs Middle School
Wise, DaNiel2:33.80Veterans Memorial Middle School
Walter, Brody2:34.66North Paulding Jr. High
Khan, Rayan2:34.87
Edwards, Terrence2:34.87Woodward Academy
Leitsch, Bryce2:34.87
Coats, Tristan2:34.92Lowndes TC
Smith, Gray2:34.98Saint Mary's Catholic School
Smith, Cameron2:35.27Westside Atlanta Charter
Brown, Carey2:35.30Franklin County MS
Harris, Canaan2:35.31North Paulding Jr. High
King, Ethan2:35.37Edge Running Club
Daniell, Hennessey2:35.48Bay Springs Middle School
Peters, Aiden2:35.57North Hall Middle School
Lockard, Ollie2:35.71Pace Academy MS
Mitchell, Jaleel2:36.29W.R. Coile Middle School
Greer, Jamaal2:36.69Marietta Middle School
Walker, Jack2:37.03Drew Charter Junior Academy
Richardson, Bennett2:37.07Perimeter Christian School
Chanda, Jasiah2:37.16Amana Academy
Peters, Meidas2:37.28Redan MS
Smiley, Xavier2:37.50Holy Innocents' Episcopal School
Lee, Joseph2:37.60Mill Creek Junior Hawks
Grimes, Grayden2:37.61Landmark Christian School
Cain, Ed2:38.00Fairplay Middle School
Collins, Jaron2:38.34The STEM Academy
Powers, Michael2:38.43Pine Hill Track
Smith, Liam2:38.87Marietta Middle School
Tye, Bryson2:39.08Atlanta Track Club
Ambra, Eduardo2:39.20Pace Academy MS
Kennedy, Connor2:39.22Junior Hoyas
Higgins, Alex2:40.00hFive Forks Middle School
Lindsay, Ian2:40.00h
Mumaw, Grant2:40.00hDynasty Track Club
Parsa, Andrew2:40.05Saint Mary's Catholic School
Barnes, Jacob2:41.60Junior Hoyas
Middleton, Marcus2:41.64Strong Rock Christian School
Anthony, Bradley2:41.94KIPP Atlanta East
Wells, Tyler2:42.37Chestnut Log MS
Olunuga, Temi2:43.78Greater Atlanta Christian
Robinson, Amarii2:43.87Oak Hill Middle School
Falls, Camdyn2:44.00Chestnut Log MS
Farmer, Teriq2:44.05KIPP Atlanta East
Soriano, Nicolas2:44.51Gainesville MS
Cadet, Ian2:44.67Strong Rock Christian School
Ramsey, Jim2:45.00Gainesville MS
Lonnergan, Ransom2:45.00Woodward Academy
Jackson, Nicholas2:45.00hDynasty Track Club
Lopez Yax, Abraham2:45.00hFive Forks Middle School
Walker, Charlie2:46.37Hilsman MS
Wells, Brayden2:46.77
Madera, Alan2:47.00Hilsman MS
Shippen, Benjamin2:47.00h
Wakefield, Jonah2:47.54Mill Creek Junior Hawks
Foskey, Beau2:47.81
Mitchell, Rustin2:48.00hRunnerzRule
Rogers, Damoni2:48.47Shiloh Middle School
Vance, Terrance2:50.00Adamson MS
Staggs, Thomas2:50.00hTrickum Middle School
Tran, Elliot2:50.00hMartin Luther King Jr. Middle Sc
Arnold, Cole2:53.46
Phelps, Darius2:54.98The STEM Academy
Hill, Malachi2:55.02Allatoona Junior Bucs
Buffeteau, Christian2:56.53Marietta Track Club
Field, Thomas2:57.15W.R. Coile Middle School
Konguep, Jonathan2:58.16Villa Rica Middle School
James, Nate2:59.00hSouthwest Atlanta Christian
Russell, Dalton3:00.00hHounds Distance Company
Middleton, Antwan3:01.00hChamblee MS
Helms, Lukas3:06.68Allatoona Junior Bucs
Stewart, Darryl3:08.46Genesis Innovation Academy
Flaherty, Luke3:11.15
Hill, Palmer3:12.41St. Benedicts Episcopal School
Wheeler, Rich3:17.82St. Benedicts Episcopal School
Johnson, Nathan3:20.82
Drake, Marcus3:21.96Villa Rica Middle School
Talan, Santiago3:22.61Amana Academy
Johnson, Jo'el3:31.76Genesis Innovation Academy
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Riggins, Harry153-8Carrollton Middle School
Hickox, Harrison152-0Appling County MS
McCart, Tyler149-7Hebron Christian
Walton, Jacez146-6Central Middle School
Horton, Anthony145-7
Fambrough, Isaac145-3Lanier Christian Academy
Abernathy, Henry144-8Cartersville MS
Watson, Ammari134-9Oak Hill Middle School
Denton, Kole134-2.5Cartersville MS
Hopkins, Madden132-3North Georgia Mountain Track Clu
Gates, Brayson129-10Habersham County MS
Kivett, Cade129-6
Usry, Jack128-10Harlem MS
Chafin, Maxx127-8West Laurens Middle School
Bisnathsing, Avery124-7Factory Shoals MS
Van Bennekom, Alexander123-2Vickery Creek MS
Fouch, Bryce122-6Hart County MS
Harris, Charles119-6Langston Chapel MS
Salvator, Zackery118-8Buford MS
Cuellar, Chris117-9Rabun County MS
Chaney, Jayden116-0Temple Middle School
Green, Jaden116-0Carrollton Middle School
Edmondson, Walker115-11Perimeter Christian School
Thurmond, Charmarcus115-1Oak Hill Middle School
Forster, Knite114-9Franklin County MS
Butts, Payton114-5Dodge County Middle School
Knighten, Zachary113-5Jefferson Middle School
Dallas, Omarion113-2Central Middle School
Patterson, Corde112-3Bay Springs Middle School
Tomas, Leonardo112-0Habersham County MS
Ngalle, Jason111-5Fairplay Middle School
Sleek, Andy110-3Bremen MS
Smith, Ian110-1Fairplay Middle School
Moore, Braydon110-0Chestnut Log MS
Bonilla, Omar109-7Mt. Zion Middle School
Gonzalez, Joseph109-7Rabun County MS
Bogle, Damion109-7
Vanscoy, Mason108-10Buford MS
Edmerson, Xavier108-9Bremen MS
Watts, Aiden108-3T J Elder Middle School
Johnson, James107-10Woodward Academy
Anderson, Johnathan106-4Conyers MS
Lee, Landon105-9Temple Middle School
Turco, Gavin105-5Vickery Creek MS
aldridge, asher102-5George Walton Academy
Severson, Dawson102-4Oconee County MS
Marable, John David101-10Oconee County MS
Worthington, Will101-2Cedartown Middle School
Swint, Kade100-4.5T J Elder Middle School
Stewart, Larry100-0Redan MS
Stack, Miles99-10Perimeter Christian School
Frasier, Jacob99-8
Payne, Cj98-9Gainesville MS
Mays, Eli97-11Bay Springs Middle School
French, Carter97-6Landmark Christian School
Neally, Castelle97-6Memorial MS
Minish, Adeyn97-5Franklin County MS
Zellner, Lj93-8Monroe County MS
Rosado, Josiah93-4Lanier Christian Academy
Nelson, Carsyn92-0Factory Shoals MS
Pope, Kylen91-6Cedartown Middle School
Mims, Nathan91-0
Bush , Justin90-2.4Hilsman MS
Camara, Amadou90-0Redan MS
Grice, Nathan88-9North Georgia Mountain Track Clu
Sanders, Amarii88-8The STEM Academy
Foster, Randall85-2Pace Academy MS
Bolton, Jadrien77-82Trickum Middle School
Dawson, Anthony82-10.5North Paulding Jr. High
Johnson, Alexander80-10North Paulding Jr. High
Gatlin, Jace80-5
Allen, Jordan79-9The STEM Academy
Roemer, Manoa79-6Marietta Middle School
Nelson, Marques79-4Memorial MS
Venan Petrides, John77-1Marietta Middle School
Hamilton, Grant76-4George Walton Academy
Stevens, Desmond75-11Villa Rica Middle School
McKibben, Jarvis75-7Conyers MS
Jones, Brandon66-0Adamson MS
Fofanah, Emmanuel66-0Adamson MS
Wilkerson, Caleb64-0Southwest Atlanta Christian
Flint, Bolton63-5.5Landmark Christian School
Melville, Jeryme62-6Shiloh Middle School
Hamel, Joel61-5Shiloh Middle School
Sarcopski, Colin57-6Notre Dame Academy
Peña-Amador, Juan55-9.5Notre Dame Academy
Wrammert, Grant50-5Atlanta Track Club
Wrammert, Lucas50-5Atlanta Track Club
Stewart, Darryl44-7.23Genesis Innovation Academy
Williams, Sean34-9Amana Academy
Gant, Levi33-4Fideles Christian School
Davis, Nicco30-10Pine Hill Track
Chanda, Jasiah30-10Amana Academy
Roberts, Lance25-0
Paul, Newell17-6Clarke Central Middle School
Hunter, Zavien16-7Clarke Central Middle School
Ruffin, Princeton0-0Henderson MS
Jones, Harrison
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Thomas, Rett6-3Appling County MS
Tuggle, Giovanni6-2Bear Creek Middle School
Barnes, Kamorrian5-8Franklin County MS
George, Urhiyah5-6Carrollton Middle School
Carr, Noah5-5Dodge County Middle School
Bolt, Jai'lan5-5Adamson MS
Weingart, Jaelyn5-4Central Middle School
Massei, Sebastian5-4Westside Middle School
Whitworth, Knox5-4Rabun County MS
Searels, Havyn5-4Dalton Middle School
Kent, Kaiden5-4Cartersville MS
Zaragoza, Marlon5-4The STEM Academy
Shelley, Faizon5-4Monroe County MS
Perry, Braylen5-4Monroe County MS
King, Aquino5-4Veterans Memorial Middle School
Malone, Duggan5-4West Laurens Middle School
Martin, Justin5-4Jefferson Middle School
Reese, Aayson5-4Bay Springs Middle School
Lauck, Nathaniel5-2
Carter, Trey5-2Morgan County MS
Sullivan, Caleb5-2Buford MS
Robinson, Teon5-2Pine Hill Track
Martin, Donovin5-2Chestnut Log MS
Emerson, Isaac5-2Oconee County MS
Avrett, Eli5-2West Jackson MS
Suttle, Daven5-2Mt. Zion Middle School
Middlebrooks, Ahmard5-2Youth Middle School Warriors
Hawkins, Peyton5-2Shiloh Middle School
Davies, Conner5-2Strong Rock Christian School
Nelson, Jay5-2Vickery Creek MS
Blaise, Sean5-2Veterans Memorial Middle School
Nowlin, Ezra5-2Renegade Track Club
Raper, Alex5-1North Georgia Mountain Track Clu
Brunson, Da'Jon5-0Central Middle School
Brown, Chance5-0Cartersville MS
Hester Jr., Jacob5-0Oak Hill Middle School
Wilcox, Trent5-0Buford MS
Wen, Jerry5-0Perimeter Christian School
Humphries, Keiontae5-0Conyers MS
Betts, Khamani5-0Martin Luther King Jr. Middle Sc
James, Amar5-0Oak Hill Middle School
Chism, Aiden5-0Carrollton Middle School
Razi, Amir5-0Sutton MS
Miller, Malik5-0KIPP Atlanta East
Buffeteau, Christian4-11Marietta Track Club
Goodijones, Jayden4-10W.R. Coile Middle School
Drew, Payton4-10Mt. Zion Middle School
Stephens, Barrett4-10Perimeter Christian School
Brown, Jaxson4-10Eagles Landing Christian Academy
Magsino, Rian4-10Sutton MS
Green, Evan4-10Bay Springs Middle School
Kurtz, Roberto4-10Oconee County MS
Sylvester, Mel4-9Memorial MS
Gaddy, Trevion4-8Carver MS
Curry, Kaseem4-8W.R. Coile Middle School
Reeves, Akhi4-8Chestnut Log MS
Bailey, Nathan4-8Conyers MS
Simplis, Bryson4-8The STEM Academy
Barnes, Jaden4-8Villa Rica Middle School
Perrin, Carter4-8Jefferson Middle School
Tolbert, Khaleel4-6Marietta Middle School
Murphy, Daveon4-6Memorial MS
James, Nate4-4Southwest Atlanta Christian
Norris, Emmanuel4-2KIPP Atlanta East
Jackson, Andrew4-0Dynasty Track Club
Sanders, Jayden4-0Dynasty Track Club
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Jenkins, Rylan20-7T J Elder Middle School
Tuggle, Giovanni20-7Bear Creek Middle School
Clinton, Tj20-5.75Carrollton Middle School
Bailey, Derrick20-2Youth Middle School Warriors
Hooks, Tavares19-9Oak Hill Middle School
Kornegay, Jermiah19-7Crawford County MS
Thomas, Rett19-5Appling County MS
Welch, Derico19-5Martin Luther King Jr. Middle Sc
Chavez, Ander19-4North Hall Middle School
Emner, Jah19-0Chamblee MS
Bowman, Brian18-11Temple Middle School
Walker, Josiah18-11Bay Springs Middle School
Adams, Conner18-10Vickery Creek MS
Willingham, Bryce18-9Sutton MS
Griggs, Jeremiah18-8Carrollton Middle School
McMiller, Briceton18-6.5West Laurens Middle School
Carr, Noah18-6Dodge County Middle School
Simpson, Tylan18-6Rome MS
Menizes, Matthew18-5W.R. Coile Middle School
Jones, Jailen18-5Bremen MS
Chatmon, Tripp18-4.5Cartersville MS
Horwege, Hollis18-4Vickery Creek MS
Abrams, Jett18-3Cedartown Middle School
Smith, Aydian18-3Mount Paran Christian School
Brown, Myles18-2.5The STEM Academy
Isom, Charvez18-2Villa Rica Middle School
Hart, Jason18-2Bay Springs Middle School
Arrey, Rayfiya18-1Marietta Track Club
Tucker, Tavares18-1Bremen MS
Bolt, Jai'lan18-0Adamson MS
Barahona, Gino18-0Hebron Christian
Merritt, Kiedarius17-11Morgan County MS
Reeves, Cayden17-9.5Harlem MS
Carswell, Zyeir17-9RunnerzRule
Burrough, Marcelluss17-9Adamson MS
Benson, Ford17-9Jefferson Middle School
Martin, Justin17-8.5Jefferson Middle School
Binns, Daniel17-8Woodward Academy
Haynes, Zion17-8The STEM Academy
Koroma, Issa17-7.5Factory Shoals MS
Ray, Grayson17-7
Palmer, Braxton17-7Perimeter Christian School
McCray, Dwayne17-6Fairplay Middle School
Shelley, Faizon17-6Monroe County MS
Meadows, Dino17-5.5Pace Academy MS
Evanson, Olen17-5Franklin County MS
James, Amor17-5Oak Hill Middle School
Delgado, Sam17-5Fairplay Middle School
Howell, Vincent17-4.25Shiloh Middle School
Barnes, Landon17-4Oconee County MS
Smith, Isaiah17-3.2Shiloh Middle School
Johnson, Kamaje17-3T J Elder Middle School
Barnes, Jaden17-3Villa Rica Middle School
Ferguson, Connor17-3Henderson MS
Stillwell, Kd17-2.5Monroe County MS
Brunson, Da'Jon17-2Central Middle School
Beasley, Khaison17-2Rome MS
Moreland, Lawrence17-1KIPP Atlanta East
King, Aquino17-0.5Veterans Memorial Middle School
Morrison, Jaylin17-0.5Memorial MS
Buchanan, Chase17-0Central Middle School
Tobias, Elijah17-0Eagles Landing Christian Academy
Murphy, Erik16-11.5Marietta Middle School
Hayward, Camryn16-11Cartersville MS
Blaise, Sean16-10.5Veterans Memorial Middle School
Brown, Mason16-10Trickum Middle School
Yorkey, Caleb16-9.25Lumpkin County MS
Spady, Jordan16-9Dodge County Middle School
Pickett, Christian16-9Chestnut Log MS
Stewart, Easton16-9Hebron Christian
Kelly, Bryce16-9Oconee County MS
Shields, Jacoby16-5.5Memorial MS
Ely, Ellison16-5Chamblee MS
Jackson, Coreyontae16-5Factory Shoals MS
Bias, Victor16-5Atlanta Track Club
Bland, Ellis16-5Sutton MS
Porter, Joshua16-3.5Conyers MS
Williams, Adrian16-3.5Dynasty Track Club
Harris, Kendrail16-2Marietta Middle School
Bailey, Brayden16-0.5Dynasty Track Club
Davis, Nicco15-11Pine Hill Track
Freeman, Kelan15-8W.R. Coile Middle School
Norrington, Jaylen15-3.5Conyers MS
Pye, Brendon15-2.25Lakeside Evans MS
Nowlin, Ezra15-0.5Renegade Track Club
James, Nate15-0Southwest Atlanta Christian
Mitchell, Brandon14-11.5Stephenson MS
Pelt, Andrew14-3Landmark Christian School
Scott, Dalyn14-1Hilsman MS
Brown, Dylan14-1Landmark Christian School
Croke, Tommy13-9.75Mill Creek Junior Hawks
Watson, Kaleb13-7Redan MS
Oh, Eugene13-7Henderson MS
Coleman, Ryan13-3.4Marietta Track Club
Sal`ad, Tavoris13-2Stephenson MS
Ferguson, Triston13-2
Knight, Kody13-0Trickum Middle School
Gustard, Justin13-0RunnerzRule
Martin, Donovin12-10Chestnut Log MS
Barnett, Kameron12-1Clarke Central Middle School
Starr, Ke'mauri12-1Clarke Central Middle School
Nelson, Mercy11-6.5Pine Hill Track
Bergstrom, James10-7St. Benedicts Episcopal School
Oberholtzer, Jp10-4Notre Dame Academy
Wakefield, Jonah10-4Mill Creek Junior Hawks
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Tipton, Vance10-0Mount Paran Christian School
Adams, Jude9-6Perimeter Christian School
Marshall, David9-0Bremen MS
Arnold, William9-0
Green, Jackson8-10Bay Springs Middle School
Partain, Troy8-6Cedartown Middle School
Roberts, Benjamin8-5Jefferson Middle School
Lee, Tyler8-0Cedartown Middle School
Mitchell, Ryder8-0Bremen MS
Crider, Dexter8-0Marietta Middle School
Drew, Payton8-0Mt. Zion Middle School
Hernandez, Daniel8-0
Callies, Harrison8-0Hebron Christian
Lunsford, Karson8-0Hebron Christian
Forsberg, Hardy7-6St. Francis MS
Hornbuckle, Carson7-0Mt. Zion Middle School
Nalley, Caden7-0Bay Springs Middle School
Curl, Eli6-8Perimeter Christian School
Wilson, Maddox6-6Cartersville MS
Robinson, Immanuel6-6Marietta Middle School
Polen, Kason6-3Carrollton Middle School
Jordan, Trucker6-3Carrollton Middle School
Alonso, Brayden6-0Cartersville MS
Hill, Jabrarius5-11Oak Hill Middle School
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Hickox, Harrison52-0Appling County MS
Fambrough, Isaac49-4Lanier Christian Academy
Stewart, Larry48-1Redan MS
Worthington, Will48-0
Hall, Jackson45-10Liberty MS (Cumming)
McCart, Tyler45-9.5Hebron Christian
Vanscoy, Mason45-7.5Buford MS
Worthington, Will45-5.5Cedartown Middle School
Forster, Knite44-7.5Franklin County MS
Harris, Charles44-5Langston Chapel MS
Carter, Demetrius44-4Carrollton Middle School
Tomas, Leonardo44-1Habersham County MS
Norman, Trey42-9Carrollton Middle School
Rockefeller, Lucas42-2Harlem MS
Monroe, Arthur42-0
Bolton, Braelin41-11.5Temple Middle School
Gates, Brayson41-1.5Habersham County MS
Jones, Harrison41-1
Jones, Harrison41-1Chamblee MS
Swint, Kade40-10T J Elder Middle School
Horton, Anthony40-9
Zellner, Lj40-9Monroe County MS
Abernathy, Henry40-8.25Cartersville MS
Tate, Caleb40-7Chamblee MS
Emory, Toddre40-6.5Heard County Middle School
Walton, Jacez40-6Central Middle School
Camara, Amadou40-4Redan MS
Chafin, Maxx40-2.5West Laurens Middle School
Butts, Payton40-1Dodge County Middle School
Edmondson, Walker40-0Perimeter Christian School
McMullin, Caden40-0Cartersville MS
Moore, Ayden39-6.5West Laurens Middle School
Bonilla, Omar38-9Mt. Zion Middle School
Acree, Gregory38-2.25Westside Atlanta Charter
Workman, Henry37-8Fairplay Middle School
Barahona, Gino37-3.5Hebron Christian
Foster, Randall37-3Pace Academy MS
Ngalle, Jason37-1Fairplay Middle School
Brown, Mau'li36-10Central Middle School
Wilson, Evan36-10Greater Atlanta Christian
Sanders, Amarii36-9The STEM Academy
Moreland, Ladell36-8.5KIPP Atlanta East
Lee, Landon36-8Temple Middle School
Adams, Eyan36-5T J Elder Middle School
Allen, Jordan36-5The STEM Academy
Evans, Landon36-5St. Francis MS
Patterson, Corde36-1Bay Springs Middle School
Marable, John David36-0Oconee County MS
Baker, Landon35-11Sutton MS
Cothran, Shanwn35-10.5Franklin County MS
Tavares, Ethan35-9.5St. Benedicts Episcopal School
Elsberry, Cayden35-7
Frasier, Jacob35-6.5
Mays, Eli35-5.25Bay Springs Middle School
Schulze, Micah35-5Oak Hill Middle School
Neally, Castelle35-2Memorial MS
Hopkins, Madden35-0North Georgia Mountain Track Clu
Johnson, James34-9Woodward Academy
Bush , Justin34-8.2Hilsman MS
Redmon, Antonio34-8Sutton MS
Pope, Kylen34-7Cedartown Middle School
Tukes, Zaikamerion34-6Oak Hill Middle School
Hunton, Blake34-5.25North Paulding Jr. High
Stack, Miles34-4Perimeter Christian School
Adams, Tyler34-3.5Westside Atlanta Charter
Cessna, Branden34-3.5Buford MS
Bolton, Jadrien30-47Trickum Middle School
Knighten, Zachary33-10Jefferson Middle School
Davis, Nicco33-9.5Pine Hill Track
Sleek, Andy33-9Bremen MS
Nelson, Marques33-9Memorial MS
Barnes, Jason33-7.5Factory Shoals MS
Coleman, Kaiden33-7Factory Shoals MS
White, Ethan33-5.5Vickery Creek MS
Gatlin, Jace33-5.5
Grice, Nathan33-4North Georgia Mountain Track Clu
Hall, Bryant32-10Strong Rock Christian School
Moore, Braydon32-6Chestnut Log MS
Hall, Asa32-1Eagles Landing Christian Academy
Burks, London31-10Adamson MS
Rosado, Josiah31-9Lanier Christian Academy
French, Carter31-8Landmark Christian School
Kivett, Cade31-6
aldridge, asher31-6George Walton Academy
Ruffin, Princeton31-1.5Henderson MS
Edmerson, Xavier30-9Bremen MS
Bogle, Damion30-4.5
Mims, Nathan30-2
White, Kal-el30-1Martin Luther King Jr. Middle Sc
Plemmons, Easton30-0Notre Dame Academy
Johnson, Alexander30-0North Paulding Jr. High
McKibben, Jarvis28-0Conyers MS
Jones, Brandon28-0Adamson MS
Jackson, Makari27-4.5Henderson MS
King, Jayden26-9Marietta Middle School
Stevens, Desmond26-3Villa Rica Middle School
Carson, Kamryn26-2.5Amana Academy
Flint, Bolton26-2Landmark Christian School
Hamel, Joel25-5Shiloh Middle School
Wilkerson, Caleb25-4.75Southwest Atlanta Christian
Webster, Courtland25-1.5Shiloh Middle School
Hamilton, Grant24-6.5George Walton Academy
Strack, Jesse24-4.5Marietta Middle School
Sanders, Brian22-4KIPP Atlanta East
Sarcopski, Colin20-5.5Notre Dame Academy
Diaz, Miguel17-7Clarke Central Middle School
Wrammert, Lucas16-11.5Atlanta Track Club
Johnson, Treylon16-8Hilsman MS
Hunter, Zavien16-7Clarke Central Middle School
Wrammert, Grant16-5Atlanta Track Club
Chanda, Jasiah15-9Amana Academy
Gant, Levi13-2Fideles Christian School
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Hayes, Myles41-0Woodward Academy
Chatmon, Tripp39-11Cartersville MS
Antangana, Franck39-6Dalton Middle School
Herard, Ivelino39-5Villa Rica Middle School
Reyes, Heriberto39-3Madison County MS
Jones, Jailen39-1Bremen MS
Duncan, Johnathan38-9Fairplay Middle School
Sello, Kevin38-9Langston Chapel MS
Robinson, Tristan38-6T J Elder Middle School
Robinson, Teon38-5Pine Hill Track
Robinson, Braylen38-3West Laurens Middle School
Clinton, Tj38-2.5Carrollton Middle School
Abrams, Jett38-0Cedartown Middle School
Walker, Josiah37-10Bay Springs Middle School
Evans, Greg37-7.5Rome MS
Freeman, Kelan37-4W.R. Coile Middle School
Reese, Aayson37-3Bay Springs Middle School
Spady, Justin36-4.5Dodge County Middle School
Finley, Miles36-4Dalton Middle School
Wilson, Henry Michael36-2
Williams, Darryn35-7.5Loganville MS
Torrance, Jordan35-6.5Oak Hill Middle School
Alexander, Chase35-5.5Factory Shoals MS
Williams, Michael35-4.5Memorial MS
Taylor, Malik35-3Conyers MS
Printz, Hayden35-1St. Francis MS
Spady, Jordan35-0Dodge County Middle School
Stewart, Easton34-10Hebron Christian
Thornton, Hunter34-8Oconee County MS
Kurtz, Roberto34-0.75Oconee County MS
Beasley, Khaison33-10.5Rome MS
Jackson-Harris, Wyatt33-9RunnerzRule
Vaughn, Bryceon33-4.5Heard County Middle School
Sumbry, Jayden33-4.5Redan MS
Smith, Omavi33-3.5Carrollton Middle School
Jackson, Coreyontae33-2Factory Shoals MS
Curry, Reggie33-2The STEM Academy
Pickett, Christian33-2Chestnut Log MS
Merritt, Kiedarius33-0Morgan County MS
Smith, Dreshawn32-11.5Adamson MS
Botham, Emerson32-11Buford MS
James, Amar32-10.5Oak Hill Middle School
Gunn, Yosiah32-10Cartersville MS
McCommons, Brandon32-8W.R. Coile Middle School
Yorker, Braylon32-7.5T J Elder Middle School
Mims, Nathan32-0
McKenzie, Adrian32-0The STEM Academy
Montgomery, Isaiah31-8Temple Middle School
Thompson, Stone31-6.5Buford MS
Silva, Noah31-6Hebron Christian
Ojeh, Jonathan31-5.5Marietta Middle School
Gresham, Rashawn "King"31-1Morgan County MS
Allen, Kj31-1Franklin County MS
Hopkins, Madden30-8.5North Georgia Mountain Track Clu
Bowden, Garland30-8.5Memorial MS
White, Tyrique30-0.1Adamson MS
Sheffield, Ryan30-0Fairplay Middle School
Watson, Kaleb30-0Redan MS
Banks, Evan29-1Marietta Middle School
Konguep, Jonathan28-8Villa Rica Middle School
Bergstrom, James27-8.75St. Benedicts Episcopal School
Crowe, Kain27-7Franklin County MS
Shealey, Charlie27-1RunnerzRule
Garrison, Adaris25-7.75Pine Hill Track
Capers, Scott25-2Chestnut Log MS
Williams, Aiden12-1Clarke Central Middle School
Gaines, Mekihi12-1Clarke Central Middle School
Lauck, Nathaniel5-4
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Barnwell, Mary15:00.00Hounds Distance Company
Watts, Tanner15:00.00Hounds Distance Company
Comstock, Paige5:07.13Edge Running Club
Huggins, Morgan5:17.10The Mount Vernon School
Muxlow, Summer5:17.41North Hall Middle School
Donner, Linden5:19.09St. Francis MS
Alberici, Ella5:21.01
Williams, Ella5:22.00hStallings Island MS
Burns, Sofia5:24.23
Waddell, Morgan5:25.81Marist
Hanemann, Ella5:29.44Marist
Smith, Winter5:36.08
Bold, Caroline5:37.27Greater Atlanta Christian
Stephens, Harper5:37.76Liberty MS (Cumming)
Reese, Madison5:38.00h
Patton, Adelaide5:40.85Sutton MS
Sullivan, Isabella5:41.08Woodward Academy
Sosebee, Chandler5:42.00North Hall Middle School
Baskin, Gemma5:43.34Bremen MS
Thomas, Kadence5:44.29Lane 4 Track Club
Price, Joy5:44.38
Lynch, Anna5:45.00
Miller, Chloe5:45.00h
Smith, Kellah5:46.90Coffee Middle School
Klein, Lila5:47
Smith, Mia5:47.63
Cole, Elizabeth5:50.08Edge Running Club
Empie, Adalin5:50.18Cartersville MS
Soesbe, Caroline5:50.75
Bushnell, Sarah Beth5:53.66Saint Mary's Catholic School
Anderson, Audrey5:53.94Woodward Academy
Fiqia, Natalia5:54.00Fairplay Middle School
Sybert, Norah5:55.66Richmond Hill Middle School
Brock, Bailey5:56.35
Puskar, Lucy5:56.97Richmond Hill Middle School
Hickerson, Norah5:57.89Junior Hoyas
Councill, Arianna5:57.96Atlanta Track Club
Zebroski, Gabi5:59.15Landmark Christian School
Jackson, Savannah6:03.93Franklin County MS
Flato, Maya6:05.14Martin Luther King Jr. Middle Sc
Black, Krissy6:05.23Jefferson Middle School
Gilstrap, Harper6:06.46Cartersville MS
Mann, Lyla6:06.86Jefferson Middle School
Arnold, Haley6:07.15
Finch, Fraser6:09.00hStallings Island MS
Wood, Mary Jo6:09.77Oconee County MS
Girtman, Zoey6:10.00h
Hepworth, Aubrie6:11.22Mill Creek Junior Hawks
Branham, Sarah Kathryn6:11.27Marietta Middle School
Hartnet, Audrey6:12.05Chamblee MS
Tudor, Alexis6:12.72Buford MS
Wilbert, Rebecca6:13.38Pace Academy MS
Johnson, Angeline6:13.80Coffee Middle School
Slappey, Lucy6:13.95Carrollton Middle School
Bentley, Juliette6:15.00Fairplay Middle School
Wetherington, Maddison6:15.08Temple Middle School
Ryan, Jesslyn6:16.95Perimeter Christian School
Smith, Jordyn6:17.00Chestnut Log MS
Nordholz, Maye6:17.19Buford MS
Alvarez, Azul6:17.33Junior Hoyas
Edwards, Emmy6:17.49
Haueter, Alaira6:19.62Carrollton Middle School
Emrick, Parker6:20.64Heritage Prep
Hensley, Cassidy6:21.00h
Channavong, Ivie6:23.37Greater Atlanta Christian
Weldin, Claire6:24.00hWalton Youth Running Club
Matheus, Julia6:24.04Notre Dame Academy
Sleight, Josie6:24.95Central Middle School
Twombly, Elizabeth6:30.5Atlanta Track Club
Barnett, Sarah6:30.67Trickum Middle School
Hajiani, Alyssa6:32.27Pace Academy MS
Oakley, Addy6:32.94Perimeter Christian School
Dailey, Ellis6:33.26Morgan County MS
Watson, Jewlianna6:35.00hChestnut Log MS
Nugent , Joan6:35.00hTrickum Middle School
Hinton, Asha6:40.11TRACK PHI TRACK Elite Track Club
Smith, Bella6:40.65Bay Springs Middle School
Coffey, Chloe6:42.00hDavis Academy
Lacy-Working, Emma6:42.34Martin Luther King Jr. Middle Sc
Wysong, Madalyn6:43.09Bremen MS
Roberts, Avery6:49.96Saint Mary's Catholic School
Lee, Kamille6:53.74St. Francis MS
Lantta, Kedzie6:53.77St. Benedicts Episcopal School
Folston, Nyah6:54.04Landmark Christian School
Miller, Jolie6:55.68Bay Springs Middle School
Stinson, Eden6:55.81Oak Hill Middle School
McGilvary, Molly6:56.39Sutton MS
Morgan, Kinsley6:58.63Central Middle School
Farley, Ariel6:58.69Oak Hill Middle School
Bove, Violet7:00.49Fideles Christian School
Volle, Emma7:01.31Heritage Prep
Makumi, Shekhina7:04.70Marietta Middle School
Burton, Katelyn7:07.03Memorial MS
Kalarickal, Nadia7:10.44Mill Creek Junior Hawks
Dupree, Creonnie7:15.00Memorial MS
Crabbe, Gretchen7:17.31Chamblee MS
Stickles, Ava7:21.10Strong Rock Christian School
Blair, Lucy7:24.24St. Benedicts Episcopal School
Perez, Cristelle7:24.43Villa Rica Middle School
Defour, Emerson7:26.57Hilsman MS
Herb, Navi7:32.88Notre Dame Academy
Roland, Alyssa7:48.43
Bellamy, Raemoni7:59.84Villa Rica Middle School
Edwards, Chloe8:20.74Shiloh Middle School
Lance, Yasmin8:26.73Shiloh Middle School
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Jackson, Sariah10.00hClarke Central Middle School
Howard, Jaliyah11.00hClarke Central Middle School
Doggett, Melanie11.67Major Impact Track Club
Brown, Janessa12.27
Geeter-Murchinson, Aniya12.42Sutton MS
Wrigley, Katie12.43Pace Academy MS
Adams, Alonie12.54Oak Hill Middle School
Underdue, Safari12.60Landmark Christian School
Ferguson, Laila12.61Landmark Christian School
Stanley, Bayley12.70Cartersville MS
Ware, Majesty12.71Heard County Middle School
McKinney, Tamara12.73Carrollton Middle School
Hall, Ariuna12.74Warren County Middle School
Talbert, Lydia12.78Chamblee MS
Sellers, Erin12.80Veterans Memorial Middle School
Scott, Harmony12.80hMemorial MS
Denbow, Londyn12.84Mt. Zion Middle School
Jackson, Aila12.87Dynasty Track Club
Lynch, Lauryn12.89Marietta Track Club
Turner, Desiree12.89Veterans Memorial Middle School
Bassey, Raigan12.93Eagles Landing Christian Academy
Bumgarner, Camryn12.93Drive Phase, Inc.
Lewis, Trinity12.94Skyscraper Athletics
Reese, Aria12.97
Emery, Londynn12.98Woodward Academy
Bryant, Keyshia13.00hRunnerzRule
Friend, Londyn13.00h
King, Angel13.00hRunnerzRule
Davis, Sophia13.01Henderson MS
Coleman, Aquene13.03West Laurens Middle School
Andrews, Kamryn13.05West Laurens Middle School
Raines, Jaleah13.06Crawford County MS
Hunter, Maiat13.10
Smith, Riley13.12Eagles Landing Christian Academy
Milliner, Nya13.15Amana Academy
Lawrence, Cianna13.17TRACK PHI TRACK Elite Track Club
Harrigan, Londyn13.20Memorial MS
Butts, Aubree13.20h
Jackson, Kennedy13.22Chestnut Log MS
Dover, Akeelah13.25Holy Innocents' Episcopal School
Foster, London13.28Villa Rica Middle School
Obi, Kamille13.29Renegade Track Club
Ackey, Emajah13.30Carrollton Middle School
Woodruff, Makenzie13.30Jefferson Middle School
Brown, Ashton13.31Marietta Middle School
Mccloud, Lauryn13.34TRACK PHI TRACK Elite Track Club
Gantt, Kennedy13.34Monroe County MS
Freeman, Riley13.34hW.R. Coile Middle School
Similao, Tabitha13.38Renegade Track Club
Mansogo, Ruthie13.39Hebron Christian
Myers, Shalonda13.41Gainesville MS
Dorsey, Cheyanne13.43Gainesville MS
Goldin, Lilah13.46Buford MS
Harris, Emery13.46St. Francis MS
Adams, Dyllan13.47
Taylor, Denise13.50Fairplay Middle School
Thames, Ev13.55Chestnut Log MS
Fowler, Lila13.55Oconee County MS
Postell, Joy13.58Drew Charter Junior Academy
Meredith, Kelsey13.58Strong Rock Christian School
McArthur, Nia13.64Marietta Middle School
Pringle, Tiana13.65Henderson MS
Bell, Jokhiya13.66Central Middle School
Holland, Kaliyah13.66Mt. Zion Middle School
Howren, Elle13.67Mount Paran Christian School
Phillips, Madelyn13.69Central Middle School
Braswell, Dawn13.71T J Elder Middle School
Mashburn-Trotty, Cayla13.74Drew Charter Junior Academy
Weeks, Ansley13.76Fairplay Middle School
White, Teri'yana13.77Morgan County MS
Everett, Rose-Malia13.77North Georgia Mountain Track Clu
Lee, Benie13.80hOak Hill Middle School
Bastin, Jane13.81Atlanta Track Club
Simmons, Haylie13.81KIPP Atlanta East
Whyte, Savana13.82Shiloh Middle School
Blount, Kiersten13.83Greater Atlanta Christian
Taylor, Tyleece13.87KIPP Atlanta East
Magee, London13.88Marietta Track Club
Brown, Annie13.89Jefferson Middle School
Blow, Morgan13.91Bay Springs Middle School
Simpson, Andriee13.94Martin Luther King Jr. Middle Sc
Thomas, Savannah13.95Mill Creek Junior Hawks
Leonard, Akira13.95Cartersville MS
Donald, Chloe14.06Woodward Academy
Brown, Arianna14.08Hilsman MS
Crawford, Nasiya14.08Villa Rica Middle School
Rocke, Amya14.10Shiloh Middle School
Foote, Mo'riah14.10Skyscraper Athletics
Purdie, Juliet14.10Atlanta Track Club
Philpot, Alyssa14.14Bay Springs Middle School
Thomas, Emily14.14Morgan County MS
Ward, Kennedy14.15Westside Atlanta Charter
Tuten, Carrigan14.20Bremen MS
Griffin, Karsen14.25Sutton MS
Thrasher, Myriah14.29Amana Academy
Browner, Mesiyah14.29W.R. Coile Middle School
Washington, Ka'Tora14.30Redan MS
Kight, Drew14.30Greater Atlanta Christian
Stewart, Jazmine14.34Westside Atlanta Charter
Woods, London14.37Stephenson MS
Poole, Kloei14.46Buford MS
Babb, Paiton14.50Mill Creek Junior Hawks
Richardson, Madison-Skye14.50hMajor Impact Track Club
Searles, Avery14.60Junior Hoyas
Eke-Okoro, Onyekachi14.63Southwest Atlanta Christian
Riggs, Julia14.73Fideles Christian School
Clark, Kai14.75Redan MS
Hodgson, Sloane14.77Holy Innocents' Episcopal School
Green, Jaeda14.80Stephenson MS
Shaw, Jaxxen14.83Genesis Innovation Academy
Delaine, Jai14.88Allatoona Junior Bucs
Barr, Chloe14.93St. Benedicts Episcopal School
Lynn, Savannah14.98Martin Luther King Jr. Middle Sc
Matheus, Julia15.00hNotre Dame Academy
Camilo Santos, Kamila15.11Trickum Middle School
Kelly, Sadie15.18Trickum Middle School
Hentrel, Makayla15.30St. Benedicts Episcopal School
Brown, Mia15.32Dynasty Track Club
Johnson, Samaj15.48Hilsman MS
Boswell, Brynn15.63Saint Mary's Catholic School
Augustin, Milan15.77Genesis Innovation Academy
Maldonado, Arianna16.09Notre Dame Academy
Lumpkin, Julia17.65Saint Mary's Catholic School
Acosta, Andrea18.25
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McCommons, Jirmirah13.00hClarke Central Middle School
Campbell, Zoe13.00hClarke Central Middle School
Lay, Siniyah14.10Hilsman MS
Lynch, Lauryn14.43Marietta Track Club
Ware, Majesty15.17Heard County Middle School
Reese, Aria15.67
Reese, Aszlyin15.85Bay Springs Middle School
Milliner, Nya15.92Amana Academy
Drake, Grace15.94Perimeter Christian School
Calhoun, Valynsia15.96Lane 4 Track Club
Williams, Golden16.03Chestnut Log MS
Edinburgh, Vanessa16.24Buford MS
Rucker, Cheyenne16.26Skyscraper Athletics
Johnson, E'mani16.33Marietta Track Club
Dugger, London16.81TRACK PHI TRACK Elite Track Club
Jackson, Aila16.90Dynasty Track Club
Roesch, Maya17.00hRunnerzRule
Bell, Jokhiya17.03Central Middle School
Ellis, Sydnie17.17TRACK PHI TRACK Elite Track Club
Boyd, Aviana17.32Lane 4 Track Club
Turner, Kaile17.58Hebron Christian
Coleman, Aquene17.58West Laurens Middle School
Dinham, Molly17.95Sutton MS
Petersen, Ellise18.02Junior Hoyas
Wade, Faith18.25Morgan County MS
Jones, Nakiyah18.31Monroe County MS
Goodwin, Sasha18.37Marietta Middle School
Johnson, Desi18.46Franklin County MS
Denham, Bentley18.48Cartersville MS
Chrenick, Nora18.52Drew Charter Junior Academy
Plattner, Eleanor18.53Oconee County MS
Popowski, Ashlyn18.56St. Francis MS
Nelson, Madison18.59Carrollton Middle School
Kimball, Riley18.74Central Middle School
Rockmore, Zoe18.88Drew Charter Junior Academy
Baker, Casidy18.92Oak Hill Middle School
Watkins, Gabrielle18.92Oak Hill Middle School
Miller, Bella18.93Oconee County MS
Brown, Ashton18.98Marietta Middle School
Keith, Bryanna18.99Bay Springs Middle School
Plummer, Akira19.00Memorial MS
Simpson, Andriee19.07Martin Luther King Jr. Middle Sc
Thomas, Meeya19.13Carrollton Middle School
Troxell, Xiaoxing19.16North Georgia Mountain Track Clu
Cofield, Pinckney19.23Morgan County MS
Wilkinson, Kalista19.30Mt. Zion Middle School
Rivera, Aliana19.31Gainesville MS
Charron, Leila19.39Greater Atlanta Christian
Walls, Ella19.44Cartersville MS
Norris, Jessica19.48Memorial MS
Springer, Malaya19.58Mt. Zion Middle School
Cloer, Averie19.64Lumpkin County MS
Wunn, Arabella19.90Buford MS
Bedwell, Kaitlyn20.18North Georgia Mountain Track Clu
REESE, BRANII20.27KIPP Atlanta East
French , Jamia20.31Amana Academy
Verwers, Elle20.31Heritage Prep
Hayes, Willae20.39Fairplay Middle School
Wright, Shaneil20.49Renegade Track Club
McLendon, Kimora20.56W.R. Coile Middle School
Wilcox, Zakyah20.63Martin Luther King Jr. Middle Sc
Benjamin, Alyssa20.77Strong Rock Christian School
Lattimore, Dakota21.04hW.R. Coile Middle School
Matheus, Julia21.28Notre Dame Academy
Garcia, Marleigh21.34Temple Middle School
Kevinezz, Jael22.00hAtlanta Track Club
Yeomans, Torrey22.01Junior Hoyas
Elliott, Sawyer22.05Vickery Creek MS
Riggs, Julia22.06Fideles Christian School
Caldwell, Sarah Graves22.13St. Benedicts Episcopal School
Barr, Chloe22.23St. Benedicts Episcopal School
Vicks, Akiko22.30Villa Rica Middle School
Maldonado, Arianna22.42Notre Dame Academy
Zimmerman, Nora25.34Atlanta Track Club
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Moses, Kyla19.00hClarke Central Middle School
Johnson, Jordan19.00hClarke Central Middle School
Marshall, Sarah23.83Hebron Christian
Doggett, Melanie24.10Major Impact Track Club
Hall, Ariuna24.80hWarren County Middle School
Geeter-Murchinson, Aniya24.95Sutton MS
Whited, Patience25.00Stephenson MS
Bullard, Zion25.14Lane 4 Track Club
Underdue, Safari25.44Landmark Christian School
Harris, Jayden25.44Temple Middle School
Sherrod, Sydney25.53Greater Atlanta Christian
Lewis, Trinity25.80hSkyscraper Athletics
Ferguson, Laila26.13Landmark Christian School
Talbert, Lydia26.23Chamblee MS
Sellers, Erin26.30Veterans Memorial Middle School
Ansley, Kaelyn26.38Carver MS
Maddox, Bailey26.53Marietta Track Club
Phillips, Emma26.58Central Middle School
Postell, Joy26.66Drew Charter Junior Academy
Gantt, Kennedy26.72Monroe County MS
Weeks, Kaitlyn26.78Fairplay Middle School
Day, Sophie26.82Drive Phase, Inc.
Bassey, Raigan26.82Eagles Landing Christian Academy
Jordan, Kassidi26.83Westside Middle School
Denbow, Londyn26.83Mt. Zion Middle School
Stanley, Bayley26.87Cartersville MS
Rucker, Cheyenne26.88Skyscraper Athletics
Raines, Jaleah26.98Crawford County MS
Hunter, Maiat27.00
Duncan, Kenzie27.07Drive Phase, Inc.
Segura, Madison27.14Villa Rica Middle School
Adams, Alonie27.19Oak Hill Middle School
Jackson, Kennedy27.33Chestnut Log MS
Turner, Desiree27.38Veterans Memorial Middle School
Lawrence, Cianna27.44TRACK PHI TRACK Elite Track Club
Surrey, Miranda27.46West Laurens Middle School
Friend, Londyn27.50h
Dover, Akeelah27.52Holy Innocents' Episcopal School
Mansogo, Ruthie27.54Hebron Christian
Braswell, Dawn27.59T J Elder Middle School
Smith, Riley27.65Eagles Landing Christian Academy
Myers, Shalonda27.71Gainesville MS
McKinney, Tamara27.71Carrollton Middle School
Harrigan, Londyn27.71Memorial MS
Clark, Amariya27.72Factory Shoals MS
Green, Jayda27.78Carrollton Middle School
Woodruff, Makenzie27.82Jefferson Middle School
Butts, Aubree27.96
McDonald, Hailey27.97Lane 4 Track Club
Richardson, Madison-Skye28.00hMajor Impact Track Club
Dorsey, Cheyanne28.02Gainesville MS
Waltower, Layla28.13North Paulding Jr. High
Obi, Kamille28.14Renegade Track Club
Williams, Morgan28.24Oak Hill Middle School
Foster, London28.24Villa Rica Middle School
Strozier, Jacqueline Jackie28.27Mercury Track Club
Scott, Harmony28.28Memorial MS
Bastin, Jane28.34Atlanta Track Club
Jones, Kelsey28.43Chestnut Log MS
Ayeni, Niara28.44Cartersville MS
Everett, Rose-Malia28.47North Georgia Mountain Track Clu
Wyatt, Sydney28.48West Laurens Middle School
Magee, London28.49Marietta Track Club
Fowler, Lila28.64Oconee County MS
Lanier, Deoni28.64North Paulding Jr. High
Milnder, Taylor28.75Marietta Middle School
Mccloud, Lauryn28.75TRACK PHI TRACK Elite Track Club
Burton, Brooklyn28.82Mercury Track Club
McArthur, Nia28.90Marietta Middle School
Purdie, Juliet28.91Atlanta Track Club
White, Teri'yana28.96Morgan County MS
Mashburn-Trotty, Cayla29.00Drew Charter Junior Academy
Tuten, Carrigan29.04Bremen MS
Brown, Annie29.06Jefferson Middle School
Cooper, Ka'Liyah29.09Shiloh Middle School
Similao, Tabitha29.17Renegade Track Club
Sanford, Trinity29.20RunnerzRule
McClure, A'Blessing29.20RunnerzRule
Weeks, Ansley29.21Fairplay Middle School
Laird, Sophia29.22Mt. Zion Middle School
Howren, Elle29.22Mount Paran Christian School
Ward, Kennedy29.27Westside Atlanta Charter
Clark, Kai29.28Redan MS
Antweiler, Audrey29.33Perimeter Christian School
Jemison, Jada29.44Sutton MS
Merritt, Zy29.45Franklin County MS
Harrison, Demi29.64Amana Academy
Johnson, Tyreona29.65KIPP Atlanta East
Scrivner, Lorelei29.70Mount Paran Christian School
Barron, Meoldy29.73Westside Atlanta Charter
Thomas, Emily29.80Morgan County MS
Strong, Kaitlyn29.81Shiloh Middle School
Smith, Ansley29.94Junior Hoyas
Holland, Rayleigh29.94Bay Springs Middle School
Troop, Zaniya30.00Stephenson MS
Bailey, Kiersten30.07Buford MS
Mullings , Hannah30.08Amana Academy
Owensby, Cristiana30.17Central Middle School
Doherty, Tyler30.40Junior Hoyas
Brookshire, Bella30.42Bay Springs Middle School
Benjamin, Alyssa30.43Strong Rock Christian School
Bailey-El Bey, Akyraah30.50Buford MS
REESE, BRANII30.72KIPP Atlanta East
Avidime, Tiffany30.96Greater Atlanta Christian
Brown, Faith31.02Redan MS
Eke-Okoro, Onyekachi31.05Southwest Atlanta Christian
Miller, Tehya31.12Mill Creek Junior Hawks
Hodgson, Sloane31.23Holy Innocents' Episcopal School
Riggs, Julia31.37Fideles Christian School
Robinson, Lillie31.42Trickum Middle School
Simmons, Olivia31.50Trickum Middle School
Blocker, Arianna31.65Allatoona Junior Bucs
Emory, Jaxon32.02Southwest Atlanta Christian
Delaine, Jai32.17Allatoona Junior Bucs
Brown, Mia32.32Dynasty Track Club
Malcolm, Catalia32.80hGenesis Innovation Academy
Beckom, Kimoria33.30Hilsman MS
Adeusi, Victoria33.58Mill Creek Junior Hawks
Augustin, Milan33.60hGenesis Innovation Academy
Boswell, Brynn33.89Saint Mary's Catholic School
McMillan, Maila34.16Hilsman MS
Maldonado, Arianna34.36Notre Dame Academy
Gant, Lola35.49Fideles Christian School
Lumpkin, Julia37.80Saint Mary's Catholic School
Acosta, Andrea39.34
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Comstock, Paige10:57.10Edge Running Club
Williams, Ella11:13.00Stallings Island MS
Muxlow, Summer11:14.50North Hall Middle School
Huggins, Morgan11:24.37The Mount Vernon School
Alberici, Ella11:24.53
Burns, Sofia11:34.43
Rytlewski, Katherine11:43.72Greyhound Track and XC Club
Waddell, Morgan11:49.36Marist
Cadeau, Audrey11:59.27
Baskin, Gemma12:15.10Bremen MS
Bold, Caroline12:19.61Greater Atlanta Christian
Lynch, Anna12:31.23
Thomas, Kadence12:31.46Lane 4 Track Club
Smith, Kellah12:38.68Coffee Middle School
Anderson, Audrey12:40.00Woodward Academy
Beaudreau, Maggie12:40.82
Cole, Elizabeth12:44.56Edge Running Club
Wong, Abigail12:44.67Stallings Island MS
Black, Krissy12:51.32Jefferson Middle School
Miller, Chloe12:52.12Richmond Hill Middle School
Empie, Adalin12:53.88Cartersville MS
Fiqia, Natalia12:58.00Fairplay Middle School
Klein, Lila13:00
Mainwaring, Annie13:00.00Woodward Academy
Sekowski, Elaine13:04.53Loganville MS
Albano, Alaina13:15.00Junior Hoyas
Jones, Gabriella13:16.00North Hall Middle School
Puskar, Lucy13:17.47Richmond Hill Middle School
Tudor, Alexis13:18.05Buford MS
Weldin, Claire13:22.00Walton Youth Running Club
Zebroski, Gabi13:24.85Landmark Christian School
Sherard, Ruthie13:31.70Oconee County MS
Burris, Sydney13:33.12Cartersville MS
Oakley, Addy13:37.96Perimeter Christian School
Hall, Landry13:40.00West Laurens Middle School
Branham, Sarah Kathryn13:42.10Marietta Middle School
Arnold, Haley13:48.73
Wood, Mary Jo13:53.63Oconee County MS
Johnson, Angeline13:54.36Coffee Middle School
Nordholz, Maye13:54.95Buford MS
Roberson, Jessie13:55.00Atlanta Track Club
Lacy-Working, Emma14:00.00Martin Luther King Jr. Middle Sc
Slappey, Lucy14:00.37Carrollton Middle School
Hajiani, Alyssa14:00.51Pace Academy MS
Miller, Camryn14:01.01Monroe County MS
Jones, Eloise14:07.00
Haueter, Alaira14:11.37Carrollton Middle School
Wysong, Madalyn14:16.23Bremen MS
De Roode, Ella14:20.50Atlanta Track Club
Smith, Bella14:22.57Bay Springs Middle School
Martin, Annabelle14:29.70Morgan County MS
Brown, Rubee14:30.32Mt. Zion Middle School
Nugent , Joan14:35.00Trickum Middle School
Rowe, Ainsley14:37.76Greyhound Track and XC Club
Fowler, Kaelyn14:44.87St. Francis MS
Huang, Hailey14:47.14Pace Academy MS
Bentley, Juliette15:09.69Fairplay Middle School
Sundling, Savannah15:10.76Central Middle School
Roberts, Avery15:20.06Saint Mary's Catholic School
Debebe, Meron15:22.53Trickum Middle School
Korb, Linleigh15:22.54Mill Creek Junior Hawks
Haile, Melat15:23.83Shiloh Middle School
Fleming, Kinsley15:30.00Landmark Christian School
Baker, Gracie15:31.08Allatoona Junior Bucs
Marshall, Kennedy16:00.00Hounds Distance Company
Palmer, Phoebe16:00.00Hounds Distance Company
Mullins, Macy16:00.77Bay Springs Middle School
Nash, Yumara16:02.00Memorial MS
Pinkney, Trinity16:20.00Memorial MS
Abraham, Armana17:12.90Shiloh Middle School
Gustafson, Paisley17:15.07Mill Creek Junior Hawks
Miller, Chloe5:45.00h
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Defour, Emerson1.48Hilsman MS
Lay, Siniyah1.50Hilsman MS
Bellamy, Raemoni1:00.05Villa Rica Middle School
Plattner, Eleanor1:00.64Oconee County MS
Norris, Kyra1:01.47Franklin County MS
Miller, Bella1:02.53Oconee County MS
Harrison, Demi1:03.75Amana Academy
Garcia, Marleigh1:03.83Temple Middle School
Graham, Natalie1:05.33Temple Middle School
Caldwell, Sarah Graves1:06.68St. Benedicts Episcopal School
Zimmerman, Nora1:15.00hAtlanta Track Club
McLendon, Kimora1:15.61W.R. Coile Middle School
Lattimore, Dakota1:43.49W.R. Coile Middle School
Wright, Shaneil45.00Renegade Track Club
Calhoun, Valynsia48.15Lane 4 Track Club
Drake, Grace48.46Perimeter Christian School
Johnson, E'mani48.64Marietta Track Club
Dugger, London48.70TRACK PHI TRACK Elite Track Club
Williams, Golden48.89Chestnut Log MS
Edinburgh, Vanessa49.04Buford MS
Rockmore, Zoe50.10Drew Charter Junior Academy
Burley, Olivia50.14Mount Paran Christian School
Kimball, Riley50.37Central Middle School
Kendall, Azhia50.83Heard County Middle School
Freeman, Addisyn50.83Morgan County MS
Turner, Kaile50.86Hebron Christian
Boyd, Aviana51.01Lane 4 Track Club
Whyte, Savana51.24Shiloh Middle School
Brown, Jayleigh51.47West Laurens Middle School
Silvers, Emery51.51Dalton Middle School
Philpot, Alyssa51.97Bay Springs Middle School
Popowski, Ashlyn52.55St. Francis MS
Thomas, Meeya53.22Carrollton Middle School
Milnder, Taylor53.24Marietta Middle School
Wunn, Arabella53.68Buford MS
Goodwin, Sasha53.70Marietta Middle School
Wyatt, Sydney54.56West Laurens Middle School
Mitchell, Quasia54.64Oak Hill Middle School
Cox, Jermany54.84Marietta Track Club
Wilkinson, Kalista54.97Mt. Zion Middle School
Mallard, Jewel55.00Memorial MS
Jeter, Jordyn55.00hMemorial MS
Monell, Emily55.17Loganville MS
Baker, Casidy55.47Oak Hill Middle School
Roesch, Maya55.94RunnerzRule
Bell, Bridgett55.94RunnerzRule
Smith, Ansley55.95Junior Hoyas
Keith, Bryanna56.07Bay Springs Middle School
Long, Reagan56.23Lumpkin County MS
Smith, Keegan56.33Morgan County MS
Wilson, Shatoyah56.51Cartersville MS
Romig, Elizabeth56.60Pace Academy MS
Hallmark, Chloe56.96Fairplay Middle School
Walls, Ella57.17Cartersville MS
Petersen, Ellise57.77Junior Hoyas
Hayes, Willae57.96Fairplay Middle School
Verwers, Elle57.98Heritage Prep
Bedwell, Kaitlyn58.09North Georgia Mountain Track Clu
Cadejuste, Sakailah59.16Factory Shoals MS
Davis, Cayleigh59.28Carrollton Middle School
Rhodes, Madison59.96Chestnut Log MS
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Dover, Akeelah1.00hHoly Innocents' Episcopal School
Hodgson, Sloane1.00hHoly Innocents' Episcopal School
Parks, London1.01Chamblee MS
Bell, Bridgett1.03RunnerzRule
Coupaine, Camilla1.23Chamblee MS
Tatum, Bria1:00.06
Duncan, Kenzie1:00.96Drive Phase, Inc.
Phillips, Emma1:00.99Central Middle School
Moore, Makenzie1:01.16Lane 4 Track Club
Reese, Madison1:01.30h
Costen, Sydney1:01.53Landmark Christian School
Taiwo, Abigail1:01.72Loganville MS
Campbell, Harper1:01.81Woodward Academy
Weeks, Kaitlyn1:02.00Fairplay Middle School
Pringle, Promise1:02.00Veterans Memorial Middle School
Maddox, Bailey1:02.30Marietta Track Club
Jones, Shay1:03.25Gainesville MS
Barry, Makenna1:03.30North Paulding Jr. High
White, Tylasia1:03.38Coffee Middle School
Knox, Madison1:03.46Westside Middle School
Burley, Olivia1:03.52Mount Paran Christian School
Edwards, Mya1:03.66Veterans Memorial Middle School
Smith, Harper1:03.92Rome MS
Halley, Posyann1:04.46Jefferson Middle School
Blackwell, Raegan1:04.67Dalton Middle School
Wood, Annabelle1:04.84RunnerzRule
Jernigan, Maddie1:04.94Carrollton Middle School
Larkins, E'Lexus1:05Warren County Middle School
Kelley, Jenna1:05.29Oconee County MS
Daniel, Sydney1:05.31Marietta Track Club
Fitz-Simons, Haven1:05.31Carrollton Middle School
Andrews, Kamryn1:05.34West Laurens Middle School
King, Layana1:05.52Memorial MS
Evans, Isabella1:05.59Cartersville MS
Williams, Golden1:05.66Chestnut Log MS
Costen, Scotlyn1:05.83Landmark Christian School
Blow, Morgan1:05.87Bay Springs Middle School
Everett, Rose-Malia1:06.00hNorth Georgia Mountain Track Clu
O'Brien, De'Zya1:06.13Shiloh Middle School
Gibson, Amirah1:06.31Amana Academy
Braswell, Dawn1:06.38T J Elder Middle School
Bolton, Jerica1:06.42Hilsman MS
Waddell, Morgan1:06.89Marist
Kight, Drew1:06.96Greater Atlanta Christian
Vizcaino, Nydia1:07.00TRACK PHI TRACK Elite Track Club
Williams, Ah'Kaylah1:07.05West Laurens Middle School
Tuten, Carrigan1:07.40Bremen MS
Watkins, Gabrielle1:07.43Oak Hill Middle School
Cook, Caidyn1:07.47Junior Hoyas
White, Jayla1:07.58Temple Middle School
Green, Jaeda1:07.59Stephenson MS
Peace, Ava1:07.82Central Middle School
Antweiler, Audrey1:07.83Perimeter Christian School
Bouton, Mia1:08.02Buford MS
Lin, Graye1:08.34Marietta Middle School
Jordan, Kassidi1:08.54hWestside Middle School
Kinsler, Margot1:08.58
Wrigley, Megan1:08.72Pace Academy MS
Jackson, Leena1:08.89Sutton MS
Jenkins, Logan1:09.00Fairplay Middle School
Redwine, Jazmyne1:09.11TRACK PHI TRACK Elite Track Club
Ragle, Sydney1:09.28Coffee Middle School
Harrison, Demi1:09.33Dynasty Track Club
Phillips, AubrieKate1:09.40Jefferson Middle School
Taylor, Zakiyah1:09.50Cartersville MS
Davy, Simone1:09.77Sutton MS
Carter, Ellen1:10.00Morgan County MS
Doherty, Tyler1:10.03Junior Hoyas
Thomas, Rihanna1:10.34Hilsman MS
Jean-Baptiste, Nylah1:10.80North Paulding Jr. High
Merritt, Zy1:10.83Franklin County MS
Owen, Dulce1:10.85Marietta Middle School
Hepworth, Aubrie1:10.85Mill Creek Junior Hawks
Lynn, Savannah1:10.99Martin Luther King Jr. Middle Sc
Green, Niaisha1:11.00Chestnut Log MS
Whited, Patience1:11.00Stephenson MS
Baker, Amari1:11.06Oak Hill Middle School
Freeman, Haley1:11.16Buford MS
Lipham, Kailey1:11.60Bay Springs Middle School
Pope, Khloe1:11.73Memorial MS
Ross, Aubrey1:11.84Genesis Innovation Academy
Ivery, Skylar1:11.87Martin Luther King Jr. Middle Sc
Smith, Keegan1:11.91Morgan County MS
Christopher, Zayla1:12.17Mill Creek Junior Hawks
Jordan, Halle1:12.34Bremen MS
Vaughn, Arionna1:12.77Westside Atlanta Charter
Riddle, Journi1:14.07W.R. Coile Middle School
Matheus, Julia1:14.48Notre Dame Academy
Strickland, Za'miah1:15.00Villa Rica Middle School
Reagan, Alana1:15.02Atlanta Track Club
Haynes, Madison1:15.16Trickum Middle School
White, Kamaya1:17.00hKIPP Atlanta East
Mashburn-Trotty, Cayla1:17.27Drew Charter Junior Academy
Moss, Markesia1:17.99Westside Atlanta Charter
Emory, Jaxon1:18.93Southwest Atlanta Christian
Gibson, Aaliyah1:19.70Shiloh Middle School
Huang, Channelle1:19.80Notre Dame Academy
Boswell, Brynn1:19.99Saint Mary's Catholic School
Allen, Aamani1:20.18W.R. Coile Middle School
Gant, Lola1:20.57Fideles Christian School
Perez, Cristelle1:21.00hVilla Rica Middle School
Higgins, London1:23.74Redan MS
Lumpkin, Julia1:27.61Saint Mary's Catholic School
Willis, Peyten1:30.61Southwest Atlanta Christian
Acosta, Andrea1:37.66
Myers, Catelen2:00.00hHounds Distance Company
Tate, Peyton2:00.00hHounds Distance Company
Bullard, Zion56.22Lane 4 Track Club
Sherrod, Sydney57.76Greater Atlanta Christian
Attipoe, Stacy58.00hClarke Central Middle School
Emery, Londynn58.15Woodward Academy
Kaigler, Christina58.20Atlanta Track Club
Postell, Joy58.44Drew Charter Junior Academy
Milliner, Nya58.57Amana Academy
Harris, Carrington58.72Jackrabbit Track and Field
Harris, Jayden58.80Temple Middle School
Thomas, Lilian59.00hClarke Central Middle School
Day, Sophie59.55Drive Phase, Inc.
Johnson, Peyton59.61Jackrabbit Track and Field
Ansley, Kaelyn59.89Carver MS
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Relay Team A1:00.00hTrickum Middle School
Relay Team A1:30.00hClarke Central Middle School
Relay Team A50.11Lane 4 Track Club
Relay Team A50.20Veterans Memorial Middle School
Relay Team A50.49Marietta Track Club
Relay Team A50.84Landmark Christian School
Relay Team A51.00TRACK PHI TRACK Elite Track Club
Relay Team A51.29Memorial MS
Relay Team A51.48West Laurens Middle School
Relay Team A51.82Carrollton Middle School
Relay Team A52.00Cartersville MS
Relay Team A52.21Mt. Zion Middle School
Relay Team A52.28Buford MS
Relay Team A52.44Oak Hill Middle School
Relay Team A52.49Henderson MS
Relay Team A52.55Monroe County MS
Relay Team A52.63Gainesville MS
Relay Team A52.70Sutton MS
Relay Team C52.76Chamblee MS
Relay Team A52.77Morgan County MS
Relay Team A52.80hSkyscraper Athletics
Relay Team A52.81Factory Shoals MS
Relay Team A52.99Temple Middle School
Relay Team A53.00Hilsman MS
Relay Team A53.00hMercury Track Club
Relay Team A53.19Jefferson Middle School
Relay Team A53.26Oconee County MS
Relay Team A53.35Marietta Middle School
Relay Team A53.37KIPP Atlanta East
Relay Team A53.38Fairplay Middle School
Relay Team A53.41Dalton Middle School
Relay Team A53.45Warren County Middle School
Relay Team A53.51Villa Rica Middle School
Relay Team A53.52Heard County Middle School
Relay Team A53.53Hebron Christian
Relay Team A53.58Eagles Landing Christian Academy
Relay Team A53.65T J Elder Middle School
Relay Team A53.71Amana Academy
Relay Team A54.00hGreater Atlanta Christian
Relay Team A54.02Shiloh Middle School
Relay Team A54.15North Paulding Jr. High
Relay Team A54.24hW.R. Coile Middle School
Relay Team A54.40Bay Springs Middle School
Relay Team A54.99Renegade Track Club
Relay Team A55.00hRunnerzRule
Relay Team A55.03Central Middle School
Relay Team A55.59Woodward Academy
Relay Team A56.28Chestnut Log MS
Relay Team A56.42Westside Atlanta Charter
Relay Team A57.13Redan MS
Relay Team A57.94Mill Creek Junior Hawks
Relay Team A58.16Martin Luther King Jr. Middle Sc
Relay Team A58.42Junior Hoyas
Relay Team A59.57Vickery Creek MS
Relay Team A59.58Genesis Innovation Academy
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Relay Team A3:58.00hDrive Phase, Inc.
Relay Team A4.40RunnerzRule
Relay Team A4:00.00hClarke Central Middle School
Relay Team A4:15.00Landmark Christian School
Relay Team A4:15.00Lane 4 Track Club
Relay Team A4:23.07Woodward Academy
Relay Team A4:25.86Buford MS
Relay Team A4:26.38Loganville MS
Relay Team A4:26.48Marietta Track Club
Relay Team A4:27.10Chamblee MS
Relay Team A4:28.98Atlanta Track Club
Relay Team A4:29.56Heritage Prep
Relay Team A4:29.62Eagles Landing Christian Academy
Relay Team A4:33.42West Laurens Middle School
Relay Team A4:34.23Central Middle School
Relay Team A4:35.17Sutton MS
Relay Team A4:35:53.Veterans Memorial Middle School
Relay Team A4:36.23Carrollton Middle School
Relay Team A4:36.70Cartersville MS
Relay Team A4:37.02Gainesville MS
Relay Team A4:37.58Mt. Zion Middle School
Relay Team A4:38.14Marietta Middle School
Relay Team A4:38.42Oak Hill Middle School
Relay Team A4:39.39Oconee County MS
Relay Team A4:42.03Amana Academy
Relay Team A4:42.49Memorial MS
Relay Team A4:44.32Franklin County MS
Relay Team A4:44.80Shiloh Middle School
Relay Team A4:44.88North Paulding Jr. High
Relay Team A4:49.07Chestnut Log MS
Relay Team A4:54.39Bay Springs Middle School
Relay Team A5:00.00hTrickum Middle School
Relay Team A5:02.09Martin Luther King Jr. Middle Sc
Relay Team A5:02.70Junior Hoyas
Relay Team A5:02.95Temple Middle School
Relay Team A5:05.51Mount Paran Christian School
Relay Team A5:12.40Villa Rica Middle School
Relay Team A5:19.42W.R. Coile Middle School
Relay Team A5:21.63Mill Creek Junior Hawks
Relay Team A5:32.85Hilsman MS
Relay Team A8:00.00hHounds Distance Company
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Relay Team A10:00.00Hounds Distance Company
Relay Team A10:30.00Landmark Christian School
Relay Team A10:48.75Atlanta Track Club
Relay Team A10:51.00Richmond Hill Middle School
Relay Team A10:54.17North Hall Middle School
Relay Team A10:58.96Chamblee MS
Relay Team A10:59.79Carrollton Middle School
Relay Team A11:01.82Marietta Middle School
Relay Team A11:02.55Loganville MS
Relay Team A11:05.63Woodward Academy
Relay Team A11:12.96Franklin County MS
Relay Team A11:13.05Madison County MS
Relay Team A11:13.19Buford MS
Relay Team A11:16.50Sutton MS
Relay Team A11:19.97Cartersville MS
Relay Team A11:29.43Junior Hoyas
Relay Team A11:37.65Carver MS
Relay Team A11:47.59Youth Middle School Warriors
Relay Team A11:50.61Bremen MS
Relay Team A11:52.63Central Middle School
Relay Team A12:09.54Bay Springs Middle School
Relay Team A12:13.77Dalton Middle School
Relay Team A12:15.00Trickum Middle School
Relay Team A12:16.79West Laurens Middle School
Relay Team A12:22.79Mill Creek Junior Hawks
Relay Team A12:29.45Oak Hill Middle School
Relay Team A12:42.98Shiloh Middle School
Relay Team A12:51.80Martin Luther King Jr. Middle Sc
Relay Team A8:40.00Memorial MS
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Means, Morgan2:14.40Drive Phase, Inc.
Postell, Joy2:20.00hDrew Charter Junior Academy
Donner, Linden2:21.85St. Francis MS
Reese, Madison2:22.12
Watson, Naomi2:22.28Landmark Christian School
Comstock, Paige2:22.85Edge Running Club
Muxlow, Summer2:24.49North Hall Middle School
Strickland, Emmerson2:27.00Drive Phase, Inc.
Sullivan, Isabella2:27.31Woodward Academy
Costen, Sydney2:27.38Landmark Christian School
Smith, Winter2:27.78
Iatauro, Haley2:28.04Vickery Creek MS
Williams, Ella2:30.00hStallings Island MS
Shipley, Sarah Jane2:30.19
Patton, Adelaide2:30.73Sutton MS
Thomas, Kadence2:31.15Lane 4 Track Club
Hanemann, Ella2:31.46Marist
Stephens, Harper2:31.92Liberty MS (Cumming)
Redwine, Jazmyne2:33.47TRACK PHI TRACK Elite Track Club
Price, Joy2:33.53
Daniel, Sydney2:34.21Marietta Track Club
Smith, Kellah2:34.48Coffee Middle School
Miller, Chloe2:35.00h
Tatum, Bria2:35.10
Benson, Dilynngher2:36.47Marietta Middle School
Marshall, Aubrii2:36.69Lane 4 Track Club
Bold, Caroline2:36.71Greater Atlanta Christian
Jackson, Savannah2:36.75Franklin County MS
Corse, Meena2:36.91Atlanta Track Club
Baskin, Gemma2:37.10Bremen MS
Bushnell, Sarah Beth2:37.31Saint Mary's Catholic School
Sauer, Ellie Grace2:37.77Heritage Prep
Smith, Sophia2:38.36Loganville MS
Brock, Bailey2:38.54
Smith, Mia2:38.91
Cole, Elizabeth2:39.72Edge Running Club
Metts, Henley2:40.12Richmond Hill Middle School
DANIELL, LAURA2:41.00Dalton Middle School
Girtman, Zoey2:41.13
Mann, Lyla2:41.16Jefferson Middle School
Vizcaino, Nydia2:41.71TRACK PHI TRACK Elite Track Club
Clarence, Lia2:41.85Woodward Academy
Klein, Lila2:42
Jernigan, Maddie2:42.32Carrollton Middle School
Jordan, Shirin2:42.69Chestnut Log MS
Lynch, Anna2:43.57
Hill, Macy Michael2:43.75North Hall Middle School
Empie, Adalin2:44.25Cartersville MS
Sybert, Norah2:44.33Richmond Hill Middle School
Gilstrap, Harper2:44.47Cartersville MS
Peace, Ava2:44.50Central Middle School
Flato, Maya2:44.50Martin Luther King Jr. Middle Sc
Wetherington, Maddison2:45.88Temple Middle School
Arnold, Haley2:46.15
Cooper, Tamera2:46.31Veterans Memorial Middle School
Patterson, Colbie2:46.57Franklin County MS
Warren, Kathryn2:47.01Marietta Middle School
Fitz-Simons, Haven2:47.47Carrollton Middle School
Johnson, Gabrielle2:47.74Monroe County MS
Ragle, Sydney2:48.35Coffee Middle School
Wilbert, Rebecca2:48.69Pace Academy MS
Howell, Georgie2:48.80Jefferson Middle School
Barnett, Sarah2:49.13Trickum Middle School
Thomas, Kylie2:49.96Liberty MS (Cumming)
Stillman, Alexandra2:50.97Sutton MS
Federico, Anna2:51.17Junior Hoyas
Arteaga, Isabella2:51.24Loganville MS
Starling, Alyssa2:51.64North Paulding Jr. High
Smith, Lyla2:51.85Central Middle School
Jones, Kayliana2:52.02Hilsman MS
Hensley, Cassidy2:52.34
Caballero-Smith, Niyelie2:52.79Temple Middle School
Channavong, Ivie2:53.55Greater Atlanta Christian
Currie, Katherine2:54.18
Farris, Presley2:54.20Mt. Zion Middle School
Duckett, Leighton2:55.54The Mount Vernon School
Lee, Kenzie2:55.65St. Francis MS
Bentley, Juliette2:56.00Fairplay Middle School
Wallace, My'lah2:56.36Mt. Zion Middle School
Chini, Jessica2:56.41Buford MS
Jordan, Halle2:56.73Bremen MS
Legall-Thomas, Jaiya2:57.00Memorial MS
Hartnet, Audrey2:57.10Chamblee MS
Ryan, Jesslyn2:57.42Perimeter Christian School
Thomas, Isabella2:57.50Atlanta Track Club
Miller, Jaleeah2:57.58Bay Springs Middle School
Daniel, Paisley2:58.28Morgan County MS
Stinson, Eden2:58.64Oak Hill Middle School
Weldin, Claire2:59.00hWalton Youth Running Club
Dailey, Ellis2:59.53Morgan County MS
Bolton, Jerica2:59.95Hilsman MS
Barnwell, Mary3:00.00Hounds Distance Company
Smith, Jordyn3:00.00Chestnut Log MS
Watts, Tanner3:00.00Hounds Distance Company
Walters, Lyla3:00.00hClarke Central Middle School
Schank, Alice3:00.00hClarke Central Middle School
Johnson, Autumn3:00.00hTrickum Middle School
Emrick, Parker3:00.22Heritage Prep
Ford, Emma3:00.30St. Benedicts Episcopal School
Shadix, Emma3:00.35Bay Springs Middle School
Gleason, Brooklyn3:00.63Junior Hoyas
McCoy, Jada3:01.59Oak Hill Middle School
Candelier, Leilany3:01.95Mill Creek Junior Hawks
Park, Olivia3:02.09Buford MS
Huang, Hailey3:04.74Pace Academy MS
Muluch, Eden3:04.98Shiloh Middle School
Howe, Kamryn3:05.00Memorial MS
Fields, Ashley3:05.50George Walton Academy
Dupas, Amelie3:05.78St. Benedicts Episcopal School
Williams, Sariyah3:07.54Shiloh Middle School
Gibson, Amirah3:07.95Amana Academy
Bove, Violet3:10.50Fideles Christian School
Matthews, Aaliyah3:10.64Stephenson MS
Roberts, Avery3:10.65Saint Mary's Catholic School
Harrison, Demi3:10.90Amana Academy
Freund, Abigail3:12.84Fairplay Middle School
Hodgson, Sloane3:15.12Holy Innocents' Episcopal School
Duncan, Olivia3:18.57Chamblee MS
Love, Emma3:20.73Mill Creek Junior Hawks
Perez, Cristelle3:22.53Villa Rica Middle School
Lewis, Genevieve3:24.05Martin Luther King Jr. Middle Sc
Topka, Yvonne3:26.48Stephenson MS
Roland, Alyssa3:26.75
Bellamy, Raemoni3:30.02Villa Rica Middle School
Jimenez, Briseyda3:57.40W.R. Coile Middle School
Kellom, Darlene4:00.82Genesis Innovation Academy
Avila, Angelina4:03.07W.R. Coile Middle School
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Cason, Kennedy107-11.7Landmark Christian School
Thompson, Tekla99-9
Adams, Caroline99-4Bremen MS
Watts, Kiara94-9Hebron Christian
Hilbert, Kayden93-0Villa Rica Middle School
Ivey, Tykessia86-2Oak Hill Middle School
Johnson, Lauren85-3.5
Tanner, Carly84-7Franklin County MS
Brock, Carder83-9.5Cartersville MS
White, Peyton82-9Carrollton Middle School
Bankston, Ta'Lia79-1Adamson MS
Price, Peyton78-1.5West Laurens Middle School
Hendrix, Leela77-9.5Carrollton Middle School
Adams, Kenzie75-9Franklin County MS
Wheeler, Leondria75-2Warren County Middle School
Promise, Layanne74-4Gainesville MS
Halpin, Samantha72-11Perimeter Christian School
Hughes, Brooklynn72-6
Pierce, Ava72-4.5Fairplay Middle School
Moody, Harper72-1Bremen MS
Cantrell, Lily71-10Heard County Middle School
Godwin, Kj70-5Fairplay Middle School
Mckay, Lisa69-9Bay Springs Middle School
Bennett, Katlyn69-4.5
Harvey, Samantha69-4St. Francis MS
Burley, Olivia67-3Mount Paran Christian School
Ebeloue, Amakena66-8Cartersville MS
Acheampong, Grace65-9Marietta Middle School
Jones, Faith65-5Lumpkin County MS
Kilzi, Blayne65-1Oconee County MS
Smith, Kenley64-3West Laurens Middle School
Mustard, Hannah64-3
Renfroe, Shawntee63-3Oak Hill Middle School
Vaughan, Meryl62-10Henderson MS
Earwood, Emmaleigh61-10Temple Middle School
Wade, Kamyah60-10Oconee County MS
Pittman, Samari60-4Bay Springs Middle School
Paul, Mallory60-4Marist
Moore-Harris, Tytianna60-0Stephenson MS
Mayo, Elise60-0Hebron Christian
Appling, Bryauna59-9Buford MS
Colbert, Kayleigh59-9Buford MS
Brown, Khloe59-7Hilsman MS
Olsen, Amelia57-5Marietta Middle School
Hall, Schyular56-1Monroe County MS
James, Melanie55-6Atlanta Track Club
Burton, Michellae55-0Memorial MS
Hanson, Brooklyn54-10W.R. Coile Middle School
Brown, Iyanaaia53-7W.R. Coile Middle School
Duren, Havolynn51-1Jefferson Middle School
Johnson, Yuri51-0Memorial MS
Cash, Elizabeth50-3Atlanta Track Club
St. Vil, Mariella49-2Shiloh Middle School
Marshall, Eva48-5Mount Paran Christian School
Stephens, Morgan47-10Shiloh Middle School
Turner, Ella47-7Liberty MS (Cumming)
Bove, Violet45-7Fideles Christian School
Robinson, Lillie44-09Trickum Middle School
Mitchell, Gabriela36-8Amana Academy
Lonon, Amaya12-5Clarke Central Middle School
Williams, Alessindria11-6Clarke Central Middle School
Sims, Nye'zurri9-3
Radcliff, Reagan6-6
Dawson, TrinityHenderson MS
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Campbell, Zoe12-1Clarke Central Middle School
Christian, Karlee5-2Cartersville MS
Bennett, Jenna Kate5-0West Laurens Middle School
Denham, Bentley5-0Cartersville MS
Shelnut, Ellie5-0White County MS
Parham, Kehonia5-0Temple Middle School
Evans, Meredith5-0Perimeter Christian School
Fitz-Simons, Haven5-0Carrollton Middle School
Poole, Malone4-10West Laurens Middle School
Adams, Dyllan4-10
Culberson, Brystal4-10Madison County MS
Rucker, Cheyenne4-10Skyscraper Athletics
Cox, Jermany4-10Marietta Track Club
Reaves, Conniya4-9Oak Hill Middle School
Mount, Macey4-8Central Middle School
Wade, Faith4-8Morgan County MS
Holland, Zaniyah4-8Dalton Middle School
Sinclair, Chasidee4-8Dalton Middle School
Jones, Shay4-8Gainesville MS
Mansogo, Ruthie4-8Hebron Christian
Popowski, Ashlyn4-8St. Francis MS
Taylor, Denise4-6Fairplay Middle School
Smolar, MarLee4-6Central Middle School
Butts, Aubree4-6
Slagle, Bliss4-6Lumpkin County MS
Hubbard, Jayla4-6W.R. Coile Middle School
Riddle, Journi4-6W.R. Coile Middle School
Butts, Ta'riya4-6Oak Hill Middle School
Avidime, Tiffany4-6Greater Atlanta Christian
Blount, Kiersten4-6Greater Atlanta Christian
Harris, Emery4-6St. Francis MS
Reese, Aria4-6
Cheatwood, Addison4-4Bremen MS
Hurd, Madison4-4Buford MS
Perlotte, Adelyn4-4Buford MS
Hadley, Kenzlie4-4Heard County Middle School
Goodwin, Sasha4-4Marietta Middle School
Kruah, Faith4-4Marietta Middle School
Antweiler, Audrey4-4Perimeter Christian School
Ackey, Emajah4-4Carrollton Middle School
Phillips, AubrieKate4-4Jefferson Middle School
Halley, Posyann4-4Jefferson Middle School
Dobbs, MaCayla4-4Bay Springs Middle School
Cooper, Tamera4-3Veterans Memorial Middle School
Daniel, Sydney4-2.25Marietta Track Club
Donald, Chloe4-2Woodward Academy
Fann, Jade4-2St. Benedicts Episcopal School
Colquhoun, Lily-Colette4-2St. Benedicts Episcopal School
Ivery, Skylar4-2Martin Luther King Jr. Middle Sc
Walker, Cheyenne4-2Bay Springs Middle School
Jordan, Halle4-0Bremen MS
Irby, Addysn4-0Fairplay Middle School
Elder, I'mani4-0Memorial MS
Plummer, Akira4-0Memorial MS
Fullilove, Leilani4-0Sutton MS
Amor, Joleli3-10Chestnut Log MS
Jones, Kelsey3-10Chestnut Log MS
Bradley, Love3-8Henderson MS
Karg, Malia3-4Sutton MS
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Roesch, Maya27-0RunnerzRule
Cobb, Alyssia25-0RunnerzRule
Brown, Janessa18-10
Bullard, Zion18-2.5Lane 4 Track Club
Calhoun, Valynsia18-1.75Lane 4 Track Club
Underdue, Safari17-10Landmark Christian School
Lynch, Lauryn17-7.75Marietta Track Club
Reese, Aszlyin17-6.5Bay Springs Middle School
Gantt, Kennedy17-6Monroe County MS
Sherrod, Sydney17-5Greater Atlanta Christian
Ware, Majesty17-4Heard County Middle School
Neloms, Na'Zirah16-4Warren County Middle School
Stephens, Shyderia16-2.5Gainesville MS
Bumgarner, Camryn16-1Drive Phase, Inc.
McKinney, Tamara16-1Carrollton Middle School
Hunter, Maiat16-0
Reese, Aria15-11.75
Ansley, Kaelyn15-10Carver MS
Harris, Jayden15-10Temple Middle School
Weeks, Kaitlyn15-9Fairplay Middle School
Mitchell, Quasia15-9Oak Hill Middle School
Stanley, Bayley15-8Cartersville MS
Freeman, Addisyn15-5Morgan County MS
Pringle, Tiana15-5Henderson MS
Milnder, Taylor15-2.75Marietta Middle School
Adams, Dyllan15-2
Freeman, Riley15-2W.R. Coile Middle School
Day, Lexie15-2Oconee County MS
Bennett, Jenna Kate15-1.5West Laurens Middle School
Berry, Mariana15-1Warren County Middle School
Williams, Ah'Kaylah15-0.75West Laurens Middle School
Johnson, E'mani15-0.75Marietta Track Club
Weathers, Tarahji15-0.5Veterans Memorial Middle School
Hill, Lillie14-11Hebron Christian
Harrigan, Londyn14-11Memorial MS
Waltower, Layla14-10North Paulding Jr. High
Phillips, Madelyn14-8Central Middle School
Emory, Jaxon14-7.25Southwest Atlanta Christian
Benson, Dilynngher14-6.25Marietta Middle School
Smith, Maliyah14-6Skyscraper Athletics
Kevinezz, Jael14-5Atlanta Track Club
Jones, Kelsey14-5Chestnut Log MS
Rocke, Amya14-4Shiloh Middle School
Harris, Bay'lei14-3.5Monroe County MS
Hamilton, Kayden14-2Landmark Christian School
Meredith, Kelsey14-2Strong Rock Christian School
Richardson, Madison-Skye14-1Major Impact Track Club
Similao, Talitha14-0.75Renegade Track Club
Brown, Annie14-0.5Jefferson Middle School
Winston, Jasmyn14-0Chestnut Log MS
Hill, Macy Michael13-11North Hall Middle School
Troxell, Xiaoxing13-10.5North Georgia Mountain Track Clu
Montgomery, Olivia13-9Cartersville MS
Brooks, Savannah13-9Martin Luther King Jr. Middle Sc
White, Teri'yana13-8Morgan County MS
Haile, Melat13-8Shiloh Middle School
Kinsler, Margot13-8
Cooper, Camille13-8Oak Hill Middle School
Pinkney, Trinity13-8Memorial MS
Smith, McKenzie13-6.75Carrollton Middle School
Torres, Laila13-6Mill Creek Junior Hawks
Hagler, Sloan13-5.25Chamblee MS
Simon, Sienna13-5Chamblee MS
Harris, Adara13-5Pace Academy MS
Lanier, Deoni13-5North Paulding Jr. High
Eberhart, Destynee13-4Martin Luther King Jr. Middle Sc
Holland, Rayleigh13-4Bay Springs Middle School
Eke-Okoro, Onyekachi13-3Southwest Atlanta Christian
Daniels, Jewel13-3W.R. Coile Middle School
Phillips, AubrieKate13-3Jefferson Middle School
Howard, Milani13-1Sutton MS
Anderson, Reagan13-0Dynasty Track Club
Whited, Patience12-10Stephenson MS
Weeks, Ansley12-10Fairplay Middle School
Brown, Mia12-8.25Dynasty Track Club
Hood, Addilyn12-6.5Central Middle School
Thrasher, Myriah12-5.25Amana Academy
Adams, Hayden12-4Henderson MS
Kelly, Sadie12-0Trickum Middle School
Torres, Kaila12-0Mill Creek Junior Hawks
Crawford, Nasiya11-8Villa Rica Middle School
Strickland, Za'miah11-6.25Villa Rica Middle School
Barr, Chloe11-1St. Benedicts Episcopal School
Oliney, De'Anah11-0Clarke Central Middle School
Ramzan, Aleen10-7.3Amana Academy
Snyder, Lark10-7Sutton MS
Colquhoun, Lily-Colette10-5St. Benedicts Episcopal School
Simmons, Olivia10-0Trickum Middle School
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Sims, Nye'zurri9-3
Mount, Macey8-6Central Middle School
Jackson, Sydney8-0Cartersville MS
Kimball, Riley8-0Central Middle School
Turner, Kaile8-0Hebron Christian
Webb, Anna Kate7-6
Brookshire, Bella7-6Bay Springs Middle School
Ball, Ruthy7-4Carrollton Middle School
Dickerson, Colette7-3Henderson MS
Moreland, Aubrey7-0Heard County Middle School
Denham, Bentley7-0Cartersville MS
Norris, Kyra6-6Franklin County MS
Radcliff, Reagan6-6
Ballard, Bailey6-4
Schwartz, Avery6-2Davis Academy
Baldwin, Hannah6-2Marietta Middle School
Proctor, Kynlee5-6Bay Springs Middle School
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Cason, Kennedy43-0.5Landmark Christian School
Adams, Caroline39-6.5Bremen MS
Thompson, Tekla39-3
Moore-Harris, Tytianna37-9Stephenson MS
Thornton, Sierra37-3Chamblee MS
Renfroe, Shawntee36-1Oak Hill Middle School
Hendrix, Leela36-1Carrollton Middle School
Johnson, Lauren36-0
Hall, Schyular35-5.5Monroe County MS
Brock, Carder35-1Cartersville MS
Ebeloue, Amakena34-8Cartersville MS
White, Peyton34-3.5Carrollton Middle School
Cochran, Jada34-1Franklin County MS
Price, Peyton33-10West Laurens Middle School
Watts, Kiara33-5Hebron Christian
Hughes, Brooklynn33-5
Mustard, Hannah33-3
Parish, Gabrielle33-2Factory Shoals MS
Hilbert, Kayden33-0Villa Rica Middle School
Jones, Faith32-11Lumpkin County MS
Vaughan, Meryl32-9Henderson MS
Tanner, Carly32-8Franklin County MS
Ivey, Tykessia32-2Oak Hill Middle School
Gilley, Audrey31-9
Robinson, Lillie24-93Trickum Middle School
Earwood, Emmaleigh31-8Temple Middle School
Godwin, Kj31-5Fairplay Middle School
Moss, Madison31-1Warren County Middle School
York, Elizabeth30-11Oconee County MS
Kitchen, Kloee30-4North Georgia Mountain Track Clu
Ghorley, Shelly Grace30-2North Georgia Mountain Track Clu
Pierce, Ava30-1Fairplay Middle School
Mckay, Lisa29-3.5Bay Springs Middle School
Harris, Eden29-2Henderson MS
Hanson, Brooklyn29-2W.R. Coile Middle School
Smith, Kenley28-8.5West Laurens Middle School
Acheampong, Grace28-8.5Marietta Middle School
Brown, Khloe28-8Hilsman MS
Duren, Havolynn28-7Jefferson Middle School
Halpin, Samantha28-0Perimeter Christian School
Bankston, Ta'Lia27-9Adamson MS
Johnson, Yuri27-9Memorial MS
Cagle, Piper27-4Lumpkin County MS
Jacobs, Clara27-4St. Benedicts Episcopal School
Baker, Dar'ion26-4KIPP Atlanta East
Fann, Jade26-1.5St. Benedicts Episcopal School
Dowling, Pauline25-10KIPP Atlanta East
Bennett, Katlyn25-9
Hernandez, Arianna25-5Bay Springs Middle School
Appling, Bryauna25-4Buford MS
Brown, Iyanaaia25-2W.R. Coile Middle School
Paul, Mallory24-8.5Marist
Colbert, Kayleigh24-4Buford MS
Mateen, Alima24-4Allatoona Junior Bucs
Jackson, Journei24-4Hilsman MS
Olsen, Amelia23-10Marietta Middle School
Shaw, Bellaire23-4Genesis Innovation Academy
Edghill, Jayla22-1Memorial MS
Moody, Harper21-2.5Bremen MS
Turner, Ella20-0Liberty MS (Cumming)
Stephens, Morgan19-7Shiloh Middle School
James, Melanie19-5.5Atlanta Track Club
David, Mykaila19-2Shiloh Middle School
Mitchell, Gabriela18-8Amana Academy
Cash, Elizabeth17-3Atlanta Track Club
Lonon, Amaya12-5Clarke Central Middle School
Williams, Alessindria11-6Clarke Central Middle School
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Phillips, Emma36-6Central Middle School
Reese, Aszlyin35-7Bay Springs Middle School
Bennett, Jenna Kate34-6West Laurens Middle School
Johnson, Jordan33-8.75Lane 4 Track Club
Donner, Linden33-7.25St. Francis MS
Davis, Sophia33-7Henderson MS
Howard, Sydney33-0.25West Laurens Middle School
Maniece, Morgan32-11Loganville MS
Freeman, Riley32-9.25W.R. Coile Middle School
Davis, Hadley32-6Cartersville MS
Kendall, Azhia32-5Heard County Middle School
Owen, Dulce32-3Marietta Middle School
Kight, Drew32-1.5Greater Atlanta Christian
Cantrell, Kennedy31-4Fairplay Middle School
Pope, Khloe31-4Memorial MS
Harvey, Samantha31-3St. Francis MS
King, Layana31-0.5Memorial MS
Wunn, Arabella30-10Buford MS
Hallmark, Chloe30-7Fairplay Middle School
Wrigley, Megan30-6.5Pace Academy MS
Wrigley, Katie30-6Pace Academy MS
O'Ferrall, Brinley30-3.5Dalton Middle School
Fowler, Lila30-1.5Oconee County MS
Woodard, Drea'30-0.75Marietta Middle School
Singleton, Zoe30-0RunnerzRule
Henry, Jatajah30-0Veterans Memorial Middle School
Manders, Lila29-9.25Buford MS
Jackson, Kennedy29-9Chestnut Log MS
Franklin, Kenleigh29-8Oak Hill Middle School
Silvers, Emery29-6.5Dalton Middle School
Kendrix, Harlow29-6Carrollton Middle School
Wood, Evelyn29-4.5
Marling, Andersen29-3Lumpkin County MS
Christian, Karlee29-2.25Cartersville MS
Howren, Elle28-11.25Mount Paran Christian School
Owensby, Cristiana28-9Central Middle School
Smith, Maliyah28-7.5Skyscraper Athletics
Holland, Rayleigh28-7Bay Springs Middle School
Day, Lexie28-6Oconee County MS
Bexley, Hayden28-6Carrollton Middle School
Freeman, Addisyn28-1Morgan County MS
Butts, Aubree28-0
Cheatwood, Addison27-11.5Bremen MS
Boyd, Serenity27-6Oak Hill Middle School
Cole, Lauren27-2.5Stephenson MS
Roesch, Maya27-0RunnerzRule
Merritt, Zy26-7.5Franklin County MS
Cofield, Pinckney26-7Morgan County MS
Daniels, Jewel25-9W.R. Coile Middle School
Barr, Chloe25-7St. Benedicts Episcopal School
Rivera, Aliana25-6Gainesville MS
Mazursky, Maryjane25-5.5North Georgia Mountain Track Clu
Jones, Nakiyah25-0Monroe County MS
Adams, Hayden24-10.75Henderson MS
Thames, Ev23-0Chestnut Log MS
Colquhoun, Lily-Colette22-9.5St. Benedicts Episcopal School