TBT: Watch Ervin Pearson Run US #2 & Break 400m State Record

This is an epic 400m race for the state record

I'm still in awe of this race. Ervin Pearson from Buford was the surprise race of the weekend for me during state. And it wasn't just because he broke the state record, but it was the story behind it. 

Two years ago Will Sumner broke the 40 year old 400m state record. That record had been borderline untouchable, and it took a once in a generation phenom in Sumner to break it. Sumner is now a professional runner after winning an NCAA title as a true freshman. The record he set looked like it could maybe stand for another 40 years.

But then came Sidi Njie. He broke Sumner's record one year later as a sophomore, showing us all that he might be on his way to being the best sprinter in Georgia history. That's saying something for a state with such incredible talent in the sprints. Sprinting is probably what Georgia does best, and is one of the best sprinting states in the country. So being the best sprinter ever in Georgia is likely the highest honor.

So when Pearson had the lead on Njie on the final turn, it was a little surprising, but not completely out of nowhere as Pearson was a star in his own right. It's just hard to be in the shadow of the potential goat. Well Pearson was clearly tired of being in that shadow and when it looked like Njie passed him on the final straight and was destined to win again, Pearson dug deep and found just a little bit more. He timed his dive perfectly and got his chest across the line just before Njie did to not only take home his first individual state title, but a new state record that might be the most impressive record of them all.

What a race. I could watch this thing on repeat and still have my jaw on the floor afterwards.