Revisiting Best Storylines: 2024 Georgia Outdoor T&F Season

Claire Petersen from Blessed Trinity may not have gotten the respect she deserved heading into this season.

Back in early February I wrote this article predicting and counting down the top ten storylines from the 2024 track and field season. You also voted which ones you thought would be the most interesting too, and your order was similar to mine. So I thought now that the season is over, it would be fun to look back on those predictions and that countdown and see how I did. So what I'm going to do is take a look at each prediction and give it a label of "Hit", "Bust" or "Push" meaning that I either hit the nail on the head with how interesting that storyline was, was completely off base making it a bust, or was kind of right and kind of wrong making it a push. And I'll give a brief description of why. Then I want to point out any storylines that I missed on heading into this season that don't really fit into these categories. And I'll leave you with a final ranking of each storyline to close out this incredible track and field season.

Hit, Bust, Push


Final Rankings