6A Boys Pre-Season Outlook

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Marietta: Need we say more? The team to beat is absolutely the Blue Devils. They return 5 of their top 7 from last year’s championship team and 3 guys under 4:33 (Benson at 4:17/1:54) in the mile and 4 guys at sub 10:05 in the 3200m. They enter the season as a confident #1 led by Khayvon Benson, Ben Patterson, and Carlos Torres.

Mill Creek: Despite the loss of Jordan Ashwood to soccer, Mill Creek enters the season returning 4 guys sub 10:05 in the 3200m including Sam Costa who looks to be a threat for the individual crown. An improved Noah Hollis and Gavin Childers will help lead the charge as the Hawks look to have a successful 2015 campaign and close the gap on Marietta while distancing themselves from the numerous other suitors.

Milton: Milton returns several heavy hitters from their 4th place team last year. Included in Milton’s 4 sub 4:40 returners/4 sub 10:15 returners is Jack Bluth who will seek revenge after a disappointing end to last XC season. Matt McGorrey and Sam Bowers look to be strong at the 2-3 spot. Milton has plenty of depth on their roster to fill in the missing 2 spots to threaten all but Marietta for the podium.

Lambert: Lambert is only a surprise this high up the list if you’ve not been paying attention. Aside from their obvious ace in Jonathan Schwind (4:15/9:22), Lambert returns 5 of their top 7 from last year’s 9th place state team including Tyler Fox, Byron Grogan, and Christopher Sharp. Additionally, Lambert added two new faces in track season

Peachtree Ridge: Despite the loss of #1 Isaac Penman, The Ridge returns 5 of their top 7 from last year’s 7th place team. The Ridge had a solid track season placing 5 guys under 10:30 including 3 sub 10:10. They also have some depth with 7 milers under 4:50 and many more not far behind. Look for Peachtree Ridge to push the envelope a little as they chase a podium spot led by Nate Reichard.

Walton: Walton loses much of their 6th place team from last year, but a strong track season by their former role players puts them right back in the mix. Andrew Singh will be ready for the ‘big time’ as their #1. In addition, Walton returns 7 guys under 11:00 in the 3200m including 2 sub 10:00 and 3 others under 10:45. Walton is always a team to take seriously as a podium contender, and this year is no different.

Brookwood: Yes- a surprise this low on the list. On paper, this looks to be Coach Dehnke’s biggest challenge keeping Brookwood’s legendary podium streak alive. Jordan Bullock, Patrick Smith, Gruem Tesfamariam, and Dylan Vitovic look to lead the Bronco charge as they return 7 guys who averaged sub 18:00 in the 5K last season. Couple that with 7 guys under 11:00 and 10+ guys under 5:00, Brookwood certainly has depth. To the casual fan, Brookwood has more questions than answers… but anyone who has followed the Broncos historic program knows they’ll do whatever it takes to leave Carrollton with a trophy.

Etowah: After finishing within 20 points of their first state trophy last year, Etowah returns 4 from their state team last year. Led by Blake Beavers (4:32/9:59), Etowah may have lost a step with the loss of Michael Perona and other talent from 2014. Keeping that in mind, Etowah still put 2 under 10:10 and 2 more under 10:50 in the 3200m this track season and had 6 guys break 5:00 in the 1600m. Couple that with 3 guys averaging sub 17:30 and 2 more under 18:05 in the 5K last season, you’d be foolish to completely count them out.

Woodstock, to me, is the most intriguing and unpredictable team on this list. They didn’t qualify for state last year in their difficult region… that looks like it motivated them in track season. Woodstock returns 7 guys who broke 10:50 in the 3200m and 10+ who broke 5:00 in the 1600m. They do lack a true front runner though which will hurt on the big stage, but if a couple of their guys close the gap to the front, Woodstock could be a very dangerous team.

Despite losing some top talent from last year’s 11th place team, South Forsyth still managed to place 5 guys under 5:00 in track along with 3 guys sub 10:55 in the 3200. They’ll need some help from their role players though if they’re going to move up this list.

Watch list: Harrison, Pope, Northview, Lowndes, West Forsyth, Lakeside-Dekalb, North Cobb, Parkview, Mountain View, North Paulding. As usual, there are numerous teams that could find their way into the top 10 should other teams on this list falter. Watch out for these teams and more in the first weeks of the season.

Based on Returners Best Times from 2014:

1Marietta High School (GA)41
1) Khayvonn Benson15:39.233
2) Ben Patterson15:41.125
3) Hayden Tullos15:46.768
4) Carlos Torres15:52.1011
5) David Savic15:59.6414
Average Time: 15:47.77 Total Time: 1:18:58.85 1-5 Split: 20.41
6) Jon London17:55.29168
7) Jake French18:01.35188
2Milton High School (GA)131
1) Jack Bluth15:50.139
2) Sam Bowers16:04.6616
3) Matt McGorrey16:13.0017
4) John Fravel16:40.1043
5) Michael McCarthy16:43.6746
Average Time: 16:18.31 Total Time: 1:21:31.56 1-5 Split: 53.54
6) Clay Marshall16:50.0957
7) Jacques Du Plessis17:11.3096
3Mill Creek High School (GA)181
1) Sam Costa15:40.494
2) Noah Hollis16:22.8325
3) Jordan Ashwood16:26.6628
4) Gavin Childers16:30.7931
5) Delaney Moore17:10.2193
Average Time: 16:26.20 Total Time: 1:22:10.98 1-5 Split: 1:29.72
6) Steven Velazquez17:21.00110
7) Eric O'Hara17:21.23112
4South Forsyth High School (GA)211
1) Matt Patterson15:59.5013
2) Trevor Kane16:15.6019
3) Luke Francis16:29.6030
4) Nicholas Warner16:50.8063
5) Collin Smith17:04.8086
Average Time: 16:32.06 Total Time: 1:22:40.30 1-5 Split: 1:05.30
6) Santiago Ortiz17:21.12111
7) Joshua Patterson17:29.40123
5Walton High School (GA)222
1) Andrew Singh15:42.737
2) Ben Dahlgren15:58.0012
3) Andrew Peck16:54.1865
4) Seth Robbins16:54.4166
5) Harrison Holden16:57.9172
Average Time: 16:29.45 Total Time: 1:22:27.23 1-5 Split: 1:15.18
6) Addison Cahill17:20.78106
7) Wyatt Womack17:44.49148
6Peachtree Ridge High School (GA)233
1) Nate Reichard16:16.9121
2) Teja Gummadi16:36.4238
3) Pedro Solares16:44.1847
4) Kyle Green16:47.1053
5) Jack Bradley16:59.7574
Average Time: 16:40.87 Total Time: 1:23:24.36 1-5 Split: 42.84
6) Jayson Sutton17:06.9490
7) Alex Haggard17:22.63113
7Lambert HS (GA)243
1) Jonathan Schwind16:01.0015
2) Byron Grogan16:32.0735
3) Tyler Fox16:45.4448
4) Christopher Sharp16:50.4461
5) Kyle Vargas17:03.7184
Average Time: 16:38.53 Total Time: 1:23:12.66 1-5 Split: 1:02.71
6) Parker Fredrick17:12.0097
7) Jacob Merrill17:21.00108
8Etowah (GA)251
1) Blake Beavers16:19.1322
2) Sam Donley16:30.9432
3) Marc Reiser16:49.0054
4) Nick Cooke16:50.0055
5) Dylan Simpson17:06.1288
Average Time: 16:43.04 Total Time: 1:23:35.19 1-5 Split: 46.99
6) Austin Stephan17:21.00109
7) Per Ellingson17:38.86138
9Brookwood (GA)303
1) Dylan Vitovic16:46.8051
2) Jordan Bullock16:50.1058
3) Patrick Smith16:50.2259
4) Zunair Manzoor16:55.0067
5) Ben Cook16:55.0568
Average Time: 16:51.43 Total Time: 1:24:17.17 1-5 Split: 8.25
6) Stuart Jones16:59.7073
7) Gruem Tesfamariam16:59.9076
10Lowndes High School (GA)318
1) Chance Roe16:31.3133
2) Dylan Rogers16:40.0042
3) Andrew Elam16:43.0044
4) Elijah Boyd17:10.8095
5) Will Smith17:19.50104
Average Time: 16:52.92 Total Time: 1:24:24.61 1-5 Split: 48.19
6) Daniel Swilley17:54.00166
7) Walker Johnson18:19.70226
11Woodstock High School (GA)322
1) Corey Champion16:34.6336
2) Austin Bailey16:46.9852
3) Kyle Pawlowski16:56.5070
4) John Baumgartner17:02.8281
5) Josiah Jaqua17:03.4583
Average Time: 16:52.88 Total Time: 1:24:24.38 1-5 Split: 28.82
6) Patrick Nolen17:17.63102
7) Dylan Mason17:35.12131
12Northview High School (GA)370
1) Cole Matthews16:16.4120
2) Adam Burkley16:26.4927
3) Bryce Meyer16:55.1669
4) Aditya Patibandla17:27.32122
5) allen Cunningham17:36.20132
Average Time: 16:56.32 Total Time: 1:24:41.58 1-5 Split: 1:19.79
6) Nick Whitridge17:37.87136
7) Joe Whalley17:48.95155
13Harrison High School (GA)417
1) Grayson Rolf16:23.5526
2) Bradley Schramm17:08.2291
3) Evan Brock17:13.3099
4) Eric Ravenscraft17:13.85100
5) Kevin O'Brien17:16.67101
Average Time: 17:03.12 Total Time: 1:25:15.59 1-5 Split: 53.12
6) Michael Schramm17:23.60116
7) Stewart Fronk17:34.09130
14Lakeside HS, DeKalb (GA)531
1) Davis Stockwell15:37.002
2) Andrew Kent16:32.0034
3) Myles Boyd17:40.00141
4) Phillip Lechner17:58.00173
5) Oscar Godoy18:00.00181
Average Time: 17:09.40 Total Time: 1:25:47.00 1-5 Split: 2:23.00
6) Ryan Wenner18:01.10186
7) Michael Leon18:30.00250
15Cherokee (GA)541
1) Taylor Scarbrough15:41.596
2) Zack Driscoll16:39.4641
3) Nicholas Wootton17:04.2785
4) Jake Jones17:37.50135
5) Grant Tyrolt18:39.41274
Average Time: 17:08.45 Total Time: 1:25:42.23 1-5 Split: 2:57.82
6) Dalton Hutchison19:01.69314
7) Will Maurer19:23.40335
16Pope High School (GA)550
1) Dalton Rogers16:28.6629
2) Jacob Brenneman17:10.0692
3) William Edmonds17:24.67118
4) Andrew Jackson17:25.08119
5) Jacob Greer18:02.86192
Average Time: 17:18.27 Total Time: 1:26:31.33 1-5 Split: 1:34.20
6) Josh Seiden18:10.66209
7) Sam Borel18:13.70219
17North Paulding HS (GA)553
1) Max Golema16:38.8640
2) Drew Whiten17:00.0877
3) Jake Windham17:05.9987
4) Jake Hills17:29.52124
5) Micah Wolven18:18.04225
Average Time: 17:18.50 Total Time: 1:26:32.49 1-5 Split: 1:39.18
6) Ryan Hunt18:24.03236
7) Wyatt Clark18:31.32252
18Rockdale Co. (GA)556
1) Dax Willette15:34.401
2) Jonathan Butler17:02.8080
3) Sulaimane Bangura17:22.90114
4) Lloyd Martin17:52.80161
5) Kosi Wideman18:05.40200
Average Time: 17:11.66 Total Time: 1:25:58.30 1-5 Split: 2:31.00
6) Trey Leggon18:29.80249
7) Myles Matthews20:35.74376
19Roswell High School (GA)586
1) Parker Roberts16:22.7824
2) Dylan Gelobter16:50.0256
3) Davis Tardif17:00.7778
4) Andrew Ramsager18:11.53213
5) Bryce Lyons18:12.92215
Average Time: 17:19.60 Total Time: 1:26:38.02 1-5 Split: 1:50.14
6) Owen McCarty18:20.68227
7) Paddy McGregor18:39.99276
20North Cobb High School (GA)586
1) Stephan Gardener16:35.4037
2) Caleb Griffin16:57.3771
3) Matthew Terrill17:38.53137
4) Anthony Graham17:41.70143
5) Dillen Ivins18:04.42198
Average Time: 17:23.48 Total Time: 1:26:57.42 1-5 Split: 1:29.02
6) Christian Speeney18:33.80263
7) Ginji Ozawa18:33.99264