GHSA 6A State Championships 2024

Rome, GA

Meet Information

Schedule of Events

Meet Program - 6A

Stadium Layout/ Parking

      *Updated weather Change

      Warm-up Guidelines: 

      (60 minute Warm up for each Pole Vault session) (Thursday 1 hour before competition / Friday 9:00am)

      (40 minute Warm up for each High Jump session) 

      (20 minute Warm up for all flights of Discus Throw, Shot Put, Long Jump, and Triple Jump)

      Below is the adjusted schedule for Thursday, May 9, 2024:

      • 2:00 pm: Pole Vault - Class 6A Boys
      • 2:00 pm: High Jump - Class 1A-I Boys, Long Jump - Class 1A-I Girls, Triple Jump - Class 6A Boys
      • 4:00 pm: High Jump - Class 1A-I Girls, Long Jump - Class 6A Boys, Triple Jump - Class 6A Girls Discus - Class 1A-I Girls, Discus - Class 1A-I Boys, Shot Put - Class 6A Girls, Shot Put - Class 6A Boys
      • 1 Hour after conclusion of 6A Boys 5:00 pm: Pole Vault - Class 6A Girls
      • 6:00 pm: Long Jump - Class 6A Girls, Triple Jump - Class 1A-I Boys, High Jump - Class 6A Boys, Discus - Class 6A Girls, Discus - Class 6A Boys, Shot Put - Class 1A-I Girls, Shot Put - Class 1A-I Boys
      • 8:00 pm: Long Jump - Class 1A-I Boys, Triple Jump - Class 1A-I Girls, High Jump - Class 6A Girls, 
      • 1 Hour after conclusion of 6A Girls  6:30 pm: Pole Vault - Class 1A-I Boys
      • 7:00 pm: 3200 Meter Run Final (1A-I / 6A Girls, then Boys) - Dual-Alley Start

      * Meet Schedule and  Weather update

      Thursday - Schedule Change

      Due to impending inclement weather on Thursday, the Games committee has chosen to adjust the meet schedule for the safety of our student athletes.On Thursday all field events held at Barron Stadium will be adjusted back two hours. (Instead of the Pole Vault starting at 9:30am it will begin at 11:30am. Etc.)

      *The major adjustment will be in our Throwing Events. We will have two sessions, one at 4:00pm followed by a  6:00 pm flight.  The attached schedule will show you who is competing at what time. We have two pits, so we will run simultaneous events to make sure we can accommodate each division.





      o   BUS PARKING -Attached to the Google Drive tab  is a bus schedule for drop off and parking. Busses may Park at the levee or at the church that is located on the map that will be handed out to driver at the drop off point.

      o   SPECTATOR- Please do not have any of your fans or spectators park at the hospital parking lot during the day on Thursday or Friday. They will be towed. The parking lots at the hospital will open up after 4:30pm on Thursday and Friday, and you are welcome to park there during that time. Do not park at any of the businesses or the hotel across the street from Barron. They will be towed.  

      SPECTATOR  Parking is available in designated lots around the stadium  and behind the levee. Handicap parking is limited. 

      GO FAN

      o   All spectators must enter the Stadium from the 3rd Avenue entrance. They can also purchase the ticket on GoFan.

      TEAM PACKETS- Each team will be issued a packet with the following included.

      o   Hard Copy Heat sheet

      o   Wrist bands      -Coaches need to wear their wristband for the entirety of the competition.                                    -                                   Coaches may use their wristband to enter the Hospitality room.

      o   Trash Bags- Please help keep our stadium as clean as possible by cleaning up around you each day.



      o   Baron Stadium has a clear bag policy which is Attached to this statement. Spectators and visitors are not allowed to bring in any prohibited bags.

      o   Athletes and coaches, however, will be allowed to bring in their coolers to be on the TEAMS side of the stadium Only.