Hall County XC Championships 2021

Gainesville, GA
Hosted by North Hall

Athlete Entries

JV Boys 5000 Meter Run 63 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Stowers, Owen North Hall
Crozier, Micah Lanier Christian Academy
Tocoi, Ruben Lanier Christian Academy
Vinson, Addison West Hall High School
Robles-Camacho, Alexis Johnson HS
Haley, Ethan Lanier Christian Academy
Clay, Noah 18:08.54 Gainesville High School
Cortez, Alexis 18:17.50 Gainesville High School
Allgood, Graylon 18:26.16 Gainesville High School
Moreno-Wren, Marcos 18:40.79 Gainesville High School
Nabor, Randy 18:52.49 Gainesville High School
Lawson, Jim 19:00.13 Gainesville High School
Martinez, Irvin 19:06.90 West Hall High School
Collins, Nigel 19:07.10 Gainesville High School
Pacheco, Alan 19:32.60 Gainesville High School
Massey, Jeremiah 19:43.19 Gainesville High School
Lewis, Bowen 19:59.00 North Hall
Le, Chris 20:07.10 Gainesville High School
Burchfield, Jake 20:10.02 Flowery Branch
Enzor, Jacob 20:22.30 Flowery Branch
Serrano, Richard 20:28.54 Gainesville High School
Pintado-Flores, Alexander 20:30.20 Gainesville High School
Fields, Peyton 21:00.80 Gainesville High School
Massey, Isaac 21:05.40 Gainesville High School
Ibarra, Nathan 21:12.00 Chestatee
Hernandez, Joshua 21:12.10 Gainesville High School
Gonzalez, Mauricio 21:51.60 Gainesville High School
Contreras, Jonathan 22:07.90 Chestatee
Jauregui, Israel 22:13.00 Chestatee
Edgeworth, Connor 22:19.91 North Hall
Garcia, Alejandro 22:24.00 East Hall HS
Ortiz, Isai 22:33.50 Chestatee
Brown, Alex 22:35.20 Flowery Branch
Massey, Carter 22:58.30 Flowery Branch
Avalos, Kevin 23:01.44 Gainesville High School
Garrison, Will 23:03.10 North Hall
Miller, Ben 23:18.10 Gainesville High School
Agborsangaya, Ebot 23:24.60 Gainesville High School
LeTona, Erick 23:42.60 East Hall HS
Shook, Logan 23:49.50 East Hall HS
Forrester, Carter 24:15.10 Chestatee
Green, Issac 24:36.00 Flowery Branch
Edwards, Isaiah 24:41.01 Gainesville High School
Vargas, Manuel 24:43.50 West Hall High School
Moreno, Sergio 24:45.00 Flowery Branch
Eubanks, Tyler 24:53.37 Flowery Branch
Delgado, Giovani 25:01.30 East Hall HS
Albarran, Felix 25:01.40 Gainesville High School
Magana, Rodrigo 25:08.70 Flowery Branch
Farmer, Dean 25:26.80 Flowery Branch
Patel, Krish 25:26.90 Flowery Branch
Abbott, Parker 25:45.00 Chestatee
Breakfield, Jack 26:10.60 Flowery Branch
Ayala, Bryan 26:29.90 Johnson HS
Newton, Jackson 26:34.42 Lakeview Academy
Kempton, Braydon 26:48.20 Gainesville High School
Gutierrez, Hector 26:50.10 Johnson HS
Rucker, Jaquaylon 27:46.10 Gainesville High School
Araujo, Brando 27:55.20 West Hall High School
Perez, Emiliano 28:08.40 Gainesville High School
Lira, Arthuro 28:17.89 East Hall HS
Phan, Sonny 29:58.10 Gainesville High School
Perez, Steven 39:38.70 Chestatee
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JV Girls 5000 Meter Run 59 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Fowler, Izzy Lanier Christian Academy
Martin, Madelon Lakeview Academy
Mantegna, Ava Lanier Christian Academy
Long, Serenity Lanier Christian Academy
Alvarado, Karen Gainesville High School
Vinton, Mackay Lakeview Academy
Doster, Maggie North Hall
Loggins, Madi Lakeview Academy
Wikberg, Shelby Lanier Christian Academy
Sorrell, Emma Gainesville High School
Hernandez, Shyna East Hall HS
Medina Tamayo, Areli Gainesville High School
Martinez, Zion 21:29.80 East Hall HS
Finelli, Zoe 21:53.20 Gainesville High School
Hoyos, Arianny 22:16.50 Gainesville High School
Mize, Charlee 24:00.06 Chestatee
Rosas, Gabriela 24:12.30 East Hall HS
Daniel, Olivia 24:34.40 Gainesville High School
Perez, Estephanie 24:41.50 Chestatee
Mejia, Kayleen 25:01.75 Gainesville High School
Bowling, Sarah 25:34.70 Chestatee
Kindregan, Ava 25:38.20 Chestatee
Cuevas, Saray 25:55.60 Chestatee
McCusker, Alexandria 26:07.03 Gainesville High School
Sailers, Christa 26:11.40 Chestatee
Lopez, Citlaly 26:13.64 Gainesville High School
Mejia-Martinez, Joselyn 26:13.90 Gainesville High School
Carcamo, Kimberly 27:15.50 Gainesville High School
Nierodzik, Elisabeth 27:17.30 North Hall
Mosqueda, Abigail 27:37.80 Chestatee
Sica , Amy 27:49.10 West Hall High School
Roman, Arthziri 28:01.61 East Hall HS
Quezada, Abigail 28:38.50 East Hall HS
Chester, Victoria 28:44.79 Flowery Branch
Goff, Kylyn 29:14.60 Flowery Branch
Boyd, Natalee 29:21.40 Flowery Branch
Holland, Addi 29:21.80 Flowery Branch
Cassillas, Melissa 29:38.80 Gainesville High School
Parras, Alexa 30:06.70 Gainesville High School
Soto, Fatima 30:36.02 Flowery Branch
Ryan, Joelle 30:45.30 Lanier Christian Academy
Clark, Brianna 30:47.00 Lanier Christian Academy
Halstead, Rebekah 31:18.60 North Hall
Ryan, Joy 31:30.44 Lanier Christian Academy
Odum, Zoe 31:40.60 Flowery Branch
Albarran, Arisbehide 32:13.30 Gainesville High School
Romero, Leslie 32:14.60 Gainesville High School
Urizar, Sarines 32:45.79 East Hall HS
Cabrera, Leslie 32:51.19 East Hall HS
Garcia Montes, Soledad 32:52.40 East Hall HS
Cashion, Charlotte 33:49.80 Flowery Branch
Mesidor, Grace 34:16.80 Gainesville High School
Olguin, Angela 34:25.50 West Hall High School
Salud, Emily 34:27.00 West Hall High School
Carlyle, Thereslyn 35:19.30 East Hall HS
Febles, Andrea 35:26.60 Gainesville High School
B, Leslie 36:06.40 West Hall High School
Anibra, Kathie 38:08.20 East Hall HS
Davis, Alaysia 41:54.70 Gainesville High School
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Varsity Boys 5000 Meter Run 64 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Felix, Xavier West Hall High School
Tucubal, Donald Johnson HS
Mooney, Everett West Hall High School
Ngyuen, Nathan Johnson HS
Palafox, Cristobal Johnson HS
Grater, Gavin 16:09.02 Chestatee
Jessup, John 16:21.31 Gainesville High School
Grater, Garrett 16:36.00 Chestatee
Retana, Aaron 16:44.80 Chestatee
Rebollar, Javier 16:46.04 Chestatee
Rodriguez, Carlos 16:48.90 Flowery Branch
Gallagher, Danial 16:52.00 Gainesville High School
Ewers, George Henry 17:00.70 Gainesville High School
Islas, David 17:02.00 Gainesville High School
Ayala, Aiden 17:05.00 Gainesville High School
Clark, Stephen 17:09.27 West Hall High School
Martin, Kei 17:13.80 Flowery Branch
Peters, Noah 17:42.21 Chestatee
Ramsey, TJ 17:45.40 Flowery Branch
Nabor, Diego 18:01.78 Gainesville High School
Arteaga, David 18:08.90 Johnson HS
Young, Bryant 18:10.60 North Hall
Bennett, James 18:11.20 North Hall
Bejar, Raul 18:14.10 Gainesville High School
Cortes, Alan 18:17.55 Flowery Branch
Proffitt, Conner 18:19.90 Gainesville High School
Jernigan, Elijah 18:24.60 North Hall
Gonzalez, Jonathan 18:26.70 Flowery Branch
Eberenz, Adam 18:34.22 North Hall
Harris, Ian 18:38.24 North Hall
Daniel, Wesley 18:59.40 Gainesville High School
Massey, Lon 18:59.50 Flowery Branch
Wagner, Jaycob 19:00.04 North Hall
Razo-Lopez, Daniel 19:01.60 Gainesville High School
Oxley, Adam 19:05.63 North Hall
Gaston, John 19:11.10 Flowery Branch
Stewart, Henry 19:14.87 Lakeview Academy
Madera, Sebastian 19:22.10 Johnson HS
Fowler, Alex 19:30.90 Lanier Christian Academy
Holcomb, Grant 19:33.54 Flowery Branch
Chaffin, Eli 19:36.10 Chestatee
McDowell, Quinn 19:53.46 Flowery Branch
Tracy, Miles 19:55.67 Lanier Christian Academy
Carcamo, Xavier 19:56.76 West Hall High School
Pimentel, Julianne 20:00.00 Johnson HS
Maldonado, Ivan 20:02.90 East Hall HS
Tracy, Owen 20:03.40 Lanier Christian Academy
Gaur, Garv 20:08.97 Lakeview Academy
Lawler, Jones 20:17.15 Flowery Branch
Karshna, Joshua 20:26.99 Lanier Christian Academy
Kennedy, Anderson 20:43.90 North Hall
Hernandez-Sanchez, Bryan 20:47.60 East Hall HS
Cooper, Tate 21:09.20 North Hall
Greene, Cates 21:09.30 North Hall
Hays, Ethan 21:38.50 West Hall High School
Vargas, Kevin 21:59.50 Johnson HS
Marsh, Henly 23:42.79 Lanier Christian Academy
Nguyen, Tristan 23:52.10 Johnson HS
Thorpe, Adarrius 25:03.40 West Hall High School
Olairies, Matthew 25:21.68 Lanier Christian Academy
Peterson, Titus 25:45.13 Lanier Christian Academy
Wikberg, Lenny 28:07.73 Lanier Christian Academy
Tracy, Emitt 28:08.90 Lanier Christian Academy
Newland, Ian 32:38.23 Lanier Christian Academy
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Varsity Girls 5000 Meter Run 61 entries

Athlete Seed Team
De La Cruz, Alexis Johnson HS
Artiga, Edith Johnson HS
Gunter, Samantha Johnson HS
Chandler, Catherine Lakeview Academy
Thompson, Ashley 18:17.17 Gainesville High School
O'Bryant, Clodagh 19:04.98 North Hall
Brick, Bella 19:26.90 Flowery Branch
Smith, Harleigh 19:32.90 North Hall
Moore, Abi 20:07.61 North Hall
Vlassis, Avery 20:34.10 Gainesville High School
Watson, Sadie 20:42.70 Flowery Branch
Henderson, Krisalyn 20:43.76 Lanier Christian Academy
Silva, Ami 20:46.00 Gainesville High School
Jones, MaKayla 20:52.83 North Hall
Bull, Caroline 20:53.50 Chestatee
Hargrove, Julia 21:07.70 Flowery Branch
Escamilla, Valery 21:27.50 Gainesville High School
Seeber, Skyler 21:29.70 Flowery Branch
Mejia-Martinez, Emely 21:30.40 Gainesville High School
Moore, Ali 21:38.27 North Hall
Heath, Ashley 21:39.32 Flowery Branch
Hartman, Samantha 21:55.58 Gainesville High School
Lomas, Abi 22:06.00 North Hall
Leetch, Amelia 22:20.59 Flowery Branch
Marrufo, April 22:41.40 Gainesville High School
Nivens, Sara 22:45.21 Lakeview Academy
Pineda, Allison 22:58.75 Gainesville High School
Harmon, Addison 23:01.80 Lanier Christian Academy
Scroggs, Anna Lee 23:06.90 North Hall
Edwards, Ella 23:08.59 North Hall
Ewing, Cheyenne 23:10.47 Chestatee
Hoyos, Alexa 23:10.80 Gainesville High School
Salter, Lily 23:12.72 Chestatee
Nabors, Shaylee 23:27.00 Lanier Christian Academy
Danielson, Ellie 23:48.30 Lanier Christian Academy
Antonio, Catherine 23:57.30 Johnson HS
Cobb, Virginia 23:58.42 Lakeview Academy
Gomez, Jackie 24:03.68 Chestatee
Williams, Alaina 24:08.10 Chestatee
Dolan, Hope 24:10.59 Lanier Christian Academy
Vinson, Pearl 24:15.00 West Hall High School
Avery, Ashely 24:24.10 Lanier Christian Academy
Parral, Evelyn 24:50.30 Johnson HS
Lucario, Fernanda 24:55.60 Chestatee
Martinez-Gonzalez, Ashley 25:03.80 Johnson HS
Silva, Jaretzy 25:19.00 Gainesville High School
Robles, Helen 25:33.00 Flowery Branch
Reddy, Pavani 25:39.70 Lakeview Academy
Davis, Quinn 25:58.30 Lakeview Academy
Chavez, Keziah 26:18.90 North Hall
West, Josilyn 26:22.17 Lanier Christian Academy
Haley, Jenna 26:30.20 Lanier Christian Academy
Smith, Mandy 26:45.20 Flowery Branch
Martinez, Jadira 26:57.70 Johnson HS
Dierkes, Chloe 27:06.82 Lakeview Academy
Chica, Sophia 27:36.20 Johnson HS
See, Marijane 27:49.70 Johnson HS
McWhorter, Kathryn 27:56.90 Lakeview Academy
McKinney, Kara 28:33.85 Lanier Christian Academy
Clark, Moriah 28:45.77 Lanier Christian Academy
Cruz, Natalie 31:50.10 Johnson HS
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