Deerfield-Windsor Invitational 2021

Albany, Ga

Athlete Entries

High School Boys 5,000 Meter Run 39 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Smith, Lawrence Valwood School
Smith, Matthew Seminole County HS
Patel, Ayush Valwood School
Keen, Aiden 18:36.30 Highland Christian Academy
Moore, DeQuan 19:31.40 Seminole County HS
O'Quinn, Will 20:14.58 Cook
Pezent, Caleb 20:29.50 Cook
Ayala, Alex 20:37.20 Cook
Kennedy, Isaac 20:39.30 Cook
Godwin, Caden 20:40.07 Westwood Schools
Mauldin, Seth 20:56.00 Cook
Mackie, Cole 20:56.10 Cook
Daughtrey, Tom 20:56.10 Cook
Herrin, Connor 20:56.10 Cook
Briones, Cristian 20:56.10 Cook
Jenkins, Daniel 20:56.10 Cook
Tessier, Ace 20:56.10 Cook
Crosby, Ethan 20:56.10 Cook
Ponce, Canaan 20:56.10 Cook
Freeman, Will 20:56.10 Cook
Burns, Marquis 21:53.80 Baker County HS
Williams, Gabe 21:54.00 Seminole County HS
Perez Jr., Moises 22:15.60 Baker County HS
Howington, Jacob 22:26.40 Highland Christian Academy
Moore, Bryce 22:41.10 Seminole County HS
Bush, Javan 22:46.40 Baker County HS
Knowles, James 22:58.40 Seminole County HS
davis, railey 23:07.51 Westwood Schools
Childress, Chance 23:35.90 Westwood Schools
West, Glynn 23:37.30 Westwood Schools
Workman, Jacob 24:05.23 Westwood Schools
Lamberth, Trace 24:36.06 Westwood Schools
Matchett, Michael 24:53.45 Valwood School
Chase, Dylan 24:59.68 Seminole County HS
Rhymes, Joshua 25:08.18 Baker County HS
Williams, Keshon 25:21.90 Baker County HS
Burke, Jeb 26:12.92 Seminole County HS
Johnson, Gabe 28:27.30 Westwood Schools
Jordan, Sam 28:54.35 Valwood School
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High School Girls 5,000 Meter Run 26 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Dixon, Mary Bennett Highland Christian Academy
Jackson, Kaleigh Baker County HS
Snider, Hannah Seminole County HS
Bailey, Katelyn Westwood Schools
Smith, Gashia Seminole County HS
Mims, Klaire Seminole County HS
Burnett, Ella 20:47.92 Valwood School
Burnett, Emma 21:12.07 Valwood School
Mallory, Clarissa 22:34.30 Highland Christian Academy
Collins, MacKenzie 22:53.50 Valwood School
Downs, Kylie 23:11.69 Cook
Kapadia, Shavani 24:44.75 Seminole County HS
Rubendall, Isabelle 25:05.93 Westwood Schools
Hadley, Savanna 25:13.37 Westwood Schools
Gregory, Maggie 25:13.78 Cook
Persaud, Sienna 26:12.80 Valwood School
Davis, Caia 28:17.25 Cook
Wood, Emma 29:09.00 Cook
Henderson, Brianna 29:26.20 Baker County HS
Parker, Gabrielle 29:27.60 Seminole County HS
Touchton, Arabella 30:45.90 Seminole County HS
Smith, Madison 31:00.30 Westwood Schools
Hornsby, Lilly 31:13.80 Seminole County HS
childress, emily 31:29.30 Westwood Schools
Hay, Lily 31:54.97 Westwood Schools
Henderson, Deborah 36:38.60 Baker County HS
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Middle School Boys 3,200 Meter Run 48 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Thompson, Bryson Westwood Schools
Spence, Hunter Westwood Schools
Watts, Charlie Valwood School
Ward, Ben Westwood Schools
Lightfoot, Tyler Valwood School
James, Dillon Seminole County HS
Harris, Tobey Westwood Schools
Albritton, Christian Seminole County HS
Crawford, Asher Highland Christian Academy
Touchton, Lyndon Seminole County HS
Crosby, Zorn Highland Christian Academy
Heard, Chad Westwood Schools
Nell, Rylan Valwood School
Murphy, Lane Westwood Schools
King, Zach Seminole County HS
Spence, Wyatt Westwood Schools
Holt, Jason Seminole County HS
Haskin, Noah Highland Christian Academy
Fisher, Gabe Highland Christian Academy
Willis, John Westwood Schools
Burnett, Ethan 12:33.66 Valwood School
Kennedy, Grayson 13:17.00 Cook MS
Eason, Aidan 13:18.00 Highland Christian Academy
Exum, Cooper 13:51.26 Cook MS
Lanair, Fredrick 13:59.12 Westwood Schools
Lane, Kyson 14:18.00 Cook MS
Tomlinson, Carson 15:34.00 Cook MS
Harrell, Brayden 15:37.00 Highland Christian Academy
Herrin, Ty 16:00.00 Cook MS
West, Nebraska 16:18.72 Westwood Schools
Dunkelberger, Nate 16:32.02 Cook MS
Young, Brody 16:32.98 Cook MS
Sanders, Taylor 16:44.18 Baker County MS
Wagenius, Everett 16:45.00 Highland Christian Academy
West, Elic 17:09.25 Westwood Schools
Ward, Andrew 17:11.06 Westwood Schools
Thigpen, Jason 17:58.58 Highland Christian Academy
Williams, Owen 18:29.31 Valwood School
Coe, Demontay 18:39.00 Baker County MS
May, Matthew 18:47.52 Cook MS
Dixon, Ray 18:57.00 Highland Christian Academy
Smith, E'shon 22:12.00 Baker County MS
Flury, Aubrey 22:25.38 Westwood Schools
Tabb, Nicholis 22:35.00 Baker County MS
Thompson, Slayde 23:16.33 Westwood Schools
Williamson, Lee 23:30.50 Westwood Schools
Williams, Mason 25:53.00 Cook MS
Birdsong, Colt 27:01.87 Westwood Schools
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Middle School Girls 3,200 Meter Run 31 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Weston, Amari Baker County MS
Williams, Chloe Westwood Schools
Bailey, Kendall Westwood Schools
Lightfoot, Ryan Valwood School
Nell, Ella Grace Valwood School
Currin, Kelly Seminole County HS
Persaud, Tamsyn Valwood School
Frank, Lila Seminole County HS
Taylor, Claire Cook MS
Roseborough, Adreana Baker County MS
Griner, Abby Westwood Schools
Cox, Caroline Westwood Schools
Soshnik, Julia Valwood School
Roberts, Kerstyn Seminole County HS
Jordan, Susan Valwood School
Hornsby, Maggie Seminole County HS
Satcher, Comariah Seminole County HS
Tomlinson, Hannah 15:40.00 Cook MS
Garrett, Ava 15:41.28 Valwood School
Keaton, Heaven 16:27.00 Baker County MS
Lee, Caroline 16:34.25 Westwood Schools
Byram, Susannah 16:35.00 Highland Christian Academy
Betts, Laney 17:14.00 Cook MS
Musgrove, Annabel 18:35.00 Valwood School
Persaud, Ellyse 19:45.28 Valwood School
McCarthy, Jillian 21:46.50 Westwood Schools
Milner, Addie Kate 21:50.91 Westwood Schools
Burns, Serenity 23:34.00 Baker County MS
Elswick, Adrina 25:37.00 Baker County MS
Carter, Deleesia 26:23.00 Baker County MS
Keaton, Harmony 27:49.00 Baker County MS
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