Athlete Entries

Girls JV 5000M run 59 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Peavy, Zaniya 25:20.38 Veterans HS
Barry, Kaia 29:33.37 Lowndes High School
Horne, Natalie Evans High School
Spohn, Hope ACE Charter
Hines, Brianna Ola High School
Urick, Lily 25:56.94 Deerfield-Windsor School
Ford, Christianna 25:51.40 Deerfield-Windsor School
Gaylord, Graysen Mary Persons
Mody, Khushi Lee County
Hoover, Gabriella Mary Persons
Rogers, Holley 35:52.30 Schley County High
Branch, Mary 26:01.25 Lee County
Ridley, Cierra Mount De Sales
Marks, Mary Alice Mary Persons
Dillard, Mary Margaret Mount De Sales
Lott, Abigail 24:26.22 Lowndes High School
Rubanov, Melanie 27:56.49 ACE Charter
Taylor, Grace 29:55.40 Mount De Sales
Anderson, Bianca 24:06.90 Lowndes High School
Wimberly, Ava ACE Charter
Whitmer, Lindsay Lowndes High School
Patel, Prisha ACE Charter
King, Jamie 29:17.56 Northside, Warner Robins
Clay, Taylor Perry High School
Lively, Jessica Veterans HS
Parker, Madison Lowndes High School
Severing, Madeline Evans High School
Whitehead, Rebecca 27:35.35 ACE Charter
Kahley, Jasmine 30:21.33 Northside, Warner Robins
Militello, Abigail Ola High School
Maddox, Georgia 21:50.71 Perry High School
Castle, Lily Kate Deerfield-Windsor School
Towns, Lynley 36:20.45 Ola High School
Miranda, Ansley 22:06.94 Veterans HS
Nurbhai, Zahra 27:06.59 Deerfield-Windsor School
Brim, Bella Deerfield-Windsor School
Williams, Sara Mary Persons
Bradley, Emily Lee County
Stone, Amelia Mary Persons
Moyle, Kayla Schley County High
Countryman, Ashley Lee County
Martin, Laura 24:17.43 Mary Persons
Bochette, Alea 21:31.70 Lee County
Umerah, Kosi Mount De Sales
Sandefur, Skyler 25:56.80 Mary Persons
Blanche, Maya Mount De Sales
Taylor, Rebecca 27:56.90 Lowndes High School
Patel, Isha 27:43.44 ACE Charter
Brantley, Lauren ACE Charter
Folson, Hannah 32:02.12 Northside, Warner Robins
Preston, Emma Perry High School
Graham, Kiersten 26:15.20 Lowndes High School
Castro-Poveda, Emma 25:46.96 ACE Charter
Garrard, Amberly Lowndes High School
Bryant, Lillian Evans High School
Applebee, Lauren 28:46.82 ACE Charter
Grabowski, Taylor 27:03.66 Northside, Warner Robins
Kusi, Nyla Ola High School
Tounsend, Abby 26:31.56 Perry High School
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JV Boys 5000M Run 138 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Youmans, Christopher Lowndes High School
Brown, Tate ACE Charter
Ricks, Tyler 23:14.84 Deerfield-Windsor School
Kahrmann, Josh 21:35.86 West Laurens High School
Druhl, Matthias Northside, Warner Robins
Causey, Marshall 27:57.72 Mary Persons
Shirey, Carter Perry High School
Gerwig-Moore, Eliot 21:27.54 Mount De Sales
Wysong, Jackson 26:01.22 Veterans HS
Cliett, Landon 23:15.78 Coffee
Carr, Caleb 22:44.47 Lee County
Rampulla, Justin Evans High School
Rowland, Brayden 21:32.82 West Laurens High School
Bulharowski, Ethan 22:27.04 Northside, Warner Robins
Nollman, Travis Ola High School
Judd, Leighton 22:34.25 Mary Persons
Burks, Riley 32:09.33 Perry High School
Munger, Aaron 17:29.30 Lowndes High School
Mitchell, Jacob Veterans HS
Brown, Federico ACE Charter
Lott, grayson Coffee
Conley, Landon 21:20.06 Lee County
Blanche, Jacob 24:07.95 Mount De Sales
Desjadon, Adyn Evans High School
Bruckmair, Kaden 19:47.73 West Laurens High School
Richmond, Skyler 29:03.56 Northside, Warner Robins
Cowart, Tristan 28:04.12 Ola High School
Lott, Logan 25:15.75 Perry High School
Howard, Robert 21:14.00 Lowndes High School
Pumel, Steven Veterans HS
Hall, Elijah 22:03.03 ACE Charter
Pollock, Tucker Deerfield-Windsor School
Martinez, Charly 24:56.78 Coffee
Perkins, Cyler 19:16.88 Lee County
Johnson, Austin 21:06.40 West Laurens High School
Heinisch, Chase 24:19.09 Northside, Warner Robins
Romigh, Trevor 24:55.07 Ola High School
Maloney, Joey Veterans HS
Moody, Barrett ACE Charter
Diggs, Tobi 21:55.66 Evans High School
Works, Aaron 20:53.03 Coffee
Williamson, Campbell 29:55.08 Deerfield-Windsor School
Short, Ashton Peach Co.
Ibrahim, Ahmed Veterans HS
Cornelius, Jacob ACE Charter
Storey, Noah 20:29.66 Evans High School
Smith, Caleb 28:24.06 Schley County High
Harris, Jackson Deerfield-Windsor School
Mays, Trent Lee County
Parker, Syrr Peach Co.
Brooks, Christopher Veterans HS
Earwood, James 20:12.88 Evans High School
Wilson, Davis Mary Persons
Bennett, Bo 20:46.67 Deerfield-Windsor School
Willcox, Charlie Deerfield-Windsor School
Ingram, Aiden West Laurens High School
Dutcher, Corbin Lee County
Edwards, Andrew Peach Co.
Gudla, Saketh 26:00.81 Veterans HS
Patel, Vansh Deerfield-Windsor School
Daniels, Grant West Laurens High School
Hubbard, Colby Mary Persons
Gerwig-Moore, Dean 21:50.50 Mount De Sales
Van Leuven, Brett 20:22.41 Veterans HS
Cooper, Zach Coffee
Bounds, Zach 23:30.65 Lee County
Burns, Caden Lowndes High School
Ruddell, David ACE Charter
Michas, Michael 27:26.81 Deerfield-Windsor School
Wilson, Jayden 25:55.12 West Laurens High School
Funck, Breydan Mary Persons
Lancaster, Spencer 25:43.15 Mount De Sales
Lively, Kristofer 23:54.41 Veterans HS
Taylor, Tucker 23:44.18 Coffee
Kilpatrick, Blake Lee County
Wimmer, Hank Evans High School
Jackson, Nick 24:17.84 West Laurens High School
Eberhardt, Coy 29:28.06 Northside, Warner Robins
Hollifield, Caleb Mary Persons
Branch, Kaleb 26:43.24 Perry High School
Brown, Jacob 27:22.50 Lowndes High School
Davis, Ayden ACE Charter
Blanche, Joel 27:27.62 Mount De Sales
Hodges, Parker 20:45.16 Veterans HS
Rohde, Carson Coffee
Perkins, Brady Lee County
Gibson, Christoph Evans High School
Richardson, Caiden 23:09.20 West Laurens High School
Simpson, Jonah 22:15.15 Northside, Warner Robins
Cox, Daniel 30:50.38 Ola High School
Whitfield, Mitchell 22:08.44 Mary Persons
Golden, Charlie 22:58.21 Perry High School
Brown, Devonte 21:01.77 Lowndes High School
Funk, Brenton Veterans HS
Sierocki, Diego 22:55.77 ACE Charter
Griffin, Jesse 29:28.41 Coffee
Parr, Jeb 19:18.47 Lee County
Crawford, Canyon 24:49.71 West Laurens High School
Gutierrez, Juan 24:11.33 Northside, Warner Robins
Djau, Jomaro 19:57.44 Ola High School
Hill, Conner 22:30.42 Perry High School
Oldham, Ammon Veterans HS
Cerny, Roan 25:33.53 ACE Charter
Cortes, Eli Evans High School
Stafford, Matt 27:29.66 Deerfield-Windsor School
Ross, TD 21:37.50 Coffee
Helms, MJ 23:28.47 West Laurens High School
Abuazizah, Amro 26:37.69 Northside, Warner Robins
Davis, Eddie Peach Co.
Loudin, Daniel Veterans HS
Moody, Walter ACE Charter
Covington, Stewart 23:42.00 Evans High School
Lin, Jayson 30:11.56 Schley County High
Newsome, Ethan Deerfield-Windsor School
Giles, Roland Peach Co.
Horton, Benjamin Veterans HS
Mitchell, Duncan 20:32.90 ACE Charter
Saxton, Owen 21:27.78 Evans High School
Augenstein, Emil Deerfield-Windsor School
Henratty, Keith Lee County
Pirkle, Robert Peach Co.
Morgan, Grant 17:21.03 Veterans HS
Myers, Xander 20:16.66 Evans High School
Jani, Preet Deerfield-Windsor School
Wease, Ethan West Laurens High School
McElmurray, William Mary Persons
Waldron, Reed Coffee
Thomas, Grady Lee County
Madison, Tylon Peach Co.
Rodriguez, Oziel 24:53.70 Mount De Sales
Quattlebaum, Gabriel 21:44.89 Veterans HS
Owens, Davis Deerfield-Windsor School
Cook, Anderson West Laurens High School
Dunwody, Ike Mary Persons
McKinney, Tyler 22:30.84 Mount De Sales
McKinney, Caleb 28:11.00 Veterans HS
Dickson, Olan Coffee
Wahlgren, Andrew Lee County
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Middle School Boys 1.55 Mile Run 79 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Graham, Hunter 11:15.78 West Laurens Middle School
Locke, Nolan 11:43.38 West Laurens Middle School
Hughes, Luke Wilcox County HS
Patel, Yug ACE Charter
Singleton, Thomas 15:32.31 Perry MS
Hampton, Luke 11:28.50 Perry MS
Forehand, Marcus 11:35.84 Wilcox County HS
Garnto, Kemp West Laurens Middle School
Fedelini, McClellan 13:31.06 Mount De Sales
Gemma, Michael Lowndes High School
Kay, David 11:55.68 Mount De Sales
Coleman, Gunner West Laurens Middle School
Gutierrez, Jesus Northside, Warner Robins
Nesome, Aidan Lowndes High School
Romero, Francisco Pulaski MS
Zimmerman, Cooper 15:13.00 Mount De Sales
Hester, Nathan West Laurens Middle School
Thomas, Jamar Highland Christian Academy
Young, Corbin Lowndes High School
Lancaster, Mack ACE Charter
Contreras, Esteban Pulaski MS
Clay, Nathan Perry MS
Miller, Luke 13:14.22 West Laurens Middle School
Hintermaier, Peter 20:39.34 Mount De Sales
Dailey, Levi West Laurens Middle School
Barker, Asher Highland Christian Academy
Stapleton, Wes ACE Charter
Arroyo, Ricardo 16:32.09 Pulaski MS
Griner, Bryson Perry MS
Hutto, Cody 11:26.91 West Laurens Middle School
Brown, Lawrence 13:12.86 Mount De Sales
Devaney, Chase 14:07.53 West Laurens Middle School
Thigpen, Jason Highland Christian Academy
Stephens, Brett Wilcox County HS
Murphy, Raines ACE Charter
storie, Carson 14:43.34 Perry MS
Harris, Maddox 10:01.34 West Laurens Middle School
Alderman, Sam 13:16.96 Mount De Sales
Wooten, Noah 13:07.59 West Laurens Middle School
Forehand, Micah Wilcox County HS
Jordan, Alexander ACE Charter
Peacock, Zack 11:31.91 Perry MS
Smith, Zack 10:36.41 West Laurens Middle School
Hughes, Rex 14:13.56 Wilcox County HS
Tunnell, Alexander 12:11.22 ACE Charter
Singleton, Michael 13:02.62 Perry MS
Watkins, Dorian West Laurens Middle School
Bennett, Gatlin 13:37.59 Wilcox County HS
Sevigny, Ethan Mount De Sales
Youmans, Matthew Lowndes High School
Waldrep, Ethan West Laurens Middle School
Roque, Aiden Mount De Sales
Chambers, Dylan Lowndes High School
Taylor, Marcoz Pulaski MS
Harris, Noah 17:49.96 Mount De Sales
Hicks, JaQuan West Laurens Middle School
Dixon, Ray Highland Christian Academy
Jackson, Nate 11:53.47 Northside, Warner Robins
Francis, Gage Lowndes High School
Bell, Brynnon Pulaski MS
Wells, Aiden 12:42.62 Mount De Sales
Osburn, Keagan West Laurens Middle School
Harrell, Brayden Highland Christian Academy
Holland, Miles ACE Charter
Hood, Jacob Pulaski MS
Lott, Dalton Perry MS
Street, Ja'Darius 13:02.88 West Laurens Middle School
Beall, Josh 12:00.06 Mount De Sales
Warren, Konner West Laurens Middle School
Barker, Seth Highland Christian Academy
Ruddell, William 12:34.56 ACE Charter
Duda, Zack Perry MS
Smith, Randy 12:13.28 West Laurens Middle School
Wright, Daniel 10:23.38 Mount De Sales
Newby, Mason 11:53.75 West Laurens Middle School
Eason, Aidan Highland Christian Academy
Stephens, Landon Wilcox County HS
Bush, Aidan 13:05.53 ACE Charter
Mclaughlin, Jackson 10:43.56 Perry MS
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Middle School Girls 1.55 Mile Run 47 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Harris, Emma 13:06.84 Wilcox County HS
Jones, Madeline 15:49.84 Mount De Sales
Nizio, Hannah Highland Christian Academy
Sanchez, Sophia Pulaski MS
Batchelor, Makayla 13:37.82 Mount De Sales
Mullis, Elinor West Laurens Middle School
Musselwhite, Keira 15:05.88 Pulaski MS
Powell, Edy ACE Charter
McClain, Audrey 11:42.12 West Laurens Middle School
Singleton, Roxie Perry MS
Wright, Jacey Wilcox County HS
Ibarra-Pina, Alicia ACE Charter
Patel, Jiya West Laurens Middle School
Henderson, Karlee Wilcox County HS
Howard, Wade 13:22.28 ACE Charter
Golden, Sarah Claire 16:13.28 Perry MS
Fore, Annie Wilcox County HS
Okeiyi, Chiamaka 13:17.81 ACE Charter
Byram, Susannah Highland Christian Academy
McBryant, Lola Wilcox County HS
Chipley, Elizabeth ACE Charter
Youmans, Alyssa Lowndes High School
Rogers, Kylie 21:03.62 Wilcox County HS
Richardson, Mary Stephen Pulaski MS
Miller, Carly 14:19.50 Wilcox County HS
Dixon, Mary Bennett Highland Christian Academy
Battles, Kaleigh Pulaski MS
Hayslip, Vivian 12:22.34 Mount De Sales
Gordon, Kendall 16:21.94 Pulaski MS
Denny, Hannah 13:44.89 Mount De Sales
Perry, Rachel 18:12.81 West Laurens Middle School
Forehand, Peyton Perry MS
Johnson, Mia ACE Charter
Lentile, Adelie 11:26.50 West Laurens Middle School
Storie, Carly 14:33.22 Perry MS
Wright, Skylar Wilcox County HS
Perkins, Veronica 14:04.78 ACE Charter
Dorman, Darcey 15:49.44 West Laurens Middle School
Whipple, Nadia Wilcox County HS
Wood, Eliza Grace ACE Charter
Carter, Vera Wilcox County HS
Marbut, Collier 11:12.24 ACE Charter
Rohrbach, Lillie Lowndes High School
Roberts, Lezlee Wilcox County HS
Bowen, Bailey Pulaski MS
Howard, Hailey 16:41.78 Wilcox County HS
Sinyard, Heidi Pulaski MS
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Varsity Boys 5000 Meter 181 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Michlig, Brayden 21:00 Deerfield-Windsor School
Hallar, Nathan ACE Charter
Gonzalez, Fernando Warner Robins
Ferris, Deuce 19:27.36 Coffee
Munger, Aaron 17:29.30 Lowndes High School
Greene, Jonathan 15:24.95 Evans High School
Bulharowski, Ryan 19:51.47 Northside, Warner Robins
Flye, Eithan 22:55.45 Peach Co.
Smith, Tripp Wilcox County HS
Foster, Will 19:15.58 ACE Charter
Medina, Jesus Eduardo 20:24.34 Warner Robins
Belusko, Jackson 19:15.64 Deerfield-Windsor School
Curtis, Colton 18:15.34 Evans High School
Rozier, Calvin 28:18.16 Peach Co.
Jaramillo, Blake 19:50.30 Lowndes High School
Johnson, Spencer Veterans HS
Baldridge, Christian Wilcox County HS
Helms, Walker Mount De Sales
Harper, Jack 24:44.38 Warner Robins
Phillips, Jacob Mary Persons
Peeler, Charles 19:20.05 Deerfield-Windsor School
Curtis, Caiden 17:08.23 Evans High School
Mosley, Zaveion Wayne County
Rowland, Braxton 22:51.91 Houston County
Douglas, Nohlen 21:55.34 Peach Co.
Caruana, Andrew 17:46.00 Lowndes High School
Morgan, Grant Veterans HS
Moore, Aiden 24:04.69 Warner Robins
Skinner, Donovan Mary Persons
Halstead, Riley Perry High School
Harris, Mason 19:34.43 Wilcox County HS
Bernal, Sean 21:15.76 Mount De Sales
Duke-Barton, Daniel Wayne County
Malcom, Benji Houston County
Mihalko, Zach Lee County
Leon, Edwin 19:21.60 Peach Co.
Wrye, Gabriel 19:44.09 Veterans HS
Thomas, William West Laurens High School
Little, Matthew 20:04.84 Ola High School
Lawrence, Michael 19:52.44 Warner Robins
Dunwody, Weston 18:46.08 Mary Persons
Watts, Jalen 22:37.75 Perry High School
Thompson, Jonah Wilcox County HS
Hutto, Kaleb 20:43.24 Mount De Sales
Cooper, Drew Warner Robins
Ogden, Conner Wayne County
Bagwell, Will Coffee
Steinmetz, Franklin 18:58.10 Houston County
Ellis, Tim 19:18.00 Lee County
Horvath, Kaleb 17:31.52 Veterans HS
Sinyard, Chase Hawkinsville HS
Battles, Connor 17:28.47 Mary Persons
Moss, Brannen 21:49.00 Perry High School
Hilliard, Jaimon 27:02.56 Wilcox County HS
Bolan, Jack 19:20.52 Mount De Sales
Baggett, Tanner 23:53.96 West Laurens High School
Tanaka, Haruto 19:39.41 Northside, Warner Robins
Elmer, Orrin 21:16.30 Ola High School
Medina, Alberto Warner Robins
Mitchner, Terry Wayne County
Young, Carter 18:50.40 Coffee
Bacon, Eli 23:24.41 Schley County High
Morris, Warren 19:36.56 Lee County
James, Logan 17:53.94 Veterans HS
Coleman, Owen 24:18.46 Hawkinsville HS
Garza, Dylan 21:04.44 Mary Persons
Rogerson, Brian 18:17.64 Perry High School
Graves, Glenn Evans High School
Davis, Keyvian Wilcox County HS
Lowery, Evan 19:52.87 West Laurens High School
Harrison, Jacob 21:13.81 Northside, Warner Robins
Gribbins, Benjamin 18:15.03 Ola High School
Mancil, Garrett 20:13.15 Coffee
Pinckard, Aaron 17:36.52 Schley County High
Roberts, Burt 18:56.27 Lee County
Wright, Ward 20:30 Deerfield-Windsor School
Keen, Aiden Highland Christian Academy
Bell, Oakland 21:33.00 ACE Charter
Rawls, Tray 20:30.20 Hawkinsville HS
Harper, Dustin Warner Robins
Alcantar, Jacob Peach Co.
Freidhoff, Brayden Lowndes High School
Cripps, Sawyer 18:18.09 Evans High School
Brown, Tucker 18:21.90 West Laurens High School
Jackson, Andrew 19:48.63 Northside, Warner Robins
Hinshaw, Benjamin 17:47.28 Ola High School
Crowder, Griffin 18:52.50 Perry High School
Tomlinson, Seth 18:20.41 Lee County
Slaughter, Garrison 18:39.64 Deerfield-Windsor School
Lanford, Nicholas 22:30.69 ACE Charter
Harrod, Graham 23:37.95
Tapia, AJ Warner Robins
Deloach, Joseph 19:33.63 Coffee
Slaughter, Darren 23:49.34 Peach Co.
Chambers, Isaac 19:18.40 Lowndes High School
Millwood, Peyton 17:20.77 Evans High School
Spires, Cade 21:16.97 West Laurens High School
Gutierrez, Carlos 18:19.30 Northside, Warner Robins
Bennett, Graham Wilcox County HS
Farmer, Matthew 19:48.20 ACE Charter
Mathis, Sheen Warner Robins
Buntin, Harper 23:06.59 Deerfield-Windsor School
Francis, Andrew 18:50.90 Lowndes High School
Griffin, Carson 19:03.37 Evans High School
Alonzo, Garrett 23:16.26 Peach Co.
Almand, Zephyrus Wilcox County HS
Narsing, Christian 22:47.40 Warner Robins
Durham, Jon 16:56.51 Deerfield-Windsor School
Dixon, Parker 18:05.66 Evans High School
Garcia, Victor 22:23.29 Peach Co.
Munger, Alec 16:40.36 Lowndes High School
Hickey, Zachariah Veterans HS
Shifflett, Jorge 21:51.25 Warner Robins
Drury, Clayton 21:53.75 Mary Persons
Ford, Graham 16:37.04 Deerfield-Windsor School
Bryant, Mason Wilcox County HS
Etheridge, Ashton 21:56.20 Mount De Sales
Prince, Noah Wayne County
Buffone, Jerry 18:38.80 Houston County
Parr, Luke Lee County
Ramirez, Oscar 21:56.83 Peach Co.
Flynn, Ciaran 22:24.03 Veterans HS
Hillerson, Andrew 18:38.17 Ola High School
Nash, Will 17:31.38 Warner Robins
Battles, Cole Mary Persons
Coleman, Dylan 18:46.00 Perry High School
Houston, Hunter 22:31.63 Wilcox County HS
Saviello, Zeke Mount De Sales
Jones, Ayden 18:24.95 Wayne County
Gowen, Ben Coffee
Davis, Tristan 20:09.85 Houston County
Beard, Jacob Lee County
Kennedy, Kamren Veterans HS
Ramsey, Logan West Laurens High School
Estrada, Christian 17:45.33 Ola High School
Turner, Simon 24:03.66 Warner Robins
Haworth, Holden 18:28.03 Mary Persons
Livingston, River 17:54.36 Perry High School
Bruce, Karsen 26:24.07 Wilcox County HS
Watson, Matthias 19:49.74 Mount De Sales
Peters, James Warner Robins
Douberly, James Wayne County
Swanson, Nevin 17:59.52 Coffee
Howard, Dustin 17:54.24 Schley County High
Dale, Landon Lee County
Ibrahim, Mohammed 18:01.88 Veterans HS
Powers, Chandler 20:01.31 Hawkinsville HS
Wachtel, Justin 14:26.91 Mary Persons
Shirey, Will 20:23.27 Perry High School
Hilliard, Jaidom Wilcox County HS
Mckinney, Hunter 21:41.66 Mount De Sales
Reeves, Sam 18:00.79 West Laurens High School
Raley, Mac 24:19.69 Northside, Warner Robins
White, Colby 20:55.30 Ola High School
Watson, Cameron 16:40.90 Coffee
Williams, David 17:17.60 Schley County High
Ostrander, Edward 18:14.60 Lee County
Davis, Jack 22:39.58 Deerfield-Windsor School
Howington, Jacob Highland Christian Academy
Jackson, Trent Veterans HS
Kopp, Gabriel 21:51.20 ACE Charter
Michael, Caleb 21:02.20 Hawkinsville HS
Hyde, Chris Warner Robins
Schofill, Jackson 19:30.49 Perry High School
Wright, Hogan Lowndes High School
Figgins, Brayden Evans High School
Clark, Kole 20:38.10 West Laurens High School
Cooper, Jacob 21:10.88 Northside, Warner Robins
Sires, Elijah 17:41.30 Ola High School
Milhollin, Hunter 18:37.41 Coffee
Lightner, John 18:52.56 Schley County High
Tomlinson, Will 18:21.62 Lee County
Owens, John 21:56.53 Deerfield-Windsor School
Burne, Raul 18:59.93 ACE Charter
Michael, Cole 20:05.70 Hawkinsville HS
Alderman, Donnavyn Warner Robins
Meeks, Brady 26:40.69 Peach Co.
Herndon, Matthew Lowndes High School
Kunowsky, Joel 17:44.34 Evans High School
Williams, Brandon 18:54.29 West Laurens High School
Rasmussen, Trent 19:49.53 Northside, Warner Robins
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Varsity Girls 5000 Meter Run 131 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Flynn, Aoife Veterans HS
Brown, Allie 20:37.09
Head, Cassidy 32:31.50 Hawkinsville HS
Flores, Jennifer 33:58.38 Coffee
Bacon, Lilly 27:24.86 Schley County High
Teague, Victoria 20:54.70 Houston County
McClung, Cadence Lee County
Paramore, Gracie 39:21.38 Wilcox County HS
Wease, Melana West Laurens High School
Russell, Kwamia Ola High School
Mckallip, Ava 21:21.10 Mary Persons
Ellis, Emma 22:34.69 Perry High School
Koske, Caitlyn 22:24.93 Veterans HS
Bailey, Brayden 20:49.11 Coffee
Ostrander, Alma Lee County
Oliver, Maci 34:50.43 Wilcox County HS
Tapley, Samantha West Laurens High School
Jackson, Penelope 21:36.59 Northside, Warner Robins
Mills, Bre'Asia 23:53.71 Ola High School
Medlin, Christina 24:57.75 Mary Persons
Mountin, Chelsey 24:32.44 Perry High School
Decker, Allie 27:15.28 Veterans HS
Vaughn, Lauren ACE Charter
McCarty, Josie 27:47.94 Coffee
Bailey, Emma Lee County
Forehand, Madison 32:26.58 Wilcox County HS
Barella, Skylar 21:31.87 West Laurens High School
Martin, Stormie 24:08.81 Mary Persons
Phillips, Emily 20:47.33 Lee County
Singleton, Sophie 21:00.00 Deerfield-Windsor School
Harmon, Grace Veterans HS
Lowrimore, Olivia 22:43.60 ACE Charter
Blanchett, Claire 23:52.76 West Laurens High School
Kotterman, Katelyn Lowndes High School
Walker, Lauryn 24:37.12 Evans High School
Howard, Karley 26:41.00 Wilcox County HS
Harris, Gabrielle 21:16.01 Deerfield-Windsor School
Howard, Ann Elizabeth 23:47.31 ACE Charter
Giles, Liliana Peach Co.
Mason, Laura 23:55.60 Lowndes High School
DeAngelo, Hannah 29:28.50 Evans High School
Davis, Courtney 26:46.06 Warner Robins
Strickland, Jane 23:18.21 Deerfield-Windsor School
Rivas, Lissette 32:17.34 Coffee
Sullivan, Emily Houston County
Leon, Brianna Peach Co.
Garcia, Victoria 23:06.84 Lowndes High School
Fullen, Ansley 25:03.23 Evans High School
Pittman, Presley 22:36.20 Houston County
Sewell, Cady 23:09.85 Hawkinsville HS
Zahiri, Farinaz 25:00.91 Warner Robins
Irvin, Bailey 21:38.73 Deerfield-Windsor School
Saviello, Wylie Mount De Sales
Ringe, Amanda 25:24.53 Houston County
Marshall, Michela 25:31.31 Lowndes High School
Shepherd, Abigail Veterans HS
Rojas, Simone 18:59.36 Evans High School
Contreras, Kaylyn 26:55.00 Hawkinsville HS
Torres, Kaely 27:37.14 Coffee
Roberts, Majada Wilcox County HS
Reynes, Priscilla Anne 27:51.56 Mount De Sales
Wood, Alanna Mary Persons
Northrip, Emma Veterans HS
Michael, McKenzie 27:59.10 Hawkinsville HS
Merritt, Kate 21:12.21 Coffee
Hardage, Grace 23:47.30 Schley County High
Carr, Savanna 25:22.60 Houston County
Culpepper, Emma Wilcox County HS
Clayton, Blaiklyn Ola High School
Causey, Madelyn 25:23.52 Mary Persons
Arrington, Rory 26:30.90 Perry High School
Blanton, Alivia 22:23.69 Veterans HS
Merritt, Shelby Ray 30:15.08 Coffee
Collins, Samantha Lee County
Carter, Emily 30:50.89 Wilcox County HS
Wease, Melauna West Laurens High School
Jones, Norma 24:06.93 Northside, Warner Robins
Joyner, Shaniya 22:24.72 Ola High School
Hampton, Caroline 21:54.28 Mary Persons
Westra, Abbie 21:21.18 Perry High School
Espinoza, Sky 25:05.94 Veterans HS
Whitehead, Savannah ACE Charter
Pinzon, Viri 28:39.06 Coffee
Balla, Teagan 24:56.52 Lee County
Layfield, Tristyn 26:25.14 Wilcox County HS
Mullis, Eden West Laurens High School
Mills, Niara 24:59.43 Ola High School
Boyer, Sarah 21:50.86 Mary Persons
Guadiana, Samantha 25:46.21 Perry High School
Hall, Eady 24:42.63 Lee County
McDonald, Iyanna 23:58.25 Veterans HS
Patel, Tanavi 28:17.42 ACE Charter
Madden, Presley 26:25.85 Evans High School
Barnard, Bailee 34:45.93 Wilcox County HS
Dorman, Chaney 24:25.87 West Laurens High School
Adams, Audrey Lowndes High School
Lukes, Cece 22:19.25 Deerfield-Windsor School
Whitehead, Haley 23:53.26 ACE Charter
Perry, Katelan 28:18.15 West Laurens High School
Branchfield, Elizabeth Peach Co.
Gemma, Megan 27:21.50 Lowndes High School
Saxton, McKenzie 25:11.60 Evans High School
McBryant, Emma 30:10.04 Wilcox County HS
Salter, Callie 25:19.26 Deerfield-Windsor School
Taylor, Katelyn 20:56.01 ACE Charter
King, Delaney 27:15.28 Houston County
Lunsford, Alyssa Peach Co.
Curfman, Selena 25:10.08 Lowndes High School
Bennefield, Kensli 27:17.29 Evans High School
Feliciano, Angela 24:28.28 Warner Robins
Harris, Sarah Katherine 23:06.48 Deerfield-Windsor School
Davis, Mackenzie Houston County
Leon, Adrianna 29:00.66 Peach Co.
Matheson, Kiley 22:58.32 Lowndes High School
Kennedy, Madison 18:30.25 Evans High School
Doe, Markesia 31:25.02 Hawkinsville HS
Sanchez, Karen 30:58.31 Coffee
Hallman, Genna 24:19.46 Mary Persons
Coley, McCall 27:15.88 Deerfield-Windsor School
Clements, Haven Wilcox County HS
Simpson, Anna Mount De Sales
Cherry, Caitlin 20:52.10 Houston County
Mallory, Clarissa 23:47.00 Highland Christian Academy
Oldham, Esther Veterans HS
Raeside, Emily
Morris, Alyssa 24:28.89 Coffee
Rodriguiz, Emily Wilcox County HS
Bobadilla, Alexa 25:14.33 Mount De Sales
Stowers, Carolyn Ola High School
Goodwin, Jessica Mary Persons
Deloach, Summer 25:16.30 Perry High School
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