TEAM GEORGIA Boys Soar At Foot Locker South

(photos by Dan McCauley)

Justin Wachtel

John Higinbotham


Championship Boys Start

Justin Wachtel

Cole Heron

Sam Rich, Mikias Mekonen, and Christian Gonzalez

Brennan Bower

Lead pack being cheered on by Coach Andy Carr (far right)

Devin Wade leads Kyle Harkabus

Cole Heron

Kamari Miller

Mikias Mekonen

Justin Wachtel leads John Higinbotham

Myles Collins

Zack Truitt

Devin Wade

Noah Hayes

Kyle Harkabus

Mikias Mekonen

Sam Rich

Christian Gonzales

Andrew Jones (1225) and Connor Old (1839)

Andrew Jones

William Brown

Cooper Bocko

Atlanta Track Club's Enrique Tomas (far left, red jacket) gets leaders' splits 

Justin Wachtel gets The Look from Graydon Morris of TX

Justin Wachtel punches his ticket to San Diego

John Higinbotham also earns his trip to Foot Locker Nationals

Cole Heron has a fantastic race, placing 12th

Myles Collins places 19th

Zack Truitt is TEAM GEORGIA'S 5th scorer

Kyle Harkabus powers to 6th on TEAM GEORGIA

Devin Wade rounds out the top seven

Kamari Miller sprints in heavy traffic

Andrew Jones hangs tough after a fall

Zac Schaffer runs a PR of 15:54

Kc Heron breaks 16 minutes

Connor Old

Sam Rich (2049) and William Brown (309)

William Brown

John Higinbotham - Foot Locker Finalist

Justin Wachtel - Foot Locker Finalist

Wishing Justin and John all the best at Foot Locker Nationals!

Thanks to The Atlanta Track Club for their support of TEAM GEORGIA