Meet Information


We are looking forward to our MDS Invitational 1 Feb. 20th. Included are some important materials for you to look over before the meet. I also want to remind you of a few items:

Entry Fee: $200 for both MS and HS, $150 for just MS or HS team

Medals/Trophies: We Will have a Team Trophy for Boys and Girls Varsity and A high point scorer for boys and girls.

Entries: All meet entries will be done online. Below is a document showing how to do your entries. They are due WED Feb17th at MIDNIGHT. Please do not wait until the last minute because you have to register your team on the site and that takes a couple days. You can begin doing entries now.

Substitutions: You can make free substitutions even during the meet. However, I will not change the names after you send in your entry. Just have an athlete run in the place of the entered athlete. NO ADDITIONS to your entries.

How you can help: We will need your help in running the field events.

Limits to entries: You are limited to 3 individuals and 3 relays per event. However, entries in the 1600, 3200, and 800 are unlimited. We will only score your top 3.

Uniforms: It will be cold, so most anything will fly. Make sure the hip number is showing on the right hip

Facilities: Feel Free to set up tents on the side of the stadium. You can use our pavillion. We will not be warming up on the field due to wet conditions.


Heats will be run as a final against the clock. No prelims. 3 trials in the long and triple, shot and discus.


We will score the top seven places 10-8-6-5-4-2-1


Results for the top eight places will be announced and complete results will be posted beneath the press box or online.

Team results will be announced and posted at the end of the day.

MS Regulations: 100 Hurdles (30 girls, 33 boys), 300 Hurdles (30 girls, 33 boys), Discus (1k girls and boys), Shot Put (6lbs. girls, 4K boys)

Schedule of Events (Rolling Schedule):

10:00 AM Runways Open

10:20 AM Coaches Meeting

10:35 Field Events Begin (MS and HS Girls & MS and HS Boys together)

Triple Jump- Boys first Girls second-

High Jump- Boys (3-10)first Girls second (3-8)

Long Jump- Girls then Boys-

Discus- Boys first Girls second

Shot- Girls first Boys second

10:45 HS Girls 3200m Boys second

11:35 MS Mixed 1600M Run

12:00 PM HS Girls 4x800M Run Boys second

All running events are MS Girls followed by HS Girls followed by MS boys followed by HS boys unless otherwise noted.

4x100 MS girls, MS boys, HS girls, then HS boys

1600 HS girls then Boys



100/110 Hurdles (MS Girls, MS Boys, HS Girl-MOVE-110)

800 (MS Combined) HS girls then HS Boys


300 Hurdles

4x400 MS Girls, MS Boys, HS Girls, HS Boys