Coach Wood Invitational 2020

Whitesburg, GA

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Revised Meet Information 9/24


Friday, 10/16

4:00pm    Varsity Boys A-top 10

4:25pm    Varsity Girls A-top 10

4:50pm    JV Boys A-all JV

5:15pm    JV Girls A-all JV

5:40pm  Varsity Boys B-top 10

6:05pm  Varsity Girls B-top 10

6:30pm  JV Boys B-all JV

6:55pm  JV Girls B-all JV

Saturday, 10/17

8:00am  Varsity Boys C-top 10

8:25am  Varsity Girls C-top 10

8:50am  Champ JV Boys C-next 12

9:15am  Champ JV Girls C-next 12

9:40am JV Boys C-rest of JV

10:05am JV Girls C-rest of JV

10:30am  Varsity Boys D-top 10

10:55am Varsity Girls D-top 10

11:20am   Champ JV Boys D-next 12

11:45am   Champ JV Girls D-next 12

12:10pm  JV Boys D-rest of JV

12:35pm   JV Girls D-rest of JV

1:00pm Varsity Boys E-top 10

1:25pm   Varsity Girls E-top 10

1:50pm   Champ JV Boys E-next 12

2:15pm Champ JV Girls E-next 12

2:40pm   JV Boys E-rest of JV

3:05pm   JV Girls E-rest of JV

THE MEET IS NOW FULL. ANYONE ELSE WANTING TO ENTER NEEDS TO EMAIL COACH CHRISTIE TO BE PUT ON THE WAITING LIST. Adding the meet to your team's Milesplit schedule does NOT sign you up for the meet.

Adding the meet to your team's milesplit schedule does NOT sign you up for the meet.

If you have any questions, please email Coach Christie, meet director: