Region 7-AAAAA Meet Summary Tyrom Brown Nov 01, 2014

Ever wonder what it would be to run like in a snow globe? Runners of the region 7AAAAA race came pretty close by braving freezing temperatures and a light dusting of snow and sleet blown about with 20 mph winds all while running around the 3-loop course at Boling. 

Region 7-AAAAA Meet Preview Tyrom Brown Oct 28, 2014

In the largest and most competitive region in AAAAA (representing 27% of the top ranked schools) the showdown will take place at the popular Boling Park course between 14 schools. 5 of the boys’ teams: Forsyth Central, Creekview, Cambridge, Dalton, and River Ridge; and 3 of the Girls teams: Creekview, Cambridge, and Riverwood have been in the State rankings or watch list for the majority of the season. Who will show up primed and ready to win a Region title?

Cherokee County Varsity Races ReCap Tyrom Brown Oct 11, 2014

It was a tremendous race today at Boling Park, the location of the Cherokee County XC Championships the last 4 years. The 6 teams of Cherokee County lined up eager to take home the championship trophy. No dodging or ducking competition, each team sent out most of its top runners to earn bragging rights on a day that was less than ideal as early rains had left a soggy starting and finishing area and standing water was scattered everywhere on the course. Etowah proved its dominance once again with Cherokee’s Scarborough breaking up the winning streak this year with his victory in the Varsity boys’ race.
Rolls of thunder could be heard in the distance as the Varsity harriers flew along the course, and with flashes of lighting just as the JV boy’s race was about to start coaches decided to suspend the JV races until Monday evening. A torrent of rain began to fall for about an hour after the field cleared. 


Cherokee County Meet Preview Tyrom Brown Oct 09, 2014

Last Fall Owen Bailey of Woodstock kept Etowah from the complete sweep at the Cherokee County Championships.  His victory in the Boy's Varsity was the only blemish Etowah had on either gender and at both levels (JV and Varsity).  All four team victories went to Etowah including an impressive display of depth at the Boy's JV level in which the first 8 finishers were Eagles. However, 2014 might not find Cherokee County so willing to hand over all of their trophies and medals so easily.