Georgia T&F All Time Top Ten Performance Lists Updated

The Druid Hills girls broke multiple state records this year

For those who don't know, Coach Andrew Hudson keeps up a record of the all time top ten performances in the history of Georgia. Some of these performances date back to the 70's which is pretty impressive. He has been doing this for as long as I've been around the sport and updates them after every track season. This is clearly a labor of love from one of the legends in the Georgia coaching community, and we can't thank him enough for his services. The coaches association also keeps track of them on their website as well and will most likely update them soon. But I just got the pdf version from coach Hudson. 

So here is a link to the UPDATED ALL TIME LISTS in pdf format. Marks set this season are in Bold.

It's important to note that some marks are listed on athlete profiles but not included in these lists for the following reasons:

-These are high school marks only, so track clubs are not included

-Sprint marks need wind readings to be included, although some historic marks are included because the technology did not exist yet

-U20 championships have collegiate athletes, and marks need to be made against high school only competition

-Wingfoot miles had college athletes serving as pacers and are not included.