Top Georgia HS Boys Cross Country Runners In Week Seven

In lieu of the Alexander/Asics meet on tap this coming Saturday, we are going to recognize several HS boys who had great races, and earned the recognition as 'ROWS'

All-Class Boys

Athlete: Luke Gaddis
School: Chestatee
Place-Time: 2nd, 15:57
Meet: Hall County Championships

7A Boys

Athlete: Jared Fortenberry
 School: Marietta
 Place-Time: 3rd, 16:11
Meet: Big Peach Mustang

6A Boys

Athlete: Ryan McKee
 School: Kennesaw Mountain
 Place-Time: 7th, 16:34
Meet: Big Peach Mustang

5A Boys

Athlete: Cameron Watson
 School: Coffee
 Place-Time: Champ, 16:15
Meet: Southern Georgia XC Championship

4A Boys

Athlete: Davis Potts
 School: North Oconee
 Place-Time: Champ, 16:45
Meet: Athens US

3A Boys

Athlete: Jack Stansell
 School: Oconee County
 Place-Time: 2nd, 16:17
Meet: Bob Roller Invitational

2A Boys

Athlete: Edward Blaha
 School: Pace Academy
 Place-Time: 2nd, 15:59
Meet: Big Peach Mustang

A Private Boys

Athlete: Joe Sapone
 School: Holy Innocents
 Place-Time: 2nd, 16:27
Meet: Kona Ice Fall XC Classic

A Public Boys

Athlete: Brandon Martin
 School: Commerce
 Place-Time: Champ, 16:24
Meet: Redskin XC Invitational

Independent Boys
(no image available)
Athlete: Jack Hogan
School: Habersham School
Place-Time: 6th, 18:01
Meet: Honey Ridge