Top Georgia HS Boys Cross Country Runners In Week Five

It was an extremely great week of racing in Georgia with twelve invitationals held this weekend. Some very fast times were recorded at big meets including Carrollton Orthopaedic and Gwinnett County Championships. Justin Wachtel wore out the course at the Greyhound Invitational down in Jones County posting the fourth-fastest time in the USA this season at 15:03 and Kamari Miller lit up Carrollton going 15:41!  Would it not be great if these two studs matched up against each other this season? Throw in Andrew Jones of North Hall, and like Ted Nugent sang in the late '70s, "It's a Free For All!"

All-Class Boys

Athlete: Kamari Miller
School: Marietta
Place-Time: Champion, 15:41
Meet: Carrollton Orthopaedic

7A Boys

Athlete: Will Bray
 School: Brookwood
 Place-Time: Champ, 16:17 
Meet: Gwinnett County Championships

6A Boys

Athlete: Ben Butcher
 School: Dacula
 Place-Time: 3rd, 16:32
Meet: Gwinnett County Championships

5A Boys

Athlete: Ryan Boyle
 School: St. Pius X
 Place-Time: 4th, 16:18
Meet: Marist Home Meet

4A Boys

Athlete: Diego Palmisano
 School: Marist
 Place-Time: runner-up, 16:07
Meet: Marist Home Meet

3A Boys

Athlete: Justin Wachtel
 School: Mary Persons
 Place-Time: Champion, 15:03 
Meet: Greyhound Invitational

2A Boys

Athlete: Henry Haden
 School: Lovett
 Place-Time: Champion, 16:41
Meet: Eagle Invitational

A Private Boys

Athlete: Joe Sapone
 School: Holy Innocents
 Place-Time: Champion, 15:58 
Meet: Marist Home Meet

A Public Boys

Athlete: Brandon Martin
 School: Commerce
 Place-Time: Champion, 16:31 
Meet: Franklin Pridelands

Independent Boys

Athlete: Warren Shepherd
School: Augusta HS
Place-Time: runner-up, 16:24
Meet: Augusta Prep Invitational