Hannah Miniutti: Day 3 NXN Experience

Day 3: Friday

Starting out the day, I woke up at 7:40 and went downstairs for breakfast. After breakfast, we loaded up the bus to go to the Glendoveer Golf Course. Once we arrived at the course, we were shown the athletes village. Inside there were a bunch of small, curtained rooms that had about 12 lockers per room where the athletes can put their things and hang out. Along with that, there were also all kinds of recovery equipment open to everyone as well as multiple snacks. After we settled in, they gave us a rundown meeting on the course and then we left for our easy run.

We did the run alongside the course mapping out an idea of race strategies for Saturday. After the run, we did strides, stretched, packed up our bags, and grabbed a bagged lunch to head back to the hotel. At the hotel, we relaxed for a couple hours before heading to the Nike Headquarters at 2:00. After arriving, we played UNO for a while with a bunch of other runners then we got to meet Colleen Quigley! At 4:00 we did a Q and A with some pros then we walked over to dinner. At dinner, they had a super long pasta and salad bar setup for all the runners to carb up before the big race.

After dinner, we loaded up the bus to go back to the hotel. Once we arrived back at the Embassy Suites, we brought our spikes and singlets to the lobby to get our bibs and chips all set up. Along with this, we talked about our race plan then went back to our rooms to ensure everything was good to go for the race. At this point, we relaxed and mentally prepared ourselves for the big day ahead.