Athlete Spotlight Hannah Miniutti of Blessed Trinity

Championship Girls Race Video

Hannah Miniutti (jr) of Blessed Trinity had the race of her life at the Wingfoot XC Classic this past Saturday, winning the Overall Girls Championship race in a time of 17:54  MileSplit Georgia takes a minute to catch up with her after this milestone performance by Hannah.

MileSplit GA- Hannah, how does it feel being the 2019 Wingfoot XC Classic Girls Champion?

Hannah- Pretty unreal, It's always so fun getting to race against some of the most amazing girls, especially with the way we all push and encourage each other. 

MileSplit GA- When did you first become interested in running?

Hannah- I first became interested in running right before middle school. I used to play softball, and we always had to run laps around the field before every practice which all of my teammates dreaded. Ironically enough though, it was always my favorite part along with running the bases. 

MileSplit GA- When did you realize that Cross Country/Track and Field was your calling?

Hannah- In 7th grade, I ran with Alpha Crush and really enjoyed it. Along with this, in 8th grade I joined with this small team outside of school to run in USATF meets Those were definitely some of the coolest experiences I have ever had in terms of running. These teams consisted of some really amazing girls that I looked up to, making practices and races even more exciting, and helped me grow a stronger love for the sport. 

MileSplit GA- What was the first big race you ever won? 

Hannah- I would say the MAAC championships in 7th grade which was considered our school's state meet at the time. 

MileSplit GA- How supportive is the Blessed Trinity XC running Community of you and the team?

Hannah- So supportive, it's insane. I'm so blessed to have such amazing teammates who push each other to new heights as well as outstanding coaches who encourage us every day. They are truly like my second family, making practice easily the best part of my day. 

MileSplit GA- Are you friends with any of the girls from other schools you compete against?

Hannah- Definitely! I have known many of them for a long time, so it is always great getting to see them at meets. Along with that, I love meeting and getting to know new runners. Everyone in the running community is so supportive of each other. 

MileSplit GA- What are your goals for the remainder of the GHSA season?

Hannah- To give my best in everything I do, stay healthy, and continue to build up my fitness. 

MileSplit GA- Are you planning on competing at Foot Locker South or NXN Regionals?

Hannah- Although I have raced Footlocker the past two years, my coach wants us to experience both, so my teammates and I will be competing at NXN Regionals this year.

MileSplit GA- What are your favorite movie/tv shows, leisure activities, and music?

Hannah- I am a big fan of Friends, The Bachelor, and The Bachelorette. My favorite leisure activities are hanging out with my friends and walking my dog, and my favorite music varies on the day, but I like anything from country to rap. 

MileSplit GA- What colleges are you interested in competing for ?

Hannah- I am just starting to look at colleges and am keeping an open mind on where the right fit will be. I am a big fan of UGA and Clemson, but I'm open to a large variety of colleges. The main thing I am looking for is a group of teammates that feel like family and have the same passion and love for the sport that I do. 

MileSplit GA- Have you decided on a degree path/career choice post HS?

Hannah- I want to be a physical therapist and major in exercise science. 

MileSplit GA- What advice do you have for aspiring young MS and Youth distance runners aiming to be their best?

Hannah- I would say to continue to give their best effort in everything they do both on and off the course. Whatever your goal is, do all that you can to reach it by prioritizing a strong work ethic, focus on recovery, and time management between school and practice so that you are not overwhelmed, but most of all, have fun with it! 

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Thanks for your time, and best of luck this Fall!