Day 3 of Ellie Hall's NXN Nationals Experience

(by Ellie Hall)


On Saturday we woke up and ate our pre-race meals at the hotel! Then we headed to the course and chilled before going on warm ups. Before the race, all teams and individuals were called to do an introduction. We stood in a line and ran across as a group while they introduced us! Then about 10 minutes later, the gun fired and the race began! After each race they called out the top three individual and team places. Then, all of the athletes loaded the busses and headed back to the hotel to eat lunch and shower off. After that, we went back to headquarters and got about 2 hours of downtime in the athletes' lounge. Lastly, we had dinner and then went to the closing ceremony! At the closing ceremony, they introduced the All-American runners and top 10 team finishers. This was truly an amazing experience and I thank my team, coaches, and family for helping me get there!!