Week 8 Georgia HS Boys Runners of the Week

All ClassesLEIF ANDERSEN of Marist, 1st (seeded race) at Great American in 15:15

7A- MYLES COLLINS of Archer, 4th at Alexander-Asics in 15:26

6A- JACK FILAN of Cambridge, 1st at Alexander-Asics in 15:11. 

5A- ANTAURES JACKSON of Eagle's Landing, 1st at Nash Farms in 16:46

4A- WESLEY JOHN of Oconee County, 3rd at Runners Fit Mountain Invitational in 15:53. 

3ADEVAN CROW of North Hall, 1st at Runners Fit Mountain Invitational in 15:08

2A- GRIFFIN STEPHENS of Banks County, 20th at Mountain Invitational in 16:35

A Private- GRAHAM BLANKS of Athens Academy, 5th at Alexander / Asics in 15:28

A Public- ETHAN YOPP of Georgia Military Prep, 11th at 2nd Annual Braves HS/MS Cross Country Invitational in 19:04. 

Independent- JACK COLLIER of Augusta Prep, 4th in 1A-4A race at Alexander-Asics in 17:17.