Week 3 Georgia HS Girls Runners of the Week

All Classes- BRYNNE SUMNER of Woodstock, 1st at Starrs Mill in 18:32.

7ACHLOE HETHERINGTON of Mountain View, 2nd at Berry in 19:10.

6A- MCKENNA CROFT of Douglas County, 11th at Berry in 20:12. 

5A- LANEY DOSTER of Jones County, 4th at AT&T Panther in 19:16.
4A- HANNAH MINIUTTI of Blessed Trinity, 3rd at Berry in 19:37. 

3A-  FRANKIE MULDOON of Dawson County, 1st at 15th Annual War Eagle Invitational in 20:23.

2A- ZOE SANCHEZ of Union County, 2nd at 15th Annual War Eagle Invitational in 20:54.

A Private- EMILY RAESIDE of Mount Vernon Presbyterian, 9th at AT&T Panther in 19:33.

A Public- SERENA KAPOOR of Atlanta Classical, 28th at Run at the Rock in 23:45.

INDEPENDENT- CHARLOTTE AUGENSTEIN of Deerfield Windsor, 14th at AT&T Panther in 19:51.