Coaches Spotlight: Neville Anderson of Athens Academy

(photo by Daniel McCauley)

Last fall, Neville Anderson was selected as one of two Brooks Running Inspiring Coaches for 2017.

Brooks Running came to Georgia, spending several days interviewing and filming kids, and later had a ceremony presenting the award.  Coach Anderson will also be honored at the Brooks PR meet June 8th in Seattle.  Anna Marian Block will also compete in that meet as her final HS level meet. Neville is now the Head Track Coach at Athens Academy, where both the boys and girls teams finished 2nd in the Class A Private meet.  The girls were champs in 2017 in his first year as head coach.  Neville has been on staff at Athens Academy since 2003, working with the Cross County teams and the distance runners.  In that time, he has worked with a number of champion runners, including Class A record holders Henry Dwyer and Anna Marian Block. He's a graduate of the Virginia Military Institute (VMI) where he ran track, with the 880 Yard Run (800m now) as his specialty.