Ga.MileSplit Track & Field Athletes of the Week (2) Athlete of Week

Individual Athletes of the Week  2/25-3/2

Category    Athlete            School        Meet                Event     Mark

Boys AOW   Kenneth Fisher      Tri-Cities    Wildcat Relays      LJ/TJ     23-4/47-1        
Girls AOW  Malayshia George    Mill Creek    Eagle Icebreaker    200/HJ    24.58/5-4     

B Field    Kenan Farmer        Walton        Panther Relays      1600m     4:22.80    
B Track    Naquon Shelton      Marietta      Marietta Tri        TJ        47-9.50

G Field    Keyasia Tibbs       Tri-Cities    Wildcat Relays      TJ        39-09     
G Track    Malayshia George    Mill Creek    Eagle Icebreaker    200m      24.58  

B Field    Trey Oates          Allatoona     Panther Relays      PV        15-00
B Track    Jeremy Hardin       Greenbrier    Eagle Icebreaker    200m      22.61

G Field    Keandre Ladson      Bradwell In.  Tiger Relays        HJ        5-04
G Track    Cassondra Hall      Northside WR  Viking Inv.#1       100m      11.95   

B Field    Tyler Craig         Pickens Co.   Pickens Meet        PV        14-00     
B Track    Nick Davis          Mary Persons  Ross Invitational   100       10.87

G Field    Nyla Woods          Grady         Panther Relays      Shot      39-10.50
G Track    Chakerah Fletcher   Monroe-Alb    Wildcat Relays      300h      48.58

B Field    Daniel Haugh        St. Pius X    Westminster 5-way   Discus    167-06
B Track    Jamal McDaniel      Chapel Hill   Milton Showcase     100m      10.80   

G Field    Martinique Edwards  St. Pius X    Westminster 5-way   HJ        5-03
G Track    Kayla Pryor         Cedar Grove   Wildcat Relays      300h      46.85

B Field    Miquavius Searcy    Lamar County  Ross Invitational   TJ        45-06
B Track    Jordan Flowers      Westminster   Westminster 5-way   1600m     4:34.16

G Field    Kayin Mujahid       GAC           Wesleyan Varsity    HJ        5-02
G Track    D’Meka Davis        Wash-Wilkes   Eagle Invitational  100m      12.77

1A Prv
B Field    Jordan Pickerel     ACS           Eagle Invitational  Shot      53-1.25    
B Track    Robby Keough        Whitefield    Galloway Home Meet  1600m     4:30.00

G Field    Anna Machovec       Prince Avenue Athens Academy      Discus    114-09
G Track    Kathryn Foreman     Landmark      Landmark Invite     3200m     11:32.12          

1A Pub
B Field    Micah Williams      Terrell Co.   Brookstone Tri      Discus    124-05
B Track    Perfect Robinson    Twiggs Co.    Ross Invitational   100m      11.29

G Field    CaDesia Hill        Terrell Co.   Brookstone Tri      400m      1:08.75
G Track    Brittany Williams   Terrell Co.   Brookstone Tri      Discus    77-01

B Field    JJ Holloman         Indian Creek  Winder Spring Fling TJ/D      37-3.75
B Track    Jeffrey Uzzell      ELCA          Landmark Invite     100m      11.42

G Field    Kaylee Riley        Bremen MS     Landmark Invite     PV        9-06
G Track    T'aja Cameron       ELCA          Landmark Invite     100m      12.68


Relay Teams of the Week

Category   School                            Meet                Relay    Time   

B State    St.Pius X                         Eagle Icebreaker    DMR       10:44.00       
G State    McEachern                         Eagle Icebreaker    4x100m    47.76
B 6A       Milton                            Milton T&F Showcs   DMR       10:45.93       
G 6A       Archer                            Panther Relays      4x200m    1:46.93        
B 5A       Greenbrier                        Eagle Icebreaker    4x400m    3:29.10             
G 5A       MLK                               Dacula Classic      4x100m    48.63
B 4A       Mary Persons                      Viking Inv.#1       4x100m    42.65
G 4A       Banneker                          Panther Relays      4x100m    50.71

B 3A       Oconee County                     Eagle Icebreaker    4x400m    3:33.52
G 3A       Frederick Douglass                Ross Invitational   4x100m    49.89
B 2A       Lamar County                      Ross Invitational   4x400m    3:32.16
G 2A       Greater Atlanta Christian (GAC)   Eagle Icebreaker    4x100m    50.41
B 1A Pvt   Eagles Landing Christian (ELCA)   Landmark Invite     4x100m    45.02
G 1A Pvt   Mount Pisgah Christian            Landmark Invite     4x100m    54.24
B 1A Pub   Twiggs County                     Ross Invitational   4x400m    3:34.45
G 1A Pub   Georgia Military Prep             Viking Invite#1     4x100m    55.29
B MS       Marietta Middle School            Winder Spring Fling 4x400m    4:02.22   
G MS       Loganville MS                     Winder Spring Fling 4x100m    53.03



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  • acarr6453 / 2 Years Ago
    The DMR's by St Pius, Milton & McIntosh should have been recognized over the 4x800 of Brookwood. All 3 teams recorded top-10 times in the nation with their performances in the DMR. 2 weeks ago a 8:14 was run and not recognized (cold/wet/windy weather as well).
  • gawebmaster / 2 Years Ago
    @acarr6453 Thanks Coach!
  • trutrackmom12 / 2 Years Ago
    Why aren't track AOW divided into sprints and distance. For example 100, 200 and 400 and hurdles, SAOW and 800, 1600, and 3200 for DAOW. Just asking because with 6 divisions and thousands of athletes the season is about to heat up. Students should be recognized for their accomplishments in their events!
  • gawebmaster / 2 Years Ago
    We are never going to make everyone happy when judgement calls are made on AOW's.

    This is the 1st time we have recognized AOW for Track and Field. Its asking ALOT for these coaches to chair a committee when they have full-time jobs as educators, families and now they invest 30+ hours a week on stipends that amount to less than a few bucks an hr in addition to spending a couple of hours volunteering (no pay, usually on Sunday-their only day off) to choose athletes of the week. I am extremely grateful for their selfless contributions, love of the Sport and the sweat they put in coaching the student-athletes at their respective schools.

    We added Relays and Middle School this week as well (Still waiting on GISA results) A big Kudos goes out to the Athlete of the Week Committee, the Track and Field Coaches Association and The Atlanta Track Club!
  • bjaj1 / 2 Years Ago
    When will MileSplit GA highlight throwers of the week?
  • bjaj1 / 2 Years Ago
    Or should have said, how do they get recognized?
  • trutrackmom12 / 2 Years Ago
    I'm very sorry if you took the comment as negative. I was just simply asking because as a former coach and runner my passion is for distance. I was just noting as competition heats up that it might be easier to pick a sprinter or distant runner by glancing the stats, pr's, or whatever. While they are already glancing the data choosing the different categories just seemed easier if a toss up came up.
    Again, I am truly sorry if you viewed it as negative or the negating of more work. I know athletes and parents will be watching and I thought it could avoid some my child did blah, blah this week and he's a sprinter why didn't he get picked or visa versa.
    By the way, I know exactly about volunteering my time and at times neglecting my family only to get my feelings hurt by unappreciative athletes, parents and fellow coaches etc.
    Thanks to ALL the coaches that sacrifice their time for recognizing our athletes!!!!
    Also, I see I may have been asking too much because I see the thrower comment. I AM TRULY SORRY for opening the can of worms!
  • coachjimbo / 2 Years Ago
    So where do we think the big times that will be filling these AOW spots will be coming from this week?
    Jerry Arnold!
    Who will our individual event winners be?

    And on a related note, happy birthday to Shaquille O'Neal!
  • trutrackmom12 / 2 Years Ago

    I guess you have nothing better to do than poke unneccessary jokes. Whether you believe it or NOT I SINCERELY apologized so move on and leave it alone! This is why folks hesitate to comment on this site. Some of you chop heads when there are innocent comments and questions! Have a great night
  • deadsnail / 2 Years Ago
    He was just wondering which meet would produce the best results for the athlete of the week, I didn't see it as a comment on anything that you said. What exactly did he say that offended you? I am always curious when people are offended by things that have nothing to do with them at all.
  • MaristXCcoach / 2 Years Ago

    I would agree that their performances are superior to the 8:14, but to be frank, 75% of the country hasn't even started outdoor season let alone been to an invitational. I think it is us, Florida and Texas (and we are by far the coldest right now!). That being said, those times are great for early March in horrific weather and it bodes well for the rest of the season. I know that we are looking forward to racing a good DMR at the Holy Innocents meet later this season. Unfortunately with our "playoffs" starting in mid April as soon as teams are getting in shape there are no longer any opportunities to run fast distance relays. I remember running at our "sectional" meet in the 4x800m in Ohio and our school ran 8:03 and got 10th. There were four sectionals as well and not just two haha. A late April or early May meet with solid relays would really give kids a chance to fly. 4x8 at state anyone???? Anyone??? Bueller??