Meet Information

I will be emailing out track information ASAP. I also will update this page each day for reminders... 

All running events are run girls then boys.

All lane running events will have 3 heats of girls and 3 heats of boys (2entries from each school=6 lane track)

800, 1600, and 3200 will be a waterfall start (3 entries from each school)

Field events (3 entries from each school)

***No athlete may exceed 3 individual events. Relays do NOT count towards this

Athletes may have:

3 field events or

2 field events and 1 running or

2 running and 1 field event 

Meet Director:

Wynne Lougher

Chapel Hill Middle School

Registration help:

Note that these instructions are on the US Portal and you will have to return to your state site to actually find your team and enter the meet.