WHS senior night 2021

Stockbridge, GA

Meet Information

Online Registration Instructions

6 entries per team. We are going to have 6 teams max because of COVID restrictions. We'll have a rolling schedule. There is no pole vault pit. Entry fee $150 per team. Concessions available. Entry for spectators $5.

    **For the safety of the athletes, coaches, and everyone in attendance, we ask that everyone practice social distancing when possible and wear a mask at all times.  Athletes are allowed to remove their mask during warm-up and competition.

Woodland High School Senior Night 2021

Schedule of Events

4:30 PM Woodland High School Track & Field Senior Recognition

5:00 PM Field Events

Girls Long Jump followed by Boys (3 jumps)

Girls Triple Jump followed by Boys (3 jumps) *Triple jump will begin after Long Jump

Girls High Jump followed by Boys

Girls Discus followed by Boys (3 throws)

Girls Shot followed by Boys (3 throws) *Shot will begin after Discus

Running Events near the end of field events. (Girls followed by Boys)

4X800m relay

4X100m relay

Short break if possible

1600m run

400m dash

100m dash

100m Hurdles /110m Hurdles

800m run

200m dash

300m Intermediate Hurdles

3200m run

4X400m relay