Battle of the Blue Ridge 2021

Cornelia, GA

Meet Information

I would like to thank you all for attending the first Battle of The Blue Ridge Invitational at Habersham Central High School! Price for teams will be $150 per team or $75 per gender. The coaches meeting will be held in the John Larry Black Community Room at 3:30. We will begin making first calls for field events at this time as well.

We will take the best of 3 attempts in shot, discus, long and triple jump. This will be the order of events and start times as well as event assignments. Minimum and starting heights will be determined by entries. The 4x800 will be run during field events at 4:15.

First Field Events: start at 3:45.

  1. Girls Shot: Stephens

  2. Boys Discus: West Hall/Franklin

  3. Girls Long Jump: East Hall/Rabun

  4. Boys Triple Jump: Union/Commerce

  5. Girls High Jump: Habersham

  6. Girls Pole Vault: Tallulah Falls

Second Field Events: Start after completion of first field events.

  1. Girls Discus: West Hall/Franklin

  2. Boys Shot: Stephens

  3. Girls Triple Jump: East Hall/Rabun

  4. Boys Long Jump: Union /Commerce

  5. Boys High Jump: Habersham

  6. Boys Pole Vault: Tallulah Falls

The high jump and pole vault pits are at the end of the track near the scoreboard.

The long and triple jump pits are on the end of the stadium near the softball field.

The shot and discuss is located on the front practice field where you turned into the

school. Shot put is on the end near the dollar general, discus is on the end near the stadium. 

All timing for running events will be handled by Fast Feet Timing.

Running order of events and race times. First call will be 5:30.

  1. 4x800 meters. (4:15 During Field Events)

  2. 4 x 100 meters. (6:00)

    1. Exchange 1: Commerce

    2. Exchange 2: Union

    3. Exchange 3: Rabun

  3. 1600 meters or the mile (6:20)

  4. 400 meters (6:45)

  5. 100 meters (7:00)

  6. 100 meter hurdles/110 hurdles (7:15)

  7. 800 meters (7:30)

  8. 200 meters (7:45)

  9. 300 meter hurdles (8:00)

  10. 3200 meters (8:15)

4 x 400 relay (8:45)