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Below are the teams and runners selected for the Championship Division. The teams/runners that are on this list have entered. 

Championship Division

Box assignments for the Championship races. This includes JV.
Varsity Division Box Assignments

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LIVE Results

Chattahoochee Hills Eventing

10045 Cedar Grove Rd, Fairburn Ga

Time schedule:

7:30am  Open/Club race

8:00am  Championship Boys   7 runners

8:30am  Championship Girls    7 runners

9:00am  JV Championship Boys   10 runners

9:30am  JV II Championship Boys  10 runners

10:00am JV III Championship Boys   unlimited

10:30am JV Championship Girls   10 runners

11:00am JV II Championship Girls  10 runners

11:30am  JV III Championship Girls   unlimited 

12:00pm  6a-7A Varsity Boys    7 runners 

12:30pm  6A-7A Varsity Girls  7 runners

1:00pm    6A-7A JV Boys  10 runners

1:30pm   6A-7A  JV II Boys  unlimited

2:00pm    6A-7A JV Girls   unlimited

2:30pm     4A-5A Varsity Boys  7 runners

3:00pm    4A-5A Varsity Girls  7 runners

3:30pm   4A-5A JV Boys unlimited

4:00pm   4A-5A JV Girls  unlimited

4:30pm   1A-3A Varsity Boys   7 runners

5:00pm  1A-3A Girls   unlimited

5:30pm  1A-3A JV Boys  unlimited

No Middle School races this year.

Championship division
: Because of the Covid guidelines, teams that run in the Championship division will be picked by a committee. The Championship Division will have between 28-32 schools represented. 

Open/Club division-this division is for teams that want to run as a club. No GHSA school will be able to run in this division. You must register as a club. Entry fee is $10 a person for each member of the club. Race distance is 5K

Team Tents/Spectator Area: There will be 3 areas for team tents- They will be for teams and coaches only. You can designate some parents to be in that area. The spectators will be in separate areas. Teams bringing trailers please understand you will have to unload in the team parking area. PLEASE DO NOT SEND A PARENT EARLY TO UNLOAD THE TRAILER. 

Warm-ups/Cool-downs: Warm-ups and cool-downs are to be conducted off the course. The course will close at 7:10am. There is plenty of room for warm-ups/cool-downs away from the course. 

Awards: Top 10 boys and girls finishers in each race will receive medals.  The top 3 teams in the varsity races will receive trophies. Awards will not be awarded, instead we will put them in envelopes and coaches will pick them up as they exit the meet. 

Entry Fees:

$280 per school, 140 per team.

All entries are due September 30th at 11:59pm

**There will be a $5 charge per person for admission. GHSA passes and athletes are free.

**Coaches that do not meet the deadline for entries will be charged a late fee.

Make checks payable to:

Alexander XC/TF Booster Club

Send checks to:

Attn: Valli Robinson

6500 Alexander Parkway

Douglasville, GA 30135

Any questions email