South Metro Classic #4 2019

Atlanta, GA
Hosted by Westlake

Meet Information

*Due to construction at Westlake this race will be a 2 Mile Race.

The entry fee for this 1 meet is $50.00 per meet per gender (ex. girls $50...girls & boys $100). If you are participating in all 6 meets, the entry fee is a flat $250.00 for either girls or girls & boys combined. Make checks payable to Westlake Track & field Booster Club. My cell is 404-934-5500. My email is

The course is ran over grass, pavement, & track. Racing flats would be the shoe of choice, not spikes.

Boys & Girls Race starts at 545pm.

Medals will be given out to the top 10 finishers

FAT timing by Perfect Timing Group

Make checks payable to Westlake Track & Field Booster Club

Att: Coach Cage

Westlake High School

2400 Union Road

Atlanta, GA 30331