South Metro Classic #1 2018

Atlanta, GA
Hosted by Westlake

Meet Information

The entry fee for this 1 meet is $50.00 per meet per gender (ex. girls $50...girls & boys $100). If you are participating in all 6 meets, the entry fee is a flat $200.00 for either girls or girls & boys combined. Make checks payable to Westlake Cross Country. My cell is 404-934-5500. My email is

The course is ran over grass, pavement, & track.  Racing flats would be the shoe of choice, not spikes.

Boys Race starts at 530pm

Gris Race starts at 6pm

Medals will be given out to the top 10 finishers

FAT timing by Perfect Timing Group

Make checks payable to Westlake Cross Country

Att: Coach Cage

Westlake High School

2400 Union Road

Atlanta, GA 30331