Loch Johnson Invitational 2016

Athens, GA
Hosted by Cedar Shoals
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Meet Information

20th Annual Cedar Shoals/Loch Johnson Invitational
Meet Information

The 2016 Loch Johnson Invitation has been sanctioned by the GHSA and will run in accordance with their rules. All contestants must be eligible and must compete under GHSA regulations.

Admission - $5.00 for Adults; $4.00 for students

A concession stand will be in operation during the meet for athletes and spectators to enjoy. There will also be a hospitality room for coaches only.

Relay teams and individuals will be seeded into events on the basis of times and distances submitted on the entry sheets. All running events will be run as a final in section against time.

Competitors in the long jump, triple jump, shot put, and discus will be given four attempts to achieve their best mark. We will not have finals in these events.

Each school may enter a maximum of two contestants in each event and two relay
teams for the 4 x 100 meter and 4 x 400 meter relays.

Eight places will be scored in all events.

Medals will be awarded for the first three places in each event. Team trophies
will also be awarded to the top three teams in the Boys and Girls divisions.

Individual awards will be awarded to the top competitor in the Boys and Girls division.

Please limit spike length to inch.

Starting blocks will be furnished.

All vaulting poles must be properly marked according to National Federation rules.

All participants should listen for the calls for their events and report to the clerk of the course. Failure to report upon request could result in immediate and final disqualification.

All spectators, managers, and coaches who are not officiating in the meet should be in the stands during running events.

There will be a scratch meeting at 9:00a.m. to make changes and to answer any questions you might have.

If we get ahead of schedule, we will stay ahead and follow the order of events. Please notify your athletes.

Entry fees are as follows: $130 for boys and girls teams, $70 for one team. Make checks payable to Jaguar Track and Field

Field Event Standards:

Minimum Height/Distances

Pole Vault 8 (Boys) 7 (Girls) Boys Shot 38
Boys HJ 5/8 (Starting Ht.) Girls Shot 27
Girls HJ 4/6 (Starting Ht.) Boys Discus 110
Boys LJ 18
Girls LJ 14
Boys TJ 37
Girls TJ 26

*After the first round, throws and jumps will not be measured if an athlete does not
Jump or throw beyond these distances.

****Meet T-Shirts will be available and produced on site by Eagle Sportz

Athletic Trainer: Our athletic trainer will be on hand all day. However, we cannot provide training supplies for every team. Please bring tape, pre-wrap, ice bags, etc. with you. The trainer is on site for emergency purposes and to treat injuries, not to tape your athletes.

Loch Johnson Invitational
Order of Events

9:00 Coaches Meeting

9:30 Long Jump (m) Triple Jump (w)
Shot Put (m) Discus (w)
Pole Vault (w) High Jump (m)

11:00 Triple Jump (m) Long Jump (w)
High Jump (w) Shot Put (w)
Discus (m)
Pole Vault (m)

12:00 Welcome/National Anthem

12:30 4x100m Relay (w)
4x100m Relay (m)
1600m Run (w)
1600m Run (m)
400m Dash (w)
400m Dash (m)
100m Dash (w)
100m Dash (m)
100m LH (w)
110m HH (m)
800m Run (w)
800 Run (m)
200m Dash (w)
200m Dash (m)
300m IH (w)
300m IH (m)
3200m run (w)
3200m Run (m)
4x400m Relay (w)
4x400m Relay (m)

Presentation of Awards