Vote: Which Field Event Performance Was Best This Season?

Kayla Pinkard at Wingfoot. Photo by Alex Brust

We're going to finish up track season by determining which performance was the best throughout the year. The performances have been divided up into four categories that will be voted on this week - Sprint Relays, Sprints/Hurdles, Distance, and Field Events. This week we will vote on each category independently. Then next week you'll get a chance to vote on the top two from each category (boys and girls separately) and then the final week of the month we'll put those winners in one final poll to determine who truly was the best.

We will finish up today with field events. This year the top performers in the Long Jump were Christion Barker (#3 all time) and Adaejah Hodge (#8 all time). In the Triple Jump they were Dainsus Miller and Kayla Pinkard (#3 all time). In the High Jump they were Riyon Rankin (#9 all time) and Kenzie Henderson (#7 all time). In the Pole Vault they were Alon Rogow (#6 all time) and Liv Bollenbacher (#8 all time). In the Shot Put they were Logan Montgomery (#6 all time) and Imani Washington. In the Discus they were Josh Dare (#4 all time) and Leia Williams (#5 all time). 

All Polls will close at midnight on Sunday and you can vote for two choices each time. Vote below!

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