Future Stars: Salima And Aminah Jabbie, Sprints or Hurdles?

Salima and Amina Jabbie going 1-2 in the hurldes at Forsyth County.

Having one runner on your team who is already pretty fast as a freshman is great. Having two of them is even better. That's what Lambert has with Salima and Aminah Jabbie. The sophomore twins from Lambert look to be ready to make noise as early as this season at the state level.

It appears they started raw without any sort of track experience. Those are the best kind of athletes to be blessed with as a coach. Talent and inexperience can definitely lead to great things as you help guide them through the sport. So it's even more impressive that the Jabbie sisters took to hurdles early on. It definitely takes courage for anybody to try the hurdles and coaches love getting kids willing to try the event. 

Last year they started off the year as sprinters in February running the 100, 200, and 400 with some pretty solid freshman times. But they quickly turned to hurdles as their main event. Aminah dropped her time in the 300 hurdles from 53.82 all the way to 47.30, a time she ran in the prelims of the state meet where she finished in 9th place. Salima dropped her time from 52.02 down to 46.36 which she also ran in the prelims of the state meet and qualified for the finals where she finished in 5th place overall. Both girls progressed to the 100 hurdles later in the season but didn't quite get out of the region meet.

This season they seem to be balancing both their sprinting abilities with their hurdle abilities. The 100 dash and 300 hurdles double seems to be the go to double for them this season. And it's probably safe to assume they're both on at least one relay, likely two as Lambert has the top ranked 4x100, 4th ranked 4x200, and 3rd ranked 4x400 in class 7A. That coach will likely have trouble deciding which four events for them to do at the region and state meets. They rank 4th and 7th in the 300m hurdles in class 7A girls so that seems likely. But they're also good enough to rank 8th and 18th in class 7A girls in the 100. Tough decisions ahead for sure, but that's certainly a great position for a coach to be in, especially considering the girls are only sophomores and look to get better with time.