Top Georgia MS Boys Cross Country Runners In Week Five

One thing that is becoming very apparent in deciding middle school runners 'Who Won the Week' is that the same girls and boys race almost every weekend. The question is, are these young athletes being over-raced this early in the season? The Middle School state championships are still almost 5 weeks away, which is the grand prize to be attained for any of these 'Elite' middle schoolers. Think about it, runners at this age are still growing physically every day. Bones are growing longer (especially for boys), and with the stress of a lot of mileage, can the ligaments/tendons keep pace? I know of several runners that dealt with issues later in high school like this, including my son. 

MS Boys 2 Mile Run

Athlete: Thomas Latham
School: Run Zero to Hero
Place-Time: Champ, 10:42
Meet: Eagle Invitational

Athlete: Jackson Hogsed
 School: Riverwatch MS
 Place-Time: Champion, 11:23
Meet: Vickery MS Meet

Athlete: Sam Wingfield
School: Morgan County MS
Place-Time: runner-up, 11:35
Meet: Eagle Invitational

MS Boys 3200 Meter Run

Athlete: Ben Winn
School: Great Strides
Place-Time: Champion, 12:11 
Meet: Etowah River Rumble

Athlete: Jacob Tarkington
 School: Taylor Road MS
 Place-Time: runner-up, 12:21
Meet: Etowah River Rumble

Athlete: Elijah Brown
 School: Great Strides
 Place-Time: 3rd, 12:29
Meet: Etowah River Rumble

MS Boys 3000 Meter Run

Athlete: Luke Swenk
 School: St. Benedict's Episcopal
 Place-Time: Champion, 10:32
Meet: Strong Rock Invitational

: Aaron Brodrick
School: Oconee County MS
Place-Time: Champion, 10:34
Meet: Athens Academy MS #2

Athlete: Bryant Young
School: North Hall MS
Place-Time: Champion, 10:53
Meet: North Hall Invitational