Top Georgia HS Boys Cross Country Runners In Week Three

MileSplit Georgia was onsite shooting race video and photos at the North Georgia Championships last Saturday. Many of the 'Who Won the Week' selections came out of this meet. The Lamar Murphy Park venue has become a popular destination for schools in the past four years. We will attempt to recognize different runners in each class every 2-3 weeks when possible. Below are the Georgia HS boys 'Who Won Week 3'

All-Class: Andrew Jones of North Hall, 1st at North Georgia (race 1), 15:43. (photo Alex Brust)

7A: Ethan Ashley of Denmark, 2nd at North Hall (race 1), 15:50. (photo Alex Brust)

6A: Andrew Kivett of Habersham-Central, 1st at North Georgia (race 3), 17:03. (photo Alex Brust)

5A: Jordan Robertson of Northgate, 1st at Shelli Roden Invitational, 16:40.

4A: Davis Potts of North Oconee, 3rd at North Georgia (race 1), 16:22. (photo Alex Brust)

3A: Matthew Brown of Hart County, 6th at North Georgia (race 1), 16:37. (photo by Alex Brust)

2A: Buck Ledford of Banks County, 2nd at North Georgia (race 2), 16:40. (photo Alex Brust)

A Private: Nathan Dummitt of Stratford Academy, 1st at Stratford Invitational, 17:46.

A Public: Brandon Martin of Commerce, 1st at Jefferson Home Meet, 16:24! (photo Dan McCauley)

Independent: Hayes Trapp of Augusta Prep, 1st at Palmetto Classic, 17:09.