Week 3 Georgia HS Boys Runners of the Week

All Classes- CHASE CONDRA of Peachtree Ridge, 1st at Berry in 16:05. 

7A- NOAH HAYES of Hillgrove, 3rd at Eye Opener in 16:00

6A-  JALEN MURRAY of Richmond Hill, 1st at Jekyll Island in 16:33. 

5A-  DOMONIC MACIAS of Union Grove, 2nd at AT&T Panther in 16:01.

4A- ROWAN WILEY of St. Pius X, 2nd at Berry in 16:37.

3A- RILEY THOENTON of Jefferson, 2nd at Athens Academy Invitational 9-1 in 16:42.

2A- GRIFFIN STEPHENS of Banks County, 8th at 15th Annual War Eagle Invitational in 17:35.

A Private- GRAHAM BLANKS of Athens Academy, 1st at Athens Academy Invitational 9-1 in 15:47.

A Public- BRANDON MARTIN of Commerce, 19th at War Eagle in 18:21. 

INDEPENDENT- PORTER HILL of Deerfield Windsor, 18th at AT&T Panther in 17:08.