GHSA AAAAAAA Girls State Meet Preview

Saving the best for last, the 'Super 44' of AAAAAAA as they've been referred to, boasts the very best of Georgia's multi-event athletes that will ring up serious points for their respective schools. For the past several years, Georgia has become an absolute hotbed for HS Girls Collegiate recruiting, not to mention what Pro sprinter Candace Hill of Rockdale County has ascended to. McEachern will be trying to defend their 2016 title, but lost All-American Mackenzie Dunmore to the Ducks' up in Tracktown USA. But, the Indians just reloaded and are looking very strong in the sprints, horizontal jumps, relays and can score in the hurdles and throws. Top athletes are: Nilaja Florence, Royce Johnson, Victoria Agyin and Tamiya Roberts.

Westlake would like to improve upon their runnerup team finish of 2016 and turn the tables on McEachern. The Lady Lions strengths mirror their primary opponent's, but may have a slight edge in the Relays and a distance scoring chance. Kennedy Simon is arguably the top female athlete in Georgia, and could triple in the 200/400/LJ. Other top girls for Westlake are Trinity Williams, Trinity Flagler and Jada Watson. Campbell is not unlike the 2 teams above except they are weak in throws/distance. The Spartans are led by Alexis Jones, who's a triple threat in both hurdles and the LJ. Brookwood is a a strong Podium contender that can score big in the distance events, and has some opps in the sprints, jumps and relays. 

Almost every event is stacked in 7A as one can imagine with schools with 3000-4000 students that can pull and develop talent, compare it to every other class... Just look at the parity in the 800, 1600 and 3200 events alone. Those events promise to not be boring at all. Elizabeth Funderburk from Colquitt County has the top times in the 1600/3200 this season, but she will have a horde of Metro runners pushing the pace, or perhaps slowing it down to a kicker's race. We shall see..

Top Athletes to Watch:

Caitlan Tate of Brookwood- 100, 200, Relays

Chala Carey of Camden- 100, LJ

Sterling Lester of Marietta- 200, 400, HJ, Relays

Kennedy Simon of Westlake- 200, 400, LJ, Relays

Ashton Lindley of Campbell- (MS file photo) 400, 300h (file photo by Daniel McCauley)

Mackenzie Ellison of Brookwood- 800, 1600

Abigail Robertson of Walton- 800, 1600

Brynne Sumner of Woodstock- 800, 1600

Elizabeth Funderburk of Colquitt- 3200, 1600

Lauren Flynt of Brookwood- 3200, 1600

Kaylee Dupont of South Forsyth- 1600, 3200 (photo by Daniel McCauley)

Alexis Jones of Campbell- 100h, 300h, Relays

Trinity Williams of Westlake- 100h, Relays

Nilaja Florence of McEachern- 100, 300h, Relays

Image result for Jalia Bryant Discovery

Jalia Bryant of Discovery- HJ

Royce Johnson of McEachern- TJ, LJ

Victoria Agyin of McEachern- TJ, LJ, Relays

Natasha Stamp of Grayson- Shot, Discus

Taliyah Manning of Forsyth Central- Discus

Meadowcreek HS Norcross, GA, USA

Siddequa Abdurrahman of Meadowcreek- Discus

Roswell High School Roswell, GA, USA

Grace Artis of Roswell- Shot, Discus

Team Scores

2McEachern High School69.5
3Campbell High School60.25
5Marietta High School36.5
6Shiloh High School35.25
7Camden County28
8Woodstock High School26
9Grayson High School24
10Colquitt County20
11Peachtree Ridge High School16.5
12Walton High School15.75
13Kennesaw Mountain15
14Rockdale Co.14.5
15Roswell High School14
17Mill Creek High School10.5
18Discovery HS10
18Forsyth Central10
20West Forsyth High School9.5
21Archer HS8
22Lowndes High School7.5
23South Forsyth High School7
24Lambert HS5.6
25North Gwinnett5.1
26Collins Hill High School4.5
26North Paulding HS4.5
28Meadowcreek HS4
28Norcross High School4
28Wheeler High School4
32Berkmar High School3.5
33Lakeside HS, DeKalb3
34South Gwinnett2
35Parkview High School1.5
37Central Gwinnett0.75
38Milton High School0.6

100 Meter Dash

1Chala Carey2017Camden County11.99 10
2Caitlan Tate2017Brookwood12.06 8
3Nilaja Florence2018McEachern High School12.11 6
4Trinity Flagler2020Westlake12.12 5
5Kyleeyah Whitehead2019Archer HS12.17 4
6Kennadie Williams2017Lowndes High School12.23 2.5
6Saraphina Massaquoi2018Berkmar High School12.23 2.5
8Seqouya Hunter2018McEachern High School12.26 1
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200 Meter Dash

1Kennedy Simon2018Westlake24.07 10
2Jazmine Hobson2020Shiloh High School24.51 8
3Sterling Lester2019Marietta High School24.53 6
4Tamiya Roberts2018McEachern High School24.73 5
5Chala Carey2017Camden County25.14 4
6Seqouya Hunter2018McEachern High School25.16 3
7Kennadie Williams2017Lowndes High School25.40 2
8Caitlan Tate2017Brookwood25.43 0.5
8Jania Williams2017Parkview High School25.43 0.5
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400 Meter Dash

1Sterling Lester2019Marietta High School53.36 10
2Kennedy Simon2018Westlake53.51 8
3Ashton Lindley2020Campbell High School54.94 6
4Tamiya Roberts2018McEachern High School56.06 5
5Jordan Smith2018Lambert HS56.48 4
6Imani Flanagan2019Rockdale Co.57.24 3
7Keena Cordell2019South Gwinnett57.33 2
8Jania Williams2017Parkview High School57.57 1
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800 Meter Run

1Mackenzie Ellison2017Brookwood2:14.25 10
2Abigail Robertson2019Walton High School2:16.04 8
3Brynne Sumner2019Woodstock High School2:16.52 6
4Milicent Bergey2017South Forsyth High School2:16.64 5
5Anna Burnett2019Woodstock High School2:16.75 4
6Tai Brown2020Westlake2:16.80 3
7Ani Henderson2019Marietta High School2:17.47 2
8Katie Schwind2018Lambert HS2:17.87 1
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1,600 Meter Run

1Elizabeth Funderburk2018Colquitt County5:06.60 10
2Mackenzie Ellison2017Brookwood5:07.04 8
3Lauren Flynt2017Brookwood5:08.79 6
4Brynne Sumner2019Woodstock High School5:08.91 5
5Abigail Robertson2019Walton High School5:08.92 4
6Liz Galarza2017West Forsyth High School5:08.96 3
7Anna Burnett2019Woodstock High School5:09.13 2
8Kaylee DuPont2018South Forsyth High School5:09.17 1
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3,200 Meter Run

1Elizabeth Funderburk2018Colquitt County10:50.78 10
2Lauren Flynt2017Brookwood10:55.13 8
3Elizabeth Rice2018Kennesaw Mountain11:19.14 6
4Grace Ellsworth2020Hillgrove11:26.93 5
5Ellie Hall2019Marietta High School11:27.64 4
6Morgan Mihalis2017Lakeside HS, DeKalb11:28.36 3
7Liz Galarza2017West Forsyth High School11:29.92 2
8Kaylee DuPont2018South Forsyth High School11:30.10 1
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100 Meter Hurdles

1Alexis Jones2017Campbell High School14.01 10
2Zahria Levister2017Peachtree Ridge High School14.58 8
3Trinity Williams2019Westlake14.66 6
4Rayna Whyte2018McEachern High School14.67 5
5Kylan Rice2018Wheeler High School14.73 4
6Ronje Williams2018Shiloh High School14.81 3
7Ebony Forbes2017Newton14.93 2
8Aweng Mawien2018Shiloh High School15.11 1
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300 Meter Hurdles

1Alexis Jones2017Campbell High School41.95 10
2Ashton Lindley2020Campbell High School43.47 8
3Aweng Mawien2018Shiloh High School44.42 6
4Jesilyn Nicholas2018Rockdale Co.45.17 5
5Brandi McGrady2017Hillgrove45.30 4
6Jaylah Lawson2017Lowndes High School45.39 3
7Paityn House2019Peachtree Ridge High School45.42 2
8Nilaja Florence2018McEachern High School45.53 0.5
8Zahria Levister2017Peachtree Ridge High School45.53 0.5
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4x100 Meter Relay

1McEachern High School46.32 10
2Westlake47.18 8
3Shiloh High School47.23 6
4Hillgrove47.73 5
5Archer HS47.95 4
6Marietta High School48.09 3
7Newton48.12 2
8Peachtree Ridge High School48.14 1
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4x400 Meter Relay

1Campbell High School3:50.58 10
2Westlake3:52.09 8
3Marietta High School3:52.31 6
4Brookwood3:56.03 5
5Shiloh High School3:56.76 4
6McEachern High School3:58.66 3
7Rockdale Co.3:59.07 2
8Peachtree Ridge High School4:01.92 1
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High Jump

1Jalia Bryant2019Discovery HS5-8 10
2Jada Watson2017Westlake5-6 8
3Imani Flanagan2019Rockdale Co.5-4 4.5
3Rachel Robertson2018Campbell High School5-4 4.5
3Ronje Williams2018Shiloh High School5-4 4.5
3Sterling Lester2019Marietta High School5-4 4.5
7Alexis Alofuokhai2017Central Gwinnett5-2 0.75
7Aweng Mawien2018Shiloh High School5-2 0.75
7Camille Trotman2020Campbell High School5-2 0.75
7Elasia Campbell2019Walton High School5-2 0.75
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Triple Jump

1Victoria Agyin2018McEachern High School39-0.5 10
2Jayla Stokes2019Camden County38-4.75 8
3Royce Johnson2017McEachern High School38-1.5 6
4Morgan Bentley2020Brookwood37-11.75 5
5Makaila McIntyre2017Peachtree Ridge High School37-9.25 4
6Rachel Robertson2018Campbell High School37-4.25 3
7Erica O'Neal2020Shiloh High School36-7 2
8Adiyah Warner2018Brookwood36-3 1
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Long Jump

1Kennedy Simon2018Westlake18-11 10
2Victoria Agyin2018McEachern High School18-9 8
3Chala Carey2017Camden County18-3 6
4Alexis Jones2017Campbell High School18-2.5 5
5Sydney Campbell2017Mill Creek High School18-2 4
6Ashton Lindley2020Campbell High School18-0 3
7Royce Johnson2017McEachern High School17-10 2
8Saraphina Massaquoi2018Berkmar High School17-9.5 1
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Pole Vault

1Allison Steele2017Woodstock High School10-6 9
1Rachael Gould2019Kennesaw Mountain10-6 9
3Abigail Robertson2019West Forsyth High School10-0 4.5
3Jada Smith2017Collins Hill High School10-0 4.5
3Kelsey Worthington2019North Gwinnett10-0 4.5
3Kendyl Dunn2019North Paulding HS10-0 4.5
7Cara Doll2017Milton High School9-6 0.6
7Grace Forren2018North Gwinnett9-6 0.6
7Michelle Bourquin2017Lambert HS9-6 0.6
7Olivia Wimbish2019Cherokee9-6 0.6
7Savannah Devine2019Cherokee9-6 0.6
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Shot Put

1Natasha Stamp2017Grayson High School42-11 10
2Grace Artis2017Roswell High School42-9 8
3Jazmin Robinson2019Grayson High School40-5.25 6
4Samaria Wilburn2017McEachern High School39-8 5
5Javon Joyner2018Norcross High School39-7 4
6Laurel Kun2019Walton High School39-3.5 3
7Nia McCain2019Brookwood37-4 1.5
7Rachel Machovec2018Mill Creek High School37-4 1.5
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1Taliyah Manning2017Forsyth Central135-5 10
2Natasha Stamp2017Grayson High School135-4 8
3Grace Artis2017Roswell High School129-8 6
4Rachel Machovec2018Mill Creek High School121-11 5
5Siddequa Abdurrahman2019Meadowcreek HS118-7 4
6Jada Davis2017Westlake113-10 2.5
6Osja Glenn2017Westlake113-10 2.5
8Karena Grigenas2019Marietta High School108-1 1