GHSA AA Girls State Meet Preview

AA HS Girls will have a brand new look with powerhouse Private schools the likes of Greater Atlanta Christian, Wesleyan, Lovett, Holy Innocents and Pace being tossed out to make it literally an all public meet except for St. Vincent's Academy. ..

Which in turn, swings the door wide open for Jeff Davis HS to walk through and do some serious damage on the field early and on the mondo Saturday. The Lady Jackets had a strong 4th place Podium finish in 2016 with 58.50 points. Morgan Carelock looks to rack up alot points on the track and field (hurdles and HJ) and Tristan Herndon could have a 'shot', pun intended, to double in the Throws. Their relay teams could also rack up 18-20 points. Based on Sectionals, its going to be an exciting day watching the 'old scoreboard' on Saturday as Vidalia, South Atlanta, hometown favorite Albany HS and East Laurens joust away for Podium spots all the way to 4x400 finish line. 

Top Athletes to Watch:

Morgan Carelock of Jeff Davis- 110h, 300h, HJ, Relays

Tristan Herndon of Jeff Davis- Discus, Shot

Jakaela Dungee of Albany HS- 100, 200, Relays

South Atlanta Atlanta, GA, USA

Sabrina Richman of South Atlanta- 400, 200, Relays

East Laurens East Dublin, GA, USA

Kennedee Williams of East Laurens- 800

Image result for alina jablonski monticello jasper county

Alina Jablonski of Monticello- 1600, 3200

Vidalia Vidalia, GA, USA

Courtney Madison of Vidalia- 100h, 300h, LJ, Relays

Image result for Kamare Ways Northeast Macon

Kamare Ways of NE Macon- 100h, 300h

Tyreon Coleman of Butler- LJ

Treyonna Boone of Berrien County- Shot Put

Team Scores

1Jeff Davis79.2
3South Atlanta42.5
5East Laurens37
6Berrien County HS26
6Jasper County26
8Northeast Macon23
12Washington County18.5
13Bleckley County High School18.2
14Harlem HS14
16Gordon Central High School13.5
17Elbert Co.13.37
18Oglethorpe County HS12.67
19St. Vincent's Academy (SVA)12
19William H. Spencer High School12
21Southwest Macon11
23Glenn Hills9
24Thomasville High School8
25Rabun County7.2
26Heard County HS7.17
26Temple High School7.17
28Social Circle High School6
28Westside, Augusta6
30Frederick Douglass5.17
32Bacon County HS5
32Coretta Scott King Young Women's Leadership Academy5
32Dodge County High School5
35Dade County HS4
36Pepperell High School3.5
37Banks County HS3
37Coosa HS3
41KIPP Atlanta Collegiate1

100 Meter Dash

1Jakaela Dungee2018Albany12.15 10
2Aleja Dorsey2019Harlem HS12.29 8
3Alexia Perkins2019Southwest Macon12.36 6
4Felicity Greene2020Bacon County HS12.48 5
5Kiona Bonner2020Fitzgerald12.57 4
6Khadijah Montgomery2018Temple High School12.61 3
7Cambree Stanley2019Rockmart12.64 2
8Amiyah Williams2018Social Circle High School12.67 0.5
8Quadriana Medlock2017South Atlanta12.67 0.5
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200 Meter Dash

1Jakaela Dungee2018Albany24.84 10
2Diana Wickham2018St. Vincent's Academy (SVA)25.23 8
3Sabrina Richman2017South Atlanta25.51 6
4Alexia Perkins2019Southwest Macon25.53 5
5Khadijah Montgomery2018Temple High School25.70 4
6Aleja Dorsey2019Harlem HS25.75 3
7Quadriana Medlock2017South Atlanta25.79 2
8Mecca Jackson2020Washington County26.08 1
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400 Meter Dash

1Sabrina Richman2017South Atlanta57.55 10
2Ja'meka Johnson2017Albany59.70 8
3Iyana Wongus2017South Atlanta1:00.34 6
4Europe Brown2019Dodge County High School1:00.56 5
5Diana Wickham2018St. Vincent's Academy (SVA)1:00.79 4
6Ladaisha Williams2017William H. Spencer High School1:01.35 3
7Tykeya Gray2019Elbert Co.1:01.59 2
8Jamecia Johnson2018Frederick Douglass1:02.13 1
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800 Meter Run

1Kennedee Williams2020East Laurens2:23.99 10
2Ladaisha Williams2017William H. Spencer High School2:27.95 8
3McKenna Johnston2019Model2:29.90 6
4Dailyn Scott2019Coretta Scott King Young Women's Leadership Academy2:29.93 5
5Zykerie Davis2019South Atlanta2:31.31 4
6Karen Garcia2019Fitzgerald2:33.35 3
7Devarier Robinson2018Jordan2:33.49 2
8Diajahnee Bradley2018Glenn Hills2:35.01 1
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1,600 Meter Run

1Rebecca Chandler2020Berrien County HS5:38.96 10
2Alina Jablonski2018Jasper County5:43.93 8
3Alex Quarles2017Model5:48.71 6
4Austin Perez2020Bleckley County High School5:55.15 5
5Taylor Warren2019Dade County HS5:55.33 4
6Maggie Dyer2019Banks County HS5:56.38 3
7Mari Jablonski2020Jasper County5:56.88 2
8Gabrielle Beasley2018KIPP Atlanta Collegiate5:57.39 1
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3,200 Meter Run

1Alina Jablonski2018Jasper County12:24.97 10
2Alex Quarles2017Model12:27.59 8
3Rebecca Chandler2020Berrien County HS12:31.58 6
4Mari Jablonski2020Jasper County13:11.97 5
5Austin Perez2020Bleckley County High School13:17.20 4
6Kayla Hutcherson2019Armuchee13:23.65 3
7McKinley Cranford2019Bleckley County High School13:29.42 2
8Allie Sproull2018Rockmart13:38.60 1
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100 Meter Hurdles

1Courtney Madison2019Vidalia14.83 10
2Morgan Carelock2017Jeff Davis14.87 8
3Kamare Ways2017Northeast Macon14.95 6
4Kirsten Crook2018Fitzgerald15.18 4.5
4Tyreon Coleman2017Butler15.18 4.5
6Maureen Sutphin2019Harlem HS16.62 3
7Nijeria Jordan2018Washington County16.71 2
8Kaylie Smith2017Glenn Hills16.79 1
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300 Meter Hurdles

1Kamare Ways2017Northeast Macon44.73 10
2Courtney Madison2019Vidalia44.82 8
3Morgan Carelock2017Jeff Davis45.55 6
4Zaria Battle2020East Laurens46.98 5
5Melinda Tank2018Oglethorpe County HS48.60 4
6Carah Arrant2019Coosa HS48.74 3
7Nijeria Jordan2018Washington County49.07 2
8Kirsten Crook2018Fitzgerald49.33 1
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4x100 Meter Relay

1Jeff Davis49.47 10
2Fitzgerald49.52 8
3Butler49.68 6
4Vidalia49.76 5
5South Atlanta49.89 4
6East Laurens50.18 3
7Elbert Co.50.71 2
8Rockmart50.73 1
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4x400 Meter Relay

1South Atlanta4:00.21 10
2East Laurens4:09.29 8
3Jeff Davis4:10.56 6
4Vidalia4:15.14 5
5Frederick Douglass4:15.17 4
6Albany4:16.12 3
7Washington County4:19.89 2
8William H. Spencer High School4:20.82 1
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High Jump

1Morgan Carelock2017Jeff Davis5-4 10
2Diajahnee Bradley2018Glenn Hills5-2 7
2Jakaela Dungee2018Albany5-2 7
4Jala Murphy2018Vidalia5-0 3.5
4Jesse Burkhalter2017Pepperell High School5-0 3.5
4Nijeria Jordan2018Washington County5-0 3.5
4Raven Ross2017Social Circle High School5-0 3.5
8Brianna Wood2018Oglethorpe County HS4-10 0.167
8Elaina Lorente2020Temple High School4-10 0.167
8Jamecia Johnson2018Frederick Douglass4-10 0.167
8Makenzie Kent2018Rockmart4-10 0.167
8Tori Caldwell2020Heard County HS4-10 0.167
8Tykeya Gray2019Elbert Co.4-10 0.167
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Triple Jump

1J'Mya Canady2018East Laurens36-10.75 10
2Stacie Smith2018Metter36-4 8
3Briana Dubose2017Josey36-3 6
4Kamare Ways2017Northeast Macon36-0 5
5Jasmin Phillips2018Vidalia35-6 4
6Keiana Littleton2019Jeff Davis35-4.25 3
7Melinda Tank2018Oglethorpe County HS34-11 2
8Zaria Battle2020East Laurens34-10 1
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Long Jump

1Tyreon Coleman2017Butler18-4 10
2Courtney Madison2019Vidalia18-1.75 8
3Stacie Smith2018Metter17-11 6
4Shatrice Dixon2018Washington County17-9 5
5Briana Dubose2017Josey17-5 4
6Melinda Tank2018Oglethorpe County HS17-1.75 3
7Amiyah Williams2018Social Circle High School16-11.5 2
8Talia Norwood2017Jasper County16-10.5 1
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Pole Vault

1Mellisa Jorden2017Jeff Davis9-0 10
2Faith Harris2017Bleckley County High School8-6 7
2Perryn Morgan2018Rabun County8-6 7
4Brianna Wood2018Oglethorpe County HS7-6 3.5
4Catherine Newell2018Heard County HS7-6 3.5
4Claudia Cox2017Gordon Central High School7-6 3.5
4Tori Caldwell2020Heard County HS7-6 3.5
8Alexus Baskerville2019Washington7-0 0.2
8Christina Fulcher2019Elbert Co.7-0 0.2
8Leah Rogers2018Bleckley County High School7-0 0.2
8Lindsay Caudell2018Rabun County7-0 0.2
8Marie Ann Escobar2018Jeff Davis7-0 0.2
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Shot Put

1Treyonna Boone2018Berrien County HS39-4.75 10
2Shakira Ardister2019Elbert Co.38-3 8
3Tristan Herndon2017Jeff Davis37-5.5 6
4Mariah Gibbs2018Jeff Davis37-1.5 5
5Keyvyn Stinyard2018Thomasville High School36-10.5 4
6Jada Darrisaw2018Washington County35-10.5 3
7Megan Hudson2017Gordon Central High School35-2.5 2
8Miya Christopher2017Rockmart35-2 1
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1Tristan Herndon2017Jeff Davis134-8 10
2Megan Hudson2017Gordon Central High School119-5 8
3Ty'Asia Thornton2017Westside, Augusta107-3.5 6
4Mariah Gibbs2018Jeff Davis104-5.5 5
5Keyvyn Stinyard2018Thomasville High School101-10 4
6Denovia Hubert2017Albany101-7.5 3
7Agenia Gainey2019Northeast Macon95-6.5 2
8Shakira Ardister2019Elbert Co.94-10 1