MS State Day 1 Highlights in Photos

(All Photos and Captions by Daniel McCauley)

Nyah Hernandez broke her own Middle School State Record in the 3200m with her time of 10:58.25

Katherine Vuckovic of Westminster, Faith Bobak, and Makena Gates led the field in chase of Nyah Hernandez.

Erin Fegans worked her way through the pack to earn 5th place with her PR time of 11:32.16

Caroline Patterson of Piney Grove raced her way to 6th place and a PR of 11:36.43

Morgan Vaden, Hattie Rydinsky of Marietta, Naomi Coombs of Clear Creek, and others battle for position.

Zack "Attack" Truitt blasted to the lead from the gun and never looked back.

Michael Patterson of Piney Grove raced to a Silver medal with his PR time of 10:31.44 in the BIG Orange Jungle of Parkview.

Davis Potts of Malcom Bridge ran a huge PR to earn the Silver medal with his time of 10:33.80

Henry Plowden was seeded 4th and finished 4th - chased here by Blake Fugel of Hebron Christian and others.

Zack Truitt's splits: 200m 0:30, 400m 1:06, 800m 2:21, 1200m 3:39, 1600m 4:58, 2000m 6:17, 2400m 7:38, 2800m 8:57, 3200m 10:11.04 - STATE RECORD!

Zack Truitt and his legendary Landmark Christian Coach Bill Thorn post race.

Trinity Flagger of Star Track and teammate Ravyn Jackson both qualified in the 100m Dash.

Lashanti Williams of Carrollton set the fastest qualifying time of 12.46

Jazmine Hobson of the Shiloh Generals qualified in 12.84

Jayda Parsons of Exchange Zone qualified with her time of 12.84

Jordyn Bourne of Paideia qualified for the Pythons with 13.04

Anthony Young of Bowdon Middle School earned Bronze with his jump of 5-06.00

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