Georgia Middle School 'Runners of the Week' ending 9/20


Michael Patterson of the Great Strides Club won 1st place at the Warpath Invitational in the MS Boys 2 Mile in a swift time of 11:10!

Honorable Mention:

Jaime Jacoby George Walton MBMS 2 Mile 11:29

Carson Locke Vikings Running Quail Trail 2Mile 11:14

Sully Shelton JR Hoyas Warpath 2Mile 11:19

Paul Kellam W.Laurens Greyhound 3200m 11:39


Kelsey Morse from Malcom Bridge MS took 1st place @ MBMS Meet 9-17 in the MS Girls 2 Mile winning by almost a minute going 12:53.

Honorable Mention:

Nyah Hernandez Creekland MS @ Warpath Invite 2 Mile 11:44

Caroline Patterson Great Strides @ Warpath 2 Mile 11:51

Emily Golden Tift MS @ Quail Trail 2 Mile 12:16

Janie Sampson TCS @ TCS Invite 3200m 13:04