11th Annual NEGA Preview- 4A Area Teams Ready to Battle

We got a great sunny and windy day today, which really helped dry the course out, so things look good for Saturday, Lord Willing. Please be patient and cooperative with our parking crew as they have a challenging task. Five of the top ten teams in 4A are set to race each other on Saturday morning, including teams like top ranked North Oconee, East Jackson Boys, North Hall, Buford, Johnson, Oconee County Boys, Athens Academy Girls, Greenbrier, Lakeside Evans, Hebron Christian, Providence Christian, Mill Creek Girls and Chestatee. 6A North Gwinnett may be a late entry as well. Several top 10 teams from 1A through 5A are entered including 3 of the top 4 girls teams in 1A. It looks the meet will matriculate somewhere around 2000 runners. With close to 50 high schools coming, just about every serious XC team in the Athens/Northeast Georgia area is slated to attend. Twenty Middle schools will close out the day with the final 2 races at noon. A change this year would be that the JV and Middle School 3K races are now a 2 loop course. Looking for a great day of fun and great competition.

North Hall's Corson Teasley is a top contender at NEGA (pic by Daniel McCauley)

Top Individuals in the Boys race:

1Chandler Kennedy10East Jackson High School15:251
2Allen Clark10Lakeside, Evans15:41.002
3Corson Teasley11North Hall15:47.203
4Chase Kennedy10East Jackson High School15:494
5Gerardo Suarez11Johnson HS15:52.605
6Tommy Johnston10North Hall16:05.36
7Harper Sigler11North Oconee16:06.807
8Anthony Potts10North Oconee16:10.48
9Michael Hans11Oconee County High School16:10.539
10Issac Hernandez9Johnson HS16:12.810
11Thomas Moore11North Oconee16:17.711
12Joe Way10Lakeside, Evans16:35.9012
13Ivan Martin10Chestatee16:37.0013
14Andone Mendoza11Buford High School16:37.9014
15Isaac Krumm11Oconee County High School16:42.6915
16Addison Cochran10Jefferson High School16:45.0016
17Ethridge Chaisson10East Jackson High School16:50.1017
18Eli Parker11North Hall16:51.8018
19Sammy Clough11Providence Christian Academy16:56.5819
20Avery Webster11Buford High School16:56.6020
21Matthew Miller11North Oconee16:58.0021
22Andrew Cowick11North Oconee17:04.8022
23Logan Brock11Chestatee17:07.4023
24Laquentin Brown11Greenbrier High School17:08.1424
25Javier Gonzalez11Johnson HS17:08.9025
26Jonathan Vernon11Greenbrier High School17:10.626
27Brooks Lemmon10Lakeside, Evans17:15.827
28Harrison Daniel11Winder-Barrow HS17:16.1728
X29Corey Booth11Lakeside, Evans17:18.729
30Chris Lewis10North Hall17:19.130

Mill Creek’s Hannah Petit is the Daily Post’s girls runner of the year for the 2014 season. Petit won the Gwinnett County and 7-AAAAAA titles, as well as finishing seventh at state. (Special Photo)

Hannah Petit of Mill Creek should be in that lead Girls Pack.

Top Individuals in the Girls race:

1Audrey Honiotes11Hart County18:14.001
2Alyssa Hooker11Lakeside, Evans18:29.662
3Hannah Petit12Mill Creek High School18:30.003
4Anna Marian Block10Athens Academy18:34.634
5Lindsey Grater10Chestatee18:42.305
6Sara Scales11Mill Creek High School18:44.376
7Camryn Petit10Mill Creek High School18:52.697
8Sue Anne Moralis10East Jackson High School18:53.558
9Micah Weathers11Winder-Barrow HS19:06.849
10Lauryn Davidson10Buford High School19:21.4010

11Sydney Hendricks10Providence Christian Academy19:25.1712
12Emily Swanigan12Providence Christian Academy19:33.5613
13Evelin Avitia12Johnson HS19:39.3014
14Sophie Brown10North Oconee19:5015
15Amy Stanaland11North Oconee19:58.3016
16Daniela Rodriguez12Dacula19:59.5017
17Sidney Sheppard12North Gwinnett20:06.5618
18Gabby Huff-Streiter10North Oconee20:08.1019
19Sarah Davis10Buford High School20:10.1020
20Sarah Melkerson10North Gwinnett20:14.1821
21Erin Marsh11Buford High School20:14.3022
22Maddy Howe12Hebron Christian20:20.5523

23Emily Ballard-Myer11Athens Academy20:31.5525
24Alyssa Hawkins11Hebron Christian20:32.0026
25Morgan Pyle11Mill Creek High School20:36.0627