Nash Farms Battlefield

Home of the Henry County Championships and the "Battle of Atlanta".

Venue Records

NOT OFFICIAL RECORDS. These stats are according to our database.

Meets Held Here

Date Meet
2015-10-29 Region 4-AAAA Cross Country Meet
2015-10-10 Golden Eagle Invitational
2015-10-01 Henry County XC Championships
2015-09-12 GICAA Cannonball 5K
2015-08-29 Saucony Battle of Atlanta
2014-10-30 Region 4-AAAA Cross Country Meet
2014-10-16 Henry County XC Championships
2014-10-11 Golden Eagle Invitational
2014-08-30 Saucony Battle of Atlanta
2014-08-16 Cannonball 5k
2013-10-12 Golden Eagle Invitational
2013-09-21 Battle of Atlanta
2013-09-20 GSU Invitational
2012-11-10 NCAA D3 South/Southeast Regional Championships
2012-11-03 Region 6-AAA Championships
2012-10-13 Golden Eagle Invitational
2012-10-13 Dash at the Nash
2012-10-06 CCS Knights Invitational (GISA)
2012-09-22 Battle of Atlanta
2012-09-08 GSU Invitational
2011-10-29 CAA Championship
2011-10-27 Region 3-AAAA Championships
2011-10-24 GISA- Region 1AAA Championship
2011-10-08 Golden Eagle Invitational
2011-10-08 Dash at the Nash
2011-10-01 CCS Knights Invitational (GISA)
2011-09-27 Henry County Cross Country Championships
2011-09-17 Georgia State Invitational
2011-09-10 Battle of Atlanta
2010-12-11 4twenty4 Fun Run and 5K
2010-12-11 4twenty4 Fun Run and 5K
2010-10-18 GISA Region1AAA Meet
2010-10-16 Eagle's Landing Golden Eagle Invitational
2010-10-02 Knights Invitational (GISA)
2010-09-18 Battle of Atlanta
2010-09-10 Georgia State Invitational
2010-08-17 The Coach's Cup
2008-10-30 Region 4-AAA
2008-10-21 Henry County Championships
2008-10-21 Henry County Championships
2008-09-20 The Battle of Atlanta
2008-08-19 The Coaches Cup