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11 years ago Week 7 Official Coaches Association Rankings
In AA, arent the top five girls teams in the same region?
11 years ago Westover!
I see no problem with running a fast course such as Westover or Alexander if you take it for what...
13 years ago USATF Meet At Clinton Farms This Saturday
How about girls? Any top ones planning on being there?
13 years ago State Meet Schedule
I know there was a topic on this before but I can not find it What is the time schedule
13 years ago UAA Champrionship Saturday at Horse Park
Isn't there a region meet being held at the horse park in the morning? If so, it would be great ...
13 years ago Clash Class
What teams will be there and what time are the races?
13 years ago 2008 Fulton County Public Schools Championship Mini-Preview
What was Sydney's time? Any idea on the times of Kennedy and Tomy?
13 years ago Gwinnett County Championships - Saturday
So, what happend?
13 years ago battle of atl!
I think it was more around 16:05 because Tomy from Milton came in around 16:30. I think it was t...
13 years ago UGA-GT Dual
Alot of local runners from Tech also.
13 years ago AA Rankings are Done
I did not mean the girls, I meant the boys. I thought the Lovett boys beat the blessed trinity b...
13 years ago Citadel Invitational
I believe the same thing happened last year. I think there are several GISA schools running in t...
13 years ago AA Rankings are Done
Didn't Lovett beat Blessed Trinity at the meet at Westminster? Why are they ranked below them? ...
13 years ago Westminster Meet
Looks like it was a close race in both the 1600 and 3200
13 years ago Westminster Meet
Looks like some good races last night at this meet!
13 years ago Forsyth County Meet moved to Tuesday!
Thanks, will we see the Marist results? Who else was there?
13 years ago Forsyth County Meet moved to Tuesday!
Did this meet ever go off? I have not seen any results yet. Also did the Marist meet happen las...
13 years ago Lovett wins 2008 AA cross country state title
Very bold statement especially since there are a couple power house AAA teams moving down to AA n...
13 years ago Cross Country - Who has the largest teams n GA?
Milton High School has one of the largest teams in the state! 100 or more runners!
13 years ago 2/23/08 Meets
Didnt Marist have a meet with all the catholic schools on Saturday?
14 years ago Team Georgia Boys for the committee
Igwe for sure, Halinski I think has beaten Connolly at Berry, Double Dip and class clash? Cromer...
14 years ago A Sad State Meet
This topic comes up every year in cross country and track.
14 years ago What teams or individuals are going to take the state championship for their class?
I mostly follow AAAAA and AAA so I can only comment on those two classifications. AAAAA - I be...
14 years ago stirring it up on a Monday
Glad to see Westmiinster move up on the boys side. They had a good win on Saturday. Just curiou...
14 years ago Fulton County Championships
Forgot about Bret McDaniel. The other person everyone is forgettiing about is Rubio and the boys...
14 years ago Fulton County Championships
Actually I believe Mays is an Atlanta Public School. They are not a Fulton Co. School. Not sure...
14 years ago Fulton County Championships
Isnt Rubio at Centennial? I would think he would be up at the top.
14 years ago rankings preview - AAAAA and All-class
I think there were missing more then their #1 at Double Dip, not sure but maybe #5?
14 years ago Week 5 AAA Rankings Expanded
West Forsyth beat Eagles Landing last night at Eagles Landing. Looks like there might be some ch...
14 years ago rankings preview - AAAAA and All-class
I dont know about BT boys being in all class but I do think the girls should. Look how they plac...
14 years ago rankings preview - AAAAA and All-class
On the results of class clash they have the initial by each runner for what school they run for. ...
14 years ago What happened to AAAAA and all class rankings topic?
I saw a topic earlier today about this but then it was gone, what happened to it?
14 years ago Marist Double Dip Preview
Great job. Sounds like it will be a great race on the boys side. Wish I was going to be there.
14 years ago Week 4 Rankings
Must have been a typo. In another topic BT was 5th in all class.
14 years ago Week 3 Sub-17:00 Boys Adjusted Performance Rankings
Yes, I felt Berry was a little slower. Ground was still soggy from the rain the night before. C...
14 years ago AAA Rankings Week 3 Expanded Top 15
Six of the top girls in AAA are also from the same region.
14 years ago AAA Rankings Week 3 Expanded Top 15
Yes, I would like to see more of his times during the season. He probably will be in the mix.
14 years ago Have mercy - AAAAA and all-class preview
I think it looks pretty good. Hard to do early in the season. It will get more narrowed down as...
14 years ago AAA Rankings Week 3 Expanded Top 15
Your right, I believe Hartley and Halinski are both seniors.
14 years ago AAA Rankings Week 3 Expanded Top 15
I dont know about Wallace and Sparks. Hartley from Westminster looks pretty good this early in t...
14 years ago War Path
Anyone else notice the huge back up of runners in the boys JV race? They were so backed up that ...
14 years ago War Path
Looked like the times were actually not that fast. Seemed a little slower then years past.
14 years ago Age of runners
What about the teams from other states that are running in races here in Georgia? I noticed some...
14 years ago Clara Bowl Results
yea, i think some of the people in the varsity race would have done better if they were in the ch...
14 years ago updated all-class and AAAAA rankings
I also like seeing Wesleyan on the all class list after their performance this weekend at Berry.
14 years ago updated all-class and AAAAA rankings
yea, Milton has not lived up to the talk. Glad to see Roswell off also.
14 years ago Updated AAA Rankings Week 2
Looks pretty good. Are you going to do individuals too or just teams?
14 years ago All class rankings
I think there will be some changes in the all class rankings this next week. Wesleyan, Westminse...
14 years ago Week 1 AAA Rankings
I think a lot will be know after this weekend. BT, Westminster and North Hall are all running at...
14 years ago Here we go - 1st rankings
Will the Milton results be sent in? I dont think they have yet, if that is the case maybe he has...