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Greensboro, GA

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Son of the legendary track coach, the late Tommy Taylor of Cairo High-13 State Championships in Track and Field,18 consecutive Region titles, and twice named SE USA HS Track Coach of the year and 2 State titles in basketball- 350 wins, 70 losses. High School coach of Bill Stanfill-(UGA All-American, Super Bowl Champion Miami Dolphins), Lewis Gainey-Georgia Olymics Hall of Famer and former legendary UGA Head Track Coach, Max Mayo-MD Foot Locker South for 30 years, Billy Maxwell- former Head Track coach at LSU, asst. at Tennessee and currently Nebraska and Arthur Williams- retired billionaire, former investment tycoon and State Champion Football Coach at Kendrick HS. I was the creator/webmaster of the now disabled manager at LSU 84,85. Restaurant GM for 12 years, Employed with Home Depot for 12 years All state in basketball and baseball in 1978. 2nd place in the Discus at State- GISA 1976. All Region 1977,1978 in Basketball at Georgia Christian School. All Region/All State in 1977-1978 in Baseball. All State in Baseball 1978(14 KO's per game, 2.13 ERA, .477 batting average, 88mph) Scratch golfer from 1978-1994. Caddied for Jack Nicklaus the day after he won the Masters in 1986!! Ga webmaster for 11 years. I have ran nearly 20,000 miles from the age of 15-35 until arthtitis set in my joints effectively ending any running for me

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8 days ago Open registration
@cynthiarhodes unattached athletes cannot compete at GHSA meets to my knowledge
15 days ago New Milesplit Meet Entry Page
@cbcarter7 fwd to registration help.
18 days ago GHSA Dropping Down to 6 Classes
@Beaudreau_Mike from my understanding,the money sports are the primary concern which fueled this ...
19 days ago GHSA Dropping Down to 6 Classes
Its happening down in Thomson tomorrow morning open to the public, how will this affect Track & F...
19 days ago New Milesplit Update
@xcnewbee HAVE A CONFERENCE CALL thursday and will find out.
21 days ago 2019 Outdoor Season
Just an fyi, MileSplit GA is getting crunk for the oncoming Outdoor season. Much more to come soon..
1 month ago Merge Middle school and high school athlete
@evans15 e mail with specific info
2 months ago Middle school?
@preifsteck they never before, but there is a MS Invitational the nite before at [url=https://ga....
3 months ago A Note from Coach Will Wood
Morning Coaches, Please pray for my XC program, school, and community. We lost one of our gir...
3 months ago Out of Office
from Sunday till Tuesday nite, sorry for any inconvenience...
3 months ago To See the Latest Signings
Go to the [url=]College Commitments page[/url]
3 months ago Meet of Champions Pic Collage Article
hey guys, there are over 40 great photos in the brief! But, we are unable to ID some of the runne...
3 months ago 7A Girls Video is now fixed/edited for viewing
on the homepage in about 5 minutes or less, we did have to cut deep for it to work and apologize.
3 months ago Statewide School Start Date Mandate
I like it, and have never saw the logic in beginning classes the first week of August. Come on Ma...
3 months ago Congrats to Musselwhite and GHSA
After watching MileSplit LIVE, I believe there should be a 'gator' going around the course in fro...
3 months ago 7A Girls video
there is an issue with it. it may take some time (days) to fix and may not be fixable as it seems...
3 months ago Comments on State Video
1- We dropped the ball on 6A Boys, communication breakdown at the finish, and tech issue. 2- We f...
3 months ago New Video Tagging Feature
For every video published, athlete's profiles will automatically be tagged with that video, prett...
4 months ago 6A Race video
@RBW1970 it seems we dropped the ball on that, sorry
4 months ago Video for 6A and 5A Boys
6A Boys and Girls alomg with 5A Boys is ready for viewing, and its going to get better with each ...
4 months ago 6A Boys and Girls Video is Available for Viewing
I'm sincerely sorry, we missed the top runners in 6A finishing. Congrats to Jalen Murray of Richm...
4 months ago 6A Boys and Girls Video is Available for Viewing
Had a slight hiccup on 6A boys, missing the Band field/Separation Slope, but Karl fixed the issue...
4 months ago State Video Footage
Just an update for the XC Community, we are currently editing clips together into files to upload...
4 months ago Congrats to Musselwhite and GHSA
@bhs11 ditto
4 months ago Friday GHSA State Conditions for Friday
Per reports, it rained very hard in the Carrollton area during the mid-afternoon, deluging the co...
4 months ago Important State XC Announcement!
@cbcarter7 done
4 months ago All-State
@CoachCope 10
4 months ago GHSA State Meet at Carrollton MileSplit GA Video and Photos
MileSplit GA will be onsite, shooting detailed race video and full rez photos. MileSplit crew mem...
4 months ago GISA State XC Meet Photo Gallery is Posted
and everyone can enjoy it! [url=]http://ga.milespli...
4 months ago How MileSplit GA Rankings Commitee Selects HS 'Runners of the Week'
We/I have received some negative feedback (via e-mail and txts) about selections for Weekly HS 'R...
4 months ago Awards Pics and Winners from 10-24 thru 10-25 Region Meets
4 months ago Awards Pics and Winners from 10-24 thru 10-25 Region Meets
send them in and we will add them to the recap. Thanks
4 months ago Results Sent in After 11pm Wednesday
will not be added/parsed until Thursday.
4 months ago Awards Pics and Winners from 10-24 thru 10-25 Region Meets
let me encourage you team photo bugs to please send in full rez pics of 1st place Region teams an...
4 months ago Twitter Pics for MileSplit GA
If you would like your athletes Overall champs/team award pics for Region meets posted on MileSpl...
4 months ago GISA State XC Championships
Sadly, we are unable to cover the GISA XC State Championships down in Americus. We are seeking a ...
4 months ago Middle School State XC Championships
On option 3, please explain your answers here. Thanks
4 months ago It is not allowing Forsyth Central to enter. Please add Forsyth Central so we can register.
@corre262 Looks like your entered now..
4 months ago MS State
@pr165900 Jenna Champer from Oconee County MS won the Med. School Girls Title and 'Best Perfor...
4 months ago Watch All 12 Races from MS State Cross Country Championships
@gawebmaster Its the first time we have ever shot video at MS State and worth a watch. Here is a ...
4 months ago Watch All 12 Races from MS State Cross Country Championships
YOU ASKED FOR IT AND WE DID IT! enjoy... [url=
4 months ago MS State
@TomT223 I have converted all the MS Results back to their original format (RAW) to prevent any ...
4 months ago MS State
@TomT223 click on "completed" results
4 months ago MS State
many surprise winners down in Bleckley County on a challenging course, more coming Sunday evening...
4 months ago Hurricane Expectations
The meet is definitely a GO!
4 months ago All Class Rankings are Ready for Viewing
4 months ago Clayton County Championships, not a 5K for certain
sorry, but no way are we parsing these results as a 5K.... Clayton County International Park ...
4 months ago Hurricane Expectations
@Aguerard power has been restored downtown as of 7pm as Cochran Inn and Suites was open again
4 months ago Hurricane Expectations
Per Coach Cranford, course is in good shape, 1 low area is draining well. Race is on, weather for...
4 months ago Deadline for MS State Entries is Wednesday 10pm