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High Performance Timing is dedicated to providing a high quality service at fair prices. We are a full service timing company, that means we can time cross country events, track & field meets and road races. We use the latest upgrades in Finish Lynx FAT systems and Ipico chip timing (disposable bib tag chip) system, including a large Finish Line clock deployed on XC/Track finish line. We utilize Online Entry/Hy-Tek Meet Manager, mail in, and e-mail, entries and race day entries (in special circumstances). Our staff includes USATF certified coaches and officials who can assist in the planning and organization of your competition. Our rates are based on the total amount of athletes/teams participating in a meet. During Cross Country events, athletes must wear bib numbers which we will provide . During Track events, athletes must wear hip numbers which we will provide . Timing including results posted same day and available minutes after each event on our live results page and after the last runner has finished onsite! We are here to serve the Georgia/Alabama Running Community and help “Grow the Sport” Why Hire a Professional Timing Company? Timing and measurements are crucial to racing contest. Only a few hundredths of a second or centimeters separates the finishers in many events. We use the same equipment, Finishlynx cameras and Hy-Tek Meet Manager software, used by IAAF Meets, major college conference championships and professional racing events to provide the most accurate and precise timing and meet management available for track and field/cross country meets. We also use Ipico chip timing for road races, used by IAAF Road Races. The real benefits of using High Performance Timing is our years of experience in managing track meets and cross country meets and fast accurate results with scoring. All running events are recorded with photos in the computer for record keeping and retrieval if needed, eliminating any discrepancy. Specializations: -Consulting for track and Cross Country meets -Consulting for Road Races -Hy-Tek Meet Management (meet setups) -Meet Programs, Heat Sheets, Seeding and Performance List -Finishlynx Systems (FAT timing) and Ipico systems(chip timing) -Online Entry Setup and Registration

Our 2020 Schedule

February 2020 Location Results
2/22 Cougar Invitational , AL
2/25 MCSD Meet for February 25, Entries Closed Columbus, Ga
2/26 MCSD MS Meet for February 26, Entries Closed Columbus, Ga
2/29 Columbus Relays Entries Closed Columbus, Ga
March 2020 Location Results
3/3 Brookstone Meet for March 3, Entries Closed Columbus, GA
3/4 MCSD Meet for March 4, Entries Closed Columbus, Ga
3/7 Adonica Ferguson Classic , AL
3/11 MCSD Meet for March 11, Entries Closed Columbus, Ga
3/12 MCSD MS Meet for March 12, Entries Closed Columbus, Ga
3/14 Charlie Cumiskey Classic Entries Closed Columbus, GA
3/18 MCSD Meet for March 18, Entries Closed Columbus, Ga
3/20 3/24 MCSD Middle School Championships Entries Closed Columbus, Ga
3/25 MCSD Meet for March 25, Entries Closed Columbus, Ga
April 2020 Location Results
4/7 MCSD Meet for April 7, Entries Closed Columbus, Ga
4/8 MCSD Meet for April 8, Entries Closed Columbus, Ga
4/14 MCSD Meet for April 14, Entries Closed Columbus, Ga
4/15 MCSD Meet for April 15, Entries Closed Columbus, Ga
May 2020 Location Results
5/16 Hopkinsville Invitational Entries Closed Hopkinsville, KY