GHSA 5A - Region 3 2022

Fayetteville, GA

Meet Information

The Timer of your meet does not need you to declare your Top 7 runners and your Alternates separately. Please register your Full Roster of up to 12 athletes (Top 7 + Alternates) in the Varsity event. If you have any questions, please contact

 8:00 am JV boys- Region 3-5A  (30 minutes)
 8:30 am JV boys- Region 4-4A  (30 minutes)
 9:00 am JV girls- Region 3-5A (35 minutes)
 9:35 am  JV girls- Region 4-4A (35 minutes)
10:10 am Varsity boys- Region 3-5A (25 minutes)
10:35 am Varsity boys- Region 4-4A (25 minutes)
11:00 am Varsity girls- Region 3-5A (30 minutes)
11:30 am Varsity girls- Region 4-4A (30 minutes)
11:30 am Awards for Region 3-5A  (complete in 30 minutes)
12:00 pm Awards for Region 4-4A (complete in 30 minutes)