Carrollton Orthopaedic Invitational 2022

Carrollton, GA

Meet Information

Races are full to the max! 

Please let your  parents know that Admission is $5.

We also have a GoFan link. Click Link below to buy tickets ahead of time.

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Click this link below to what races teams have chosen to race in.

Race Schedule

7:30 a.m. J.V. Girls Early (Only 7 runners in this race)

$50 Entry Fee

8:00 a.m. J.V. Boys Early (Only 7 runners in this race)

$50 Entry Fee

8:30 a.m. Large School Girls (Classes 5A, 6A, & 7A...

Top 7) $75 Entry Fee

9:00 a.m. Large School Boys (Classes 5A, 6A, & 7A...

Top 7) $75 Entry Fee

9:30 a.m. Championship Girls (All Classes...Top 7) $75

Entry Fee

10:00 a.m. Championship Boys (All Classes...Top 7) $75

Entry Fee

10:30 a.m. Small School Girls (Classes 1A, 2A, 3A, &

4A... Top 7) $75 Entry Fee

11:00 a.m. Small School Boys (Classes 1A, 2A, 3A, &

4A... Top 7) $75 Entry Fee

11:30 a.m. J.V. Girls Late (Only 7 runners in this race)

$50 Entry Fee

12:00 p.m. J.V. Boys Late (Only 7 runners in the race)

$50 Entry Fee

12:30 p.m. Unlimited Non-Scoring Open Race $50 Entry Fee


Medals to the top 10 finishers will be given in the finish chute for Varsity Races. The top 5 finishers in the J.V. Races will receive a medal. 
Trophies will be given to the Top 3 teams in the Varsity Races. The top 2 Teams in the J.V. Races will receive a trophy. 
There will not be an award presentation, we will call the teams that won each division once we have the results.

There is no flat pay for each race you decide to put athletes in.

$50 for the true J.V. Race and $75 for the Varsity Race.

No additions-No Changes-No Refunds

 Make check payable to: Carrollton High School

Send Payment to:

Carrollton High School

Attn: Jimmy Sorrells

201 Ben Scott Blvd.

Carrollton GA, 30117

Additional Information

Meet Director: Jimmy Sorrells (Email:

Contact Number: Coach Sorrells Cell# (770)633-2863

Timing: Chip Timing will be used: The Perfect Timing Group (Please Return All chips not being used to finish line area.) Schools will be charged $30 for per chip if they are not returned or chips are lost. We will not be clipping the chips off at the end of the race. Finishers will pass straight through the chute. Coaches will be responsible for returning all the chips back to the Perfect Timing Finish Line Tent.

Team Packet:

Pick up at tent next to finish line. 

Sanction: Georgia, other states upon request (let us know at least 2 weeks prior the meet)

T-Shirts: Custom T-shirts on site.

Please look the schedule over carefully. I will have an early morning session of J.V. races and a late morning session of J.V. races. These races will also be capped with 7 runners. Based on my history with the Orthopaedic as a coach and now as a meet director, I know all of you will not bring a J.V. and will opt only to bring your top 7.

There will be 3 divisions of Varsity Races. I have renamed and restructured the races into Large School (5A, 6A, & 7A), Championship (All Classes), and Small School (1A, 2A, 3A, & 4A). You can choose what race you would like to be in based on your classification or if you want in the Championship race. I am going to operate on a first come, first save basis. My goal is to update every 2 to 3 days as the races fill up. I am trying to keep the number of teams close to 32 based on the max number that could be on the line at State Championship. I remain flexible in order to allow as many teams as I can so you can preview the State Course.