GMC Hill 'n Dale 2021

Milledgeville, GA

Meet Information

AS of 20 August 2021, we have reached the maximum number of teams.

The details:

GMC Hill N Dale Race - I promise it will be hilly, and will have slow times but get it will get you ready for Carrollton.

The distance will be around a 5k, but might be a tad longer. Exact distance will be sent out as we get the course finalized. They are doing construction on our course an we will need to see what we will end up with.  This will not be the old course that we have run on the past 6 years.  It will include at least 4 significant hills that have not been used before.

Date - Friday 15 October

Cost - Free, zip, zilch, nada, nothing, rien

Time - Women 4:45, Men 5:30

What is the catch - We will hand out placings at the finish line to figure out how the teams finished, but times will need to be kept by the coaches, etc.

Awards Three things

1. The winning team will receive a brick from the old brickworks on our campus. The can decorate it in whatever way they wish. The only catch is that they must bring it back the following year to Defend the Brick

2. Each runner brings one item of canned food. These will need to be brought to the race. We will split the pile into two groups and the winning boys team will get one, the winning girls team will get one. We ask that these be used to help a local food bank or food pantry.

3. Each team will bring Fruit to share, these will be assigned. Watermelon, Peaches, Apples, Pineapple, Strawberries etc.

Who - High School Only, one race for the girls, another for the boys

I just need to know if we can count on you for the race. I understand this is a Friday night, and may conflict with a HS football game, but we wanted some of the more further distance schools to be able to come without worrying about getting home too late for school the next day. We will keep it to 6 teams, no more.

Rob Sherwood
Assistant Cross Country Coach - GMC Prep -