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Union Grove High School

120 East Lake Rd.

McDonough, GA 30252

Please be aware that if you are traveling via I-75 there are often significant delays. 

Meet schedule

10:30 am 1600 Meter Run (Girls first)

10:30 am     Pole Vault (Boys)

11:00 am

High Jump (Girls)                    Discus Throw (Boys)

Long Jump (Girls)                    Triple Jump (Boys)

Shot Put (Girls)

1:00 pm

Discus (Girls)                            High Jump (Boys)

Pole Vault (Girls)                       Long Jump (Boys)

Triple Jump (Girls)                    Shot Put (Boys)

RUNNING EVENTS: (Girls before Boys)

3:00 pm        4 x 800m relay

3:35 pm        4 x 100m relay

4:10 pm        400m dash

4:25 pm        100m dash

4:40 pm        100m/110m hurdles

5:00 pm        800m run

5:20 pm        200m dash

5:35 pm        300m hurdles

6:00 pm        3200m run

6:50 pm        4 x 400m relay