Walton 5-Way Meet 2021

Marietta, GA
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Meet Information

Walton Home Meet Schedule

COVID Precautions:

         Coaches and spectators should wear masks at all times.

         Athletes are to wear masks except while competing or actively warming up.

         Coaches will be given heat sheets and hip numbers for non-lane races at the beginning of the meet. Coaches are responsible for making sure their athletes are at their event in time.

         Athletes are to only be allowed on the infield while they warm-up.

         Athletes from different teams should not get close to athletes from different teams.

         After athletes complete their event, they should leave the infield/field event areas quickly.

         The homestretch (visitor) stands will be for parents and spectators.

         Each team will have a designated area in the home stands.

 4:00 p.m. Field Events

-          High Jump (girls & boys together)

-          Pole Vault (girls & boys together)

-          Long Jump (boys then girls)

-          Triple Jump (girls then boys)

-          Discus Throw (girls then boys)

-          Shot Put (boys then girls)

Only athletes competing in the field events are allowed in the field event area. All other athletes should be in their designated team area.

Parents and spectators must stay in the stands (outside the fence) during ALL field events on the infield.

Parents and spectators of the discus and shot put must stay in the roped off area of the lower field.

4:15 p.m. 4 x 800m Relay (girls followed by boys)

5:15 p.m. Running Events (girls followed by boys) - Rolling Schedule

-          Girls 1600m Run

-          4 x 100m Relay

-          Boys 1600m Run

-          400m Dash

-          100m Dash

-          100/110m Hurdles

-          800m Run

-          200m Dash

-          300m Hurdles

-          3200m Run (coed if possible)

-          4 x 400m Relay